Magnetic Attraction: The Eighth House and Its Ruler

The Eight House and Magnetic AttractionI’ve written about the kinds of partners/lovers that you are attracted to, what you do to get their attention and why. But what about the people that you attract without trying? I’m talking about the types that always seem to be drawn to you, whether you’re interested or not.

Blame the 8th House for this. Ruled by Scorpio, it represents sex, shared resources, death, compulsions, phobias and anything else that you don’t have control over. Opposite from the 2nd House of security, almost everything about the 8th makes people uneasy—including those it draws in.

The kind of people that you magnetize are determined by the sign on the cusp of the 8th. If your 8th House cusp is in Aquarius, you will attract Aquarian types. Let’s say the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) is in your 4th House conjunct your Moon in Libra. You will attract those who upset your emotional (Moon) balance (Libra). They’ll impact you deeply, as the 4th House represents family, childhood and your past. Note that they do not have to be Sun sign Aquarians. They could have Aquarius emphasized in their chart by sign, planet (Uranus) or house (11th House).

So what to do with this 8th House energy if you don’t like who you’re drawing in? Can you change things? Yes and no. Aquarius on the cusp of the 8th will always be Aquarius. If you want to attract more stable types, you can’t morph the sign into Capricorn. But the 8th is about transformation. It holds all your baggage, so the people it draws in are going to reflect what’s sitting in your psychological basement.

Back to our Aquarian example. Moon conjunct Uranus indicates a conflicting desire for stability and excitement. You’re not happy when single, but restlessness kicks in when you settle down. Hence the electrifying, upsetting people that you attract. The key is finding a balance at home (4th House) between freedom and security. This could be done with an understanding partner or a home business that meets your emotional needs. Once this internal balance is achieved, the people you draw in may become interesting rather than upsetting. They’ll be inspiring friends instead of traumatizing lovers.

Here’s another example: Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) in the 7th. “Great,” you might think. “I attract the kind of men I view as ideal, 7th House partners.” But maybe these guys become controlling, possessive stalkers. When do you get a relationship where you can actually breath? Since the 7th represents your projected qualities, the key would be to work on your own sense of power. Then you could experience an intense, passionate relationship without the manipulation.

The 8th House is not straightforward. It represents some of the most challenging issues that people will ever confront. Many times it’s easier to avoid it altogether. This is why dealing with the people it magnetizes can be so difficult. Just remember that the energy the 8th sends out starts from within (Scorpio). You can’t totally change it, but you can alter it with tools ranging from basic self-awareness to therapy. Once the energy shifts, the types that you attract will become the healthiest people for you.


About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. @Lady Ram:
    A little confused from your email about Libra and Virgo in your 8th. Are these 2 signs intercepted in this house?

  2. @Nadia:

    Sorry about that. Yes.

  3. @Nadia did you see my last post about my Saturn aspects?

  4. @Nadia, that sounds about right, except I have to take the blame for at least some of the confusion, as I have a complex personality, and I change a lot from day to day, moment to moment. I’m an introvert. I perform extroversion well, but when I prefer to be quiet and observe, I do. My Neptune is conjunct my ascendant, 9 degree orb. It’s hard to pin down who I am b/c 1. I change based on mood, 2. I purposefully show the side of myself I want to be seen in any given situation, and 3. I am a *very* private person. I may reveal what seem like very personal things, but only when I want to. I may tell you one of my deepest secrets but refuse to reveal what I had for lunch, or where I will be later. Neptune 0 Sag, AC 21 Sc

  5. @LadyRam:
    Venus in your 2nd=relationship security and Mercury in your 3rd=communication. Those you attract can make you think about relationship security.

  6. @DaniJames;
    I did see your post, yes.
    I didn’t comment because:

    a) it’s outside the scope of this topic (8th House) and I mentioned Saturn only as an aside and something for you to explore.
    b) I try to keep my free interpretations to a minimum because this is something I charge for.

  7. @Nadia Gilchrist

    Thank you for such an insightful article!

  8. @Nadia, newbie here… My chart says I have Aquarius in the 8th house. Uranius is in the 3rd house
    Uranus sextile Neptune, Uranus conj Pluto

    hmmmm, I don’t attract Aquarius type guys. Thoughts? Thanks!

  9. @girlieGirl:
    Uranus conjunct Pluto would give the guys you attract some Scorpio overtones. Having said that, you won’t necessarily attract men with Aquarius Suns. Chances are they have an emphasis on Uranus in their charts though. In general you would attract guys who upset/push your buttons/try to control you or try to liberate you through discussions/communication. Mind games or “what if?” type conversations.

  10. @girlieGirl:
    Or you could attract those who impact others with their speaking/writing in some way.

  11. Hi Nadia,

    So I think I may have the formula down. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I have Pisces on the 8th. Neptune, ruler of Pisces is in my 4th conjunct my Sun and my Venus. I do realize I tend to draw in Piscean or Neptunian types…artistic or creative in some way (Venus), kinda spiritual, we usually have some sort of psychic or intuitive bond…i usually think “great! this is awesome”, until there seems to be a battle of egos (Sun?) between the two of us as well as an element of shadiness to their character…like they come with a serious flaw or issue and it’s hard for me to see them clearly…which usually ends up affecting me quite deeply (4th house) with disappointment. I know that Jupiter has a minor rule over Pisces so does it make sense to include it in the analysis? I have Jupiter in the 11th and Jupiter rules my 5th…so that familial/friendly energy plays a huge role in romantic connections.

  12. @Nadia,
    wow, thank you!

  13. @The SagGirl:
    Yes, you’ve got this right! 🙂
    Another reason you may not see their flaws is because they trigger issues for your self (Sun) from the past (4th House). Lots of parental stuff going on here.
    You are also correct about Jupiter….it is the traditional ruler of Pisces so you can include it for a well rounded interpretation.

  14. So I attract Pisces and that is so true, but I hate it, at least for now. I know I can have Pisces as friends but all the male Pisces I meet want to be my lovers. I shouldn’t base everything on my ex Pisces sun sign alone, cuz even though I learned a lot, I would never ever want to go back to that. He did make me feel things and thinks things I never had before, but a lot was negative. I just… You’re right. Avoid it all together is an option, but I think I’ll avoid dating a Pisces. It literally was hell on earth mixed with a passion at least I wish we had had. I wish I attracted Libras! Oh and I have my sun, Aquarius, in the 7th house. So, since I do project that… Ok, now I’m confused. Lol

  15. Quick clarification, please, if possible.

    The cusp of my 8th house (in Placidus method) is 29 21′ Cancer, after which, the house rests on all of Leo and a touch of Virgo (the latter I will set aside for now). Should I be looking at my Moon (ruler of Cancer) in the 7th, my Sun (ruler of Leo) in the 1st, or looking at them together, given that they are also in opposition?

  16. @Fleihlahte look at your Moon as ruler of the 8th, but its opposition to the Sun will say lots about its expression.

  17. Sag in the 8th house here. I definitely attract those who have scattered energy levels and are free spirited. Very detached souls as well. Meaning that it’s not something that is personal to me…so I’ve learned…they just have the need to detach, move about, and be where ever it is they want to be.

    IDK, it’s refreshing during the times that I need my alone time. I take advantage of it, but there is also seemingly something that goes missing from the connections. Needless to say, these make for very short term relationships. I admittedly haven’t been around one person consistently (face to face) for longer than 3 months.

    I also enjoy the new-ness of flings, relationships, interactions. I’ve learned how to purposely be more engaged for the sake of “trying” or effort in a relationship, but that doesn’t seem to work out either. lol All it does is causes boomerang dudes to want to come back with good reason other than sexual gratification. SMH

    Who the hell knows how all of that is going to turn out, but Sag in the 8th house sucks…real bad.

  18. @Ms.Teeq1974

    Where is Sag’s ruler in your chart? Where is that lovely Jupiter?

  19. Sag’s ruler in my chart is in Aquarius. lol Which is in my 10th house. Adding much more to that detachment thinga ma jiggy.

  20. Pisces in on the 7th & 8th. Moon in the 7th. Neptune in the 4th. I’ve attracted plenty of men who have been deceptive, manipulative, and plenty of musicians. Ex husband is a Scorpio, a singer, and boy did he ever try to deceive me. Besides attracting Scorps, I also attract Cancer men (Neptune ruler of my 7th & 8th houses & moon in the 4th, perhaps?). I prefer to keep them as friends because I have a tendency to see through their manipulation. I come across a gullible, but lucky for me I have Mercury in Scorpio and wide conjunction of Sun & Pluto.

  21. Thank you for writing this! It couldn’t be more timely for me. After three years of being single (dating hiatus) I started seeing someone. I was really excited when I found out he’s an Aries. I always seem to get along so well with Aries…

    Somehow things didn’t go smoothly for us though, and after about a month, I broke it off with him, for reasons I can’t fully explain. Well sometimes I can explain–I’m not head over heels attracted to him. The connection isn’t totally there. At the same time I really think I love him, and I need him, and I’m realizing that this is the same way I’ve felt with Aries lovers in the past. I need them in my life, I adore them, but as much as I do want a relationship with them, I also don’t. Something always drives me out of the relationship.

    So I read this post, and researched my chart, and come to find out I have Mars conjunct Venus, in Aries, in the 8th house. I could really use any advice on what this means! Half of me feels I’ve made the right choice in breaking it off with this guy, and I’m evolving and losing old patterns, but the other half feels an absolute ache when I see his profile on facebook… I’m ready to take a vow of holy chastity! Because it just figures that after three months of no dating, the first person to come into my life makes minor transformations in my life in a short period of time, while at the same time I have this confusing feeling that it won’t work out, and I step on his heart. And it just figures that he’s an Aries. Oh, what to do.

  22. @persephone:
    Mars conjunct Venus is the union of male and female energies in your chart which is usually a very sexual aspect. But you say that you’re not quite feeling it w/these Aries guys so my guess is there are some aspects to these planets in your chart that are blocking this energy. Maybe some aspects to Saturn (which can cool things down tremendously) or Uranus (which can act as an on/off switch).

  23. Thanks Nadia! 🙂 Yes, on/off switch sounded about right to me, and I checked my chart–Mars and Venus trine Uranus. Aha.

  24. Interesting post. I have Taurus ruling my 8th house(8th house ruler also rules the 1st) Venus is in Pisces in the fifth square Saturn in the 8th. Time is always an issue. I attract men who are workaholics who never seem to have the time to spend with me. Venus is also sextile Mars in Capricorn in the third, and Conjunct my Sun. They’ve all been sexual/Passionate men, but run cold as well.

  25. i have Aries on the cusp of my 8th house, and it’s weird because i either attract the guys who like the chase and games but who do not fulfill my emotional needs, or the guys who are emotionally clingy.. and again, they do not satisfy my needs (of any kind).
    now looking at Mars.. Mars is kinda busy in my chart. it’s in Aquarius in the 5th, loosely conjunct my Moon in Capricorn, and it squares Pluto and Mercury + it sextiles Saturn (ugh!)
    i don’t really know what to think of all these interactions, but they all seem to scream “aloofness”!
    does the game element come from Mars being in the 5th?
    yet there doesn’t seem to be much fun involved.. more like frustrations and tension

  26. I have 8th house in scorpio, with venus and pluto conjunction in it,what does that mean?thanks

  27. Finally I took time to read all this!

    Guess what? I have 8th house Gemini with Mercury in the 11th (along with Venus)- Mercury opposition Jupiter and sextile Uranus! Chiron and vesta are also in my 8th house.

    Does that mean I attrack guys I communicate with trough friends? If’s that true, it explains why I had more than 3 friends falling for me :p

    Don’t quite know how to read the other elements on the equation :p

  28. my 8th house ruler is sag, jupiter is in the 7th house, conjunct uranus and also in sag.
    so the people that are attracted to me are carefree, wild childs ? 😀

  29. I have a 8th house in Sagittarius..4th house in Leo and a 7th house in Scorpio

    What kind of person would I attract?

    If anyone care to answer plz.

  30. and would I be attracted to them?

  31. @ Nadia

    What abt this:
    Cancer on 8th cusp, ruler (moon) in aries & 5th hse, trine uranus in capricorn

    It has got something to do with upsetting my emotions and then wat else??

  32. SAGAQUAgirl... says:

    @ Nadia,
    i have the 8 housein libra but is also intercepted by scorpio, venus is in the 12 house in capricorn , and pluto is in the 9 house in sag(that cusps with scorpio also) .. what does it mean?

  33. Sagittarius in 8th house
    Jupiter (Sag ruler) in 10th house in Capricorn
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn ( Saturn is in Scorpio but this kinda makes sense given the above )
    Jupiter Square Pluto (Pluto also in Scorpio but of course Jupiter doesn’t agree this time)

    I totally attract the curious carefree types. But what is the significance of the rest? That the types I attract will enhance or expand (Jupiter) my career or public image (Saturn) or perhaps unleash my subconscious drives and demons (Pluto)? Hmm, if the latter, I definitely need to keep my distance. Ha
    On the other hand, given that Jupiter is so saturated in Cap energy, it could be that those themes (career + impulses are restricted by the people I attract. I think it’s a combination of both because in the beginning, they seem like breaths of fresh air, but in the end (which comes quickly) their short-term presence in the life feels more like a pointless distraction to what I should be focused on in life. And I feel like I am always the one who puts in more that what I get out. After-all, this type sees you merely as one checkpoint on a non-stop journey. Anywho, I suppose they make decent acquaintances or part-time buds.

  34. Hi Nadia,

    I have 4 of my natal planets in the 8th. My question- I have cancer on the cusp of the 8th and the ruler (moon) is in the 1st conjunct neptune and both moon and neptune are conjunct the ascendant. What types of “partners” will I attract? On a side note- I always seem to attract men who are married or in a relationship no matter where I go. I remain single for so long because it’s always the “attached” men that are drawn to me. I wonder if this has anything to do with my strong 8th house activity? I value my morals in regards to this – maybe having sag rising and moon help to emphasize my morals/values, so this is why I’ve been single most of my life. What are your thoughts?

  35. Hi Nadie, i find this post interesting but I’m a bit confused. What will happen if my 8th house is ruled by cancer with no planets in that placement and the lovely moon is place on the 12th house in the sign sagittarius, does this mean i have a soul mate connection with them bc what i find rather interesting that my three best friends are cancers and the people i usually have a good friendship with are cancers, love wise i dated only one cancer and it didn’t go so well lol

  36. Hello Nadie,
    I am a Cancer rising, but I have Capricorn in ruling both my 7th and 8th house Yikes! To add insult to the injury I have Saturn in Taurus in my 12th but it trines 3 good plantes in the 4th. What gives

  37. I have capricorn on my eigth house cusp and its lord in the ninth house of aquarius. Without effort, ive only attracted aquarians but settled for capricorns yet feel immensly attracted only to scorpios or intellectually intelligent, manly, powerful men (plutonian ruled men) . Ive been with emotionally weak and sensitive guys (SOOOO DISAPPOINTING)..that just maybe my perception on guys in general though lol..or maybe because my north node and pluto is in my seventh house of fierce SCORPIO..

  38. Ashley Yellowdy says:

    Thank you so much for this <3! I LOVED this post. It added depth to things I've been confused about with the types of ppl I usually draw in.

    I am curious about one thing though: Do planets that aspect the 8th from other houses sort of act like they are in the 8th a bit?

    See, I have Neptune, Saturn and Uranus all in Cappy and all in the 8th (though the last 2 are retrograde and right on the 7th / 8th house cusp, so I'm not sure if I should interpret them in the 7th or 8th). And, I have Mars (late Aquarius) in the 10th, Venus (VERY late Gemini) in the very beginning of the 2nd, and Pluto (Scorpio) in the 6th ALL making aspects to my 8th house planets. I'm not sure what this means exactly, and I was wondering if you could help me understand it a little better?

  39. Eerily true. I’m a Taurus with an 8th house Aquarius, and my bf is a sun sign Aquarius.

    Being that I’m a Taurus(earth) sun sign, I never understood how aquarius(air) could actually come together in harmony with me. Astrology a lot of times claims that we’re not compatible…, right? But having Aquarius in my 8th house pretty much explains it.

    However, I have noticed, it seems to be that I’m either loved by them or hated by them.

    My bf is an Aquarius and the attraction was there right away. One of my gf’s who is an Aquarius as well, enjoys my company and always seems like she wants to get together often. Another guy who I knew back in my HS years was a close friend and our conversations never were boring. However, my brother is an Aquarius, and I’m not sure if it’s just because he’s my brother, but we seem to butt heads a lot on opinions and just in general really. A girl who I knew growing up that was an Aquarius, it was like a hate-love friendship. When we were apart, cattiness arose. But when we’d come together, we’d have so much fun. Then again, we were really young at the time(like 11/12).

    Now I see that it must be my 8th house being in this sign that pulls us together whether I have an earth sun sign or not.

  40. My 8th house cusp is Gemini. Its ruler -Mercury- is in my 9th house in Cancer. I’ve never ever attracted communicative, spiritual, sensitive guys. I barely even know Gemini ppl.

    My Sun (in Cancer) and Mars (in Cancer as well, both in the 9th house) are conjunct with my Mercury. I attract guys with a cold demeanor, they don’t like to talk about their emotions/feelings, or anything spiritual, they are usually not really educated ppl either and some of them were aggressive as well. (I’m highly spiritual, very communicative and educated.)

    But there is something interesting: my current partner’s 8th house cusp is Virgo, so its ruler -Mercury- (just like mine) is in his 2nd house in Aries. My Mars (ruler of the 7th house) conjunct my Mercury as I mentioned above. He is an Aries Sun as well. I don’t know if there is any connection between these things.

    So for me it’s a big question mark, why do I attract the total opposite of my 8th house cusp ruler?

  41. Oops, I made a mistake, my 8th house starts in Taurus but Gemini rules my 8th house as well. Anyways, no Taurus/Libra attraction at all. My Venus is in Leo. No Leos either.

    Venus has aspects with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and AC in my chart. Jupiter in Sag (I’ve never dated Sags), Saturn in Libra (no Libras either but Capricorns), Uranus in Sag, Neptune in Sag, Pluto in Libra. AC is Libra. I had maybe one Libra interest in my whole life.

    I attract only Aries (current love, my first love, my best friends are all Aries), Capricorns and Scorpios. So the same question applies like in my first comment. I guess since Saturn and Pluto are in my 1st house, that gives a Capricorn/Scorpio traits to my chart. And my 7th house DC is Aries.
    My boyfriend is Aries with Capricorn AC, his Saturn in Leo. Hmm…

  42. Hi Nadine, my 8th house is in Cancer ? at 29 degrees and leo ? is intercepted in the 8th house,leo possessing my natal sun and moon. I’m a leo native with my sun at 13 degrees. Sagittarius ? is duplicated at the 12th house possessing Saturn and then in my first house, my ascendant conjuncts Uranus. First house also containing Neptune and mars in Capricorn.

    What does this interception of leo in my 8th house mean? Mercury is at 26 degrees cancer ? in the 7th house…but my 7th house and 6th house are both Gemini ?.

  43. Hi Nadine, my 8th house is in Cancer ? at 29 degrees and leo ? is intercepted in the 8th house,leo possessing my natal sun and moon. I’m a leo native with my sun at 13 degrees. Sagittarius ? is duplicated at the 12th house possessing Saturn and then in my first house, my ascendant conjuncts Uranus. First house also containing Neptune and mars in Capricorn.

    What does this interception of leo in my 8th house mean? Mercury is at 26 degrees cancer ? in the 7th house…but my 7th house and 6th house are both Gemini ?.

  44. Hi nadia, I have my Venus (cancer) in 8th house trine to Pluto (scorpio) in 7th house. Venus opposite to neptune and Uranus (both are Capricorn) in 2nd house. What is the meaning of all this planets, signs and houses combinations? Btw my sun is in virgo, moon and rising in Sagittarius. Thanks.

  45. i am very confused about this. Since, I almost always get inexplicably attracted to but i feel like running away to the guys who has he same sign as my 8th house.

    So according to this, I attract them as well?

  46. Hi Nadia, I seem to attract women that are ‘bad’ for me. I’ve not had that many relationships and had a spell of 9 years avoiding them altogether after a few disastrous attempts. Pisces is on my 8th house cusp (say, are you using the ‘whole house’ system when applying houses?) with Chiron at 14º Pisces, Jupiter in Aries 9th tightly inconjunct Neptune in Scorpio (3rd but conj. 4th and conj. Moon at 10º) and tightly sextile Sun in Gemini (also inconjunct Neptune, so a Yod). Am I destined to attract psycho’s, and how can I change that?

  47. I have an 8th house at 29 Degrees Cap with Aquarius intercepted. The last four boyfriends (and one crush) have been Aqua Suns, and a few other guys I talked to (nothing ever moved beyond the “talking” stage) had a strong Aqua bent (such as Moon, Mars or strong Uranus aspects). In fact I prefer for them to be Aqua something with some sort of water, and earth. It’s a delicate balance because if the men are too airy they leave me feeling cold, but if they’re too watery they drown me lol.

    I myself have my Sun/Asc/Mars in Can in the 1st Inconjunct Uranus and Jupiter, and NN/Venus/Psyche in Taurus in the 11th. I also have a Leo Mercury Trine Uranus, and IC in Virgo closely Square Uranus (which as a Cancer it’s my natural ruling house).

  48. What is perfect?

  49. when i first met with someone they always think either im a witch or fortuneteller. and find me mysterious and enigmatic. i have ruler of my eight house tightly conjunct ny ascendant is this the reason? (i also have neptune conjunct my lord of 8th and ascendant, moon in 8th and pluto on Mc)

  50. on my birth chart moon is in my 8th house and this house’s ruler is venus…. in my 7th house there is rahu, ruler of this is mars. In my 1st house there is ketu, this house’s ruler is venus. In my 2nd house there is satturn, ruler is mars. Plz tell me what kind effects could be in my life.

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