Venus in Gemini, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

GeminiThis couple has a “stop and go” quality that can be intriguing, though each partner may differ in their basic approach to love and romance. Venus in Gemini likes to move into things quickly, while Mars in Taurus is content to take his time. Their efforts to connect can be stimulating to both, as each tries to adjust his or her pace to match the other.

“Butterfly of love” Venus in Gemini may not be anyone’s idea of a steady, stable romantic partner, but she sure is fun. This Venus is always on the go, looking for new and interesting partners in play. She loves those who tickle her brain the most, and she appreciates a fine mind and a quick wit with all the discernment of an intellectual connoisseur. Venus in Gemini loves with a bit of airy distance, but can make up for this with her charm and ability to talk just about anyone into just about anything.

TaurusMars in Taurus can patiently wait for sex for a long, long time, but when the green light is on, this sensual Mars knows just what to do. Earthy, grounded and practical, Mars in Taurus expresses his lust with actions rather than words. Though exciting, unpredictable love-making may not be this Mars’ strong point, there’s a lusty side to Mars in Taurus that can be quite the turn-on. Stubborn and headstrong, this Mars can be quite determined about winning over the partner of his choice and hard to deter when things go wrong.

Venus in Gemini is fascinated by Mars in Taurus’ slow sensuality, though she can find his step-by-step approach to love to be a bit of a drag. Mars in Taurus finds himself charmed by Venus in Gemini’s airy grace, but her buzzing energy sometimes makes him nervous. Though different, this couple can find their way to each other without too much effort, creating a union of understanding and patience.

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  1. Another perfect combo. Already it’s given that Venus and Mars are a match made in heaven, but to thrown in Gemini and Taurus is the icing to the 10 layer wedding cake. Nice!

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