Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

GeminiLight and frothy, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius share an easy, airy resonance. This pair likes to be out and about, exploring the world and mingling with a variety of different people. They love to talk about their social encounters, sharing gossip and other interesting morsels. These air signs can easily keep each other entertained in a fun, low key way that works for both of them. Though their relationship may not be filled with sparks and big fireworks, it’s got enough chemistry to keep them moving along together quite enjoyably.

Venus in Gemini is fizzy and fun, gravitating towards others with a uniquely curious nature. She uses her ample wit to attract partners like bees to honey. This Venus thrives on the new and untried, so she can have a reputation for being fickle in love. However, if her mind is kept stimulated, she can settle down for the long term. Intelligence—or at least a skill at making small talk—is a must for this Venus, since verbal foreplay is her favorite pastime.

AquariusMars in Aquarius values freedom and authenticity in relationships. He favors “guidelines” rather than rules, and likes to experiment with the form of a relationship, trying out different ways to relate. This Mars likes sex that is unique and different, and is turned on by change and experimentation. Trying to just be “normal” is the kiss of death for this wacky Mars sign.

Venus in Gemini finds Mars in Aquarius’ quirky ingenuity quite enjoyable, and there is little for her to object to in the way he moves through life. Mars in Aquarius is kept entertained and stimulated by Venus in Gemini’s sharp wit. Together, this couple supports and enhances each other’s natural instincts and way of being in the world.

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