Venus in Cancer, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

CancerHow do the “moon goddess” (Venus in Cancer) and the “storytelling pirate” (Mars in Sagittarius) get along in love? This couple may find it challenging to really understand what the other needs in a relationship, but with work and a willingness to grow and learn, a true partnership can emerge.

Nostalgic, sentimental and wise, Venus in Cancer has a need for security and deep emotional connection in relationships. She wants to know that she can trust her partner to understand her feelings, or at least make the attempt to try. Like a crab, Venus in Cancer holds on tight to what she loves. She can maintain an emotional connection to past partners that lingers for years, so it’s important for this Venus to periodically “clear the clutter” of her heart if she’s interested in making way for someone new.

SagittariusMars in Sagittarius has a fun, enthusiastic energy that is hard to resist. This Mars pursues his mate by making them laugh so hard they can’t refuse. His stories are legendary and just one more aspect of his charm. Though he prizes his freedom and loves to roam, if a partner inspires his growth and sense of adventure, he will easily mate for life.

Though Venus in Cancer’s imagination is stimulated by Mars in Sagittarius’ stories and adventures, she can become overwhelmed by his boisterous energy and feel the need to retreat. Mars in Sagittarius is attracted to Venus in Cancer’s mystery, but can become irritated by her nervousness when faced with the unknown. Though this couple isn’t a natural fit, they can, with work, find common ground and understanding.

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  1. Thank you so much for covering this one! My boyfriend of 5 years and I have this matchup, and I have grown quite attached, but I really don’t feel he understands me, nor is he interested in such. I’ve been in a period of emotional turmoil lately and I really feel like it’s time to let go. However, I really don’t want to hurt him. I don’t know what’s worse, stringing this relationship out – or telling him I just don’t think we belong together. He’s not a big believer in fate and destiny, and I am; I really don’t think we were meant for a lifetime together. He’s sensed a withdrawal in me lately, and he’s trying to be more attentive, but I feel it’s too late – and maybe he’s willing to say whatever needs to be said to keep me around, but in the long run it will only be more of the same.
    Thanks again, much appreciated…

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