On Dating a Taurus Man

Taurus the Bull

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If you’ve ever dated a Taurus, you know what it’s like to be consumed by a man who savors the realm of the senses. Taurus the Bull is a force to be reckoned with; his timid demeanor should never be underestimated. As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, Taurus’ appeal is his even-keeled approach to life—and sex. Never one to besiege the object of his affections like his predecessor, Aries, this sign is slow to act. However, while most women appreciate this gentle bull, his passive and complacent ways can be infuriating.
Truth be told, Taurus is lazy. Don’t misunderstand; this fixed Earth sign has unquestionable staying power, and moves at his own pace with discretion. His ability to work toward a long-term goal is his greatest and most admirable strength. But when it comes to dating and courtship, Taurus doesn’t really want to have to put forth a whole lot of effort. In fact, his ideal mate is a take-charge individual, both dominant and nurturing. Taurus essentially wants to marry his mother—Freudian ickiness aside—and would be best suited for a Cancer or even his opposite sign, Scorpio.

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About Tracey L. Rogers

Tracey L. Rogers is forever a student of Astrology, with a wide range of interests that stem from Saturn the archetype to topics in Mundane Astrology. Blogging about the current cosmic climate is a passion for Tracey. You can follow her at Randomness of Rudy and schedule a personal consultation.


  1. this description sounds a lot like the taurus man that my pisces friend is dealing with. she wants him to fully commit to their relationship and boy oh boy is he dragging his feet.

  2. yup sounds like me too!

  3. @TheSagGirl, I’ve got my eye on a Cancer w/ a few personal planets in Taurus in his birth chart, and I’m definitely dealing with “dragging feet”, haha! Your Pisces friend may have more patience than I…my Aries moon is ready to move on! @Sand…I’m glad this was pretty accurate. Any adivce?

  4. M=my friend’s moon is in pisces so i guess she’ll be waiting for a minute. good luck to you! I hope you have better results. i dated an aries sun with a taurus venus before. my sagittarius spirit couldn’t deal with the one foot barely in, one foot out game. ha!

  5. I’m a Pisces chick with a Taurus man, seems like there was a lot more heat during the woo’ing then in the catching. I just go from day to day wondering. Not fun

  6. Oh no Lynn, I’m sorry the fun has ended. What can you do to spice things up a bit? Like I said, Taurus can be a bit lazy sometimes in the romance department. Time to shake things up!

  7. I’m about to shake things up with my taurus moon guy because he has gotten lazy and complacent. I need some spark and he does not know what’s about to hit him.

  8. Hi Tracy,

    Excellent article. Very acurate and inspiring for those demsals in distress whom
    need to be resqued by the irresistable “BULL” with the big heart and a willingness
    to please his mate.

    It is so refreshing to read something which is so packed with information which
    describes perfectly “THE TRUE NATURE OF THE BEAST” which is so complicated
    yet simple to comprehend providing you know what you are dealing with and where
    the lines are drawn when dealing with the forceful yet placid “BULL” whom is so
    unique and full of love toward those whom need it so badly. When the Bull loves
    it is love for life and that is a golden rule which should never be underestimated
    and comes as a guarantee from someone whom is ruled by the Goddess of Love.

    Cheers and keep up the good work with your great articles. Taurus.

  9. Tracey, thanks for the insight…but it is probably too late for my Taurus and me. You are “spot on” about the sex and I had to laugh about the “marry his motherl” comment as I am a lot older than he is! But what really hit home was what you said about his passive and complacent ways which included NOT answering my questions or concerns (and they were not really “incessant” to me ) which drove me over the edge as being LDR, email/sms were really all we had.

    BUT a bit of our backgound. We had been a couple 3 years ago when I was in Serbia, but when I returned home, after 5 months, he just disappeared on me and my heart was broken. THen he contacted me a year later and told me there was no reason he left except for being a mother***, but I was still skeptical as we tried again…and I was right to be as he disappeared again. Then FB brought us together this Feb. as we had a common friend, and well…. we began again, for like he said our love is so strong we will never really be apart. BUT, I should have known something would ruin it. HE went too far with adding undesirable women (from my perspective) on FB and when I asked why if he had me, his only reply was NO COMMENT, which then infuriated me. I then responded that due they type of “women” he “friended” and no explanation as to why, I didn’t think I could ever make love to him again (as at that moment I was sick to my stomach and really felt that way) and told him to take care of himself. He wrote back and told me never to contact him again. 🙁 And it is ironic that it was FB that brought us both together and tore us apart.

    I know this sign is stubborn, but do you think he really meant it or was that not only the Bull, but the Balkan male talking?? I am going to be there in Sept. and want to see him as I do not hate him; plus I have something I was going to give him that I still really want him to have. DO you think the time of over 2 months will be on my side??? I still love him, but I really don’t think we are meant to be; esp. since like you had said, that Taurus doesn’t feel like they have to put forth a lot of effort (but due to that fact, this man really doesn’t date a lot!). I don’t know what to do…. as I do not want to be rejected when I see him; but maybe he would soften when he saw me as it has been almost 3 years since our magical kiss.

  10. Hi Linda,

    I’m so sorry that you and your Taurus have been off and on with so much uncertainty in between. His behavior is not something attributable to his sign, or cultural background. It’s simply that he is unavailable and maybe a little immature. It sounds like what you are looking for will not be found with this guy, and my honest advice to you would be to cut him loose (I know…easier said than done, especially with your history together). It’s good that you are at least aware of his affects on you (both good and bad), and that you recognize certain things about him that you simply cannot tolerate. This awareness is the first step; the next will be when you know for certain that this man probably isn’t even worth the time it took for you to write your post above. You deserve better. He is who he is, and you have to accept that, with love, and move on. Also, keep in mind that his treatment of you has nothing to do with you. So don’t go thinking you’re not good enough of loveable enough. You cutting the chord will ultimately be his loss and your gain! Good luck!

    @Karissa15, thanks so much for your comment and support! I’m glad that you found the article to be accurate and refreshing!

  11. Thank you for your response even though deep down I wish it were different. I was surprised that some of this behavior was not due to being a Bull, but since our signs are not really that compatible, overall it is a moot point. BUT you are right that is will be his loss…. I just hope when I am there in two months, I will be strong enough not to avoid him and not walk on the street where he works as an embassy guard.

    Again, thank you for responding!

  12. Its tough dating a Taurus. You always have to be in “Matador” mode just to please and him satisfy his whims. Oi.

  13. my taurus and I started out as sexual partners. He put his cards on the table up front letting me know he was emotionally unavailable. I as a cancer woman appreciated that. The sex was explosive and all I wanted was a maintenance man.. (don’t like multiple sex partners). So a few months turned into a few years. Now seven years later, we are totally in love with each other. However, he won’t leave the immature brat of a Taurus he is involved with. He is clearly miserable, however, he is honest with me, it’s not that he won’t leave her, she has his only child and won’t leave him. I am now on the quest to find my own Taurus man.. If I can deal with the heartache of letting this one go..

  14. I’m dating a Taurus. I’m a leo sun/libra rising. He’s 43 and I’m 39 and its been an eye opener to say the least. When we met it was love at first sight on my end. We have had major complications in our relationship. We began our relationship way too fast, something I try not to do. In that time (3 mths) I have been made aware of multiple prison records, no high school diploma, and his old “player status”, which he says he’s given up (side eye). And the above article is spot on and thanks for writing it, now I know I’m not crazy. In three months my bank account has dwindled to $0.00. I’m always blamed for every word. He holds on to every slight from the past. Our biggest blowout was this weekend. I cooked dinner Friday and Saturday we were set to just enjoy the beach (we live in San Diego). Well his car got towed cause he didn’t have the pass visible. I was his “rock” through the whole thing but anything I said pissed him off. I even gave him some money to help get the car out. He was so angry that I let him blow off steam and called him later and came back over. Fast forward to Sunday and we are about to watch the Raider game at a Sports Bar and he discovers he left his ATM card in the machine the day before (I didn’t believe him he’s a good liar). So being the good girlfriend I agreed to drive. Again I paid for drinks, gas etc. I gave him the 20$ to give to the waiter cause I get embarassed paying for a man. He took the money and looked lost and put it in his pocket so I
    Said “that’s not for you, its for the waiter.” I guess that was the wrong thing to say. I got the silent treatment, then the ride home he unleashed the beast saying everything that
    was wrong with me. I cause everything that is going bad in the relationship etc. And this isn’t the first time he’s done this. Just Friday night I wanted the lights off for sex and he told me he doesn’t want the lights off cause he doesn’t want to run the risk of thinking of someone else. Of course he changed his meaning for my benefit. Well that sunday night he broke up with me claiming we don’t get along. I was supposed to move in cause my lease is up October 31st. Being a leo with a scorpio moon I kept him in the dark about me already finding an apartment in Vegas which I move into November 15th. One more ironic thing; he broke up with me on Sunday and today he has a change of heart. For individuals wanting security and loyalty they syre play a lot of russian roullette. Oh and sex is “good” and I would have said excellent but I don’t like feeling like I’m taking a test.

  15. Hi my name is Mari my Man is a taurus and so am I.. We both had a marriage in the past lasted about 9 years for both of us.. we both have kids i have 2 n He has 2.. well we both were cheated on by our exes and our marriages ended do to wat they have done 2 us.. Well we been 2gether almost 2 years but we r moving very slow.. I mean hes a great guy but sometimes he says things that really piss me off.. Like I told him I love him bout the 1st year we were talking.. he replied dat he cared about me alot n he like the way things are n just wants 2 take it day by day.. I totally understood and let him know i understood.. Well lately hes been kinda Childish saying things like was I wit my Boy friend, and no I dont miss him, and I dont care about him.. whats up with that I tell him hes crazy n why would he say things like that.. he responds cuz Im a liar.. I know hes very home body as well as I but he jus trips me out wit being insecure.. I told Him “baby.. I told u I love u n u said u care about me ok, then I told u I wanna b wit u n u told me u like the way things r, now you r being dumb saying weird things, Wat do u want 4m me..” He responded “Nothing” wth.. i dunno hes been really pushin my buttons and I dont want my horns comming out cuz I know its gonna be bad so I play the nice guy role, and also not to try n bring out my stubborness.. Instead I give him patience, understanding, n try 2 do lovey dovey which really i dont know if Im doing a good job @.. Advice please

  16. Tina,

    God, what an asshole! I think he has a player status because he justifies everything he does and always makes the woman wrong. Only a moron leaves their card in the atm machine. Plus, he made you spend all your money and sex in the dark means he’ll think of someone else? Are you friggin’ kidding me? Screw that guy! He’s a gigolo all the way! I hope you used condoms! That’s all I can say with that. Any man who yelled at me for the dumbest shit and defiled my character whilst I was helping him out would be done with in the same 24 hours. Smh.

  17. Any Taurus man who doesn’t say i love you back as soon as you tell them you love them, doesn’t love you. Also if anyone feels like they are being messed about by a true Taurean needs to understand him better. A Taurus man never truly commits to any woman, unless he knows 100% she will be marriage material. You could be with one for 10 years, he says he loves you, but in his head and heart he is still working out if your marriage material. I know i’ve been with them on and off since i was 17 and i’m now 43. I’m not talking about the player Taurus, rather the true Taurus man. I’ve been with my present Taurus 14 years, we split for 6 months because he needed space ( i met him when he was very young and i am 10 years older, so i understood) Once he realized he couldn’t live without me, he came back and asked me to marry him. Tat was the first time ever. He said he needed to valuate me in his life and time apart made him realize that i am is one true love, his Eve. Once you have felt the love from a true devoted Tauren male, nothing will do after him. You just got to be as patient as him, if you want a sweet, adoring, caring, loving man forever, because marriage s for life with them. Yes they are difficult, pain in their stubborn, ass, but they are worth it.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Tina, why were you treating him like your his mother? That’s not being a “good girlfriend.” Gross.

    Mari, I gave up trying to interpret your slang writing. Sorry, but it really makes you come across as uneducated.

    Linda, my advice to you is to never friend a man you’re interested in getting serious with if you cannot handle the fact that he wants to socialize on FB. Otherwise that’s the fastest way for a man to feel as though you are taking away his freedom.

    Andi, you are right. Taurus men are the perfect example that good things come to those that wait. Patience is a virtue that will show your Taurus man, or any man, that you are not desperate and that you are truly happy with yourself.

  19. Pisces was backed peddled out @ the end with Taurus. Please can someone explain to me why would a 27 yr old male ask a lady via text msg what she thinks of him (us) u don’t ask a lady that type of question thru text. Later, I was shunned on fb; oh it gets better. After I’d finally placed on my solve these riddles hat, I’d decided to communicate his way hopefully, he’ll meet me in the middle & communinate in the middle. Oh no, I received an I love u text msg this time. Me, reply who stole A cell phone because I don’t have time for games. Mind you’ll we haven’t been in contact lil over a month becuase I was blocked & then he shunned…I still can’t believe it on fb. On it does get better I promise. His mother sends me a text after I sent her son s text telling him off. A few weeks passes by I try to reach him for his birthday; avoided me. I try again the next day. BINGO I win, I don’t ****in love u. I had to take a few steps back with some breathers. He’d apologized but he said I wasn’t in his future. Then about a week or so he asked was I made because I didn’t get any from him or his older brother. (Older bro & I were friends 1st. I didn’t go there) Moving on, he’s now cursing me called himself belittling me but it didn’t work. I was everything but a child of God because I started asking question. Well forum, I’ve been dismissed. I told him he can’t control me, own me, or belittle me to make himself feel good. And his childish behavior throwing a tantrum because his introverted plans didn’t go as he planned because I refuse to answer an important question about how I felt about him via a text msg & he didn’t like my response to the I love u text. Unbelieveable & unreal. So it ended up in him back peddling his words that he doesn’t like me & he never loved me & him telling his mother I was trying to have sex with him. Down to him saying, my mom said for me to stop wasting my time with you. He does not think he did anything work & obviously he’s perfect with no flaws. I told him that I am a woman & I carry myself like a lady. He response “and as such I should know my place, know when to be quiet. That any attention he gave me was a blessing”. Yes, this all started settling in July 2013, he now has a girlfriend. So, is this the typical Taurus male behavior or a Naracisst behavior? The question still remains with me. He was a told gentleman from the time we’ve meet in 2011. What a way to have started my New Year. No, we didn’t get to the datingm stage on my end.

  20. carolene says:

    Why are you people so brain washed by the Taurus male he is the opposite of what the zodiac sign say he is, what he really is, is an insensitive emotionless hollow bag of wind he does not care about any ones feeling but his own and he will leave you at the drop of a hat and never tell you why he will let you believe that it is your fault that he left but truth be told he is just spending time with his other woman. Yes he may come back just to leave again and again. Yes he make you fall in love with him with his kisses and sex but when he get bored with you he is leaving and there is nothing you can do or say about it. They are Narcissist from birth and every Taurus male is the same, just read blog after blog about the Taurus male and see for your self. And yes I have had my own experience with the Taurus male and he is the same as every Taurus male that the woman on every blog speaks about. This male is sinister and love hurting woman he know what he is going to do to each woman when he get with her it is all ways the same love them and leave them come back and do it again. all of you need to do your research on the Taurus because he is the opposite of what his sign say that he is he is a womanizer and he don’t mind asking you for money and once he know he has worked his magic on you he walks away. I find it strange that the Taurus are all the same and doing the same thing to every woman. I could not even get mad at my ex Taurus I just told him that I would not be calling him or texting him and if he does come back I plan to be long gone. I will never date another Taurus as long as I live and breath. You woman are so fascinated by this monster Narcissists and he is not worth all the talk and broken hearts that he leaves behind he is just a selfish little boy that will never grow up. and believe me as soon as you get that man back he is going to destroy you and you wont be his only woman this is a truly evil sign and if you don’t want to believe me just read all the blogs about the Taurus and how the woman are treated and make your own conclusion. But all of you act like he is some kind of God the only God he is a Demon God only a demon could treat woman as badly for no reason and make you believe it is your fault. you are forever wondering what you did wrong and he is not going to tell you that you did nothing wrong and that he is just a sick person who get off on destroying woman. A Narcissists does the same thing to woman he make the woman fall in love with him and then the bad treatment begins but the Narc don’t just walk away he had his own demonic bag of tricks for you but the Taurus tears a woman down just the same and leaves her wondering what the f happened what did she do. The Taurus like playing with your emotions just like the Narc does. And if you think that the Taurus don’t get off on mistreating woman you are still blind and he is going to destroy you and walk away and find a new woman and do the same to her and if this is not Narcissitic behavior what is ?

  21. @Carolene, You hit it on the nose. I had to learn my lesson the hard way after taking my Taurus back after cheating. After he got caught cheating, he swore nothing happened. She liked him but did not like her. After finding text and emails of her pouring out her lust for him, I walked away. He begged and convinced me to save our relationship. We manage to have 2 good years afterward, then he started again acting strange and found out started hanging more over his ex gf/baby mama’s house. I had said if he ever cheated again I was done. He began to ask me for money and at first I helped him since we had been together but then when I couldn’t it was as if he turned into another person (super jerk). Things got up and down with us but still thought every thing was fine. But the day after he celebrated my birthday, he just picked an argument with me about something stupid and walked out. He never came back. No call no message, just left after 4 years without an explanation. During our time apart, I really started to see how Narcissistic and self centered he was. He turned out to be a good liar and as much as he would swear he is telling the truth and I had trust issues, BAM! The truth would surface and my intuition was right Taurus men can make you believe it is all your fault for their cheating, no money, break up.. its all your fault. I loved my Taurus man but when you get passed the way he made you fall in love with him, he then will turn around and break your heart.

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