Uranus and the 7-Year Itch

Seven Year Itch“I feel like a prisoner, like I’ll go crazy or explode if I don’t leave.”

“I’m tired of being an ‘us.’ I need to just be ‘me’ for awhile.”

“I need some excitement, some adventure. Our life together has become so dull.”

“Can’t we just try something new for awhile? Bringing another person into our relationship would add the spice we’ve been missing…”

Ouch! Any of the above sound familiar? These are expressions of the planet Uranus. They can include any of the following:

  • Desires for excitement or change
  • Expressing oneself as an individual
  • The need to suddenly break out
  • A craving for uncharted territory or for experimentation

Along with these can be a sense of anxiety or anticipation, with the irresistible urge to push yourself over the edge of some cliff, because taking the leap seems a lot more reasonable than staying where you are, itching, itching, itching for change.

Uranus takes about seven years to go through each sign, symbolizing the possibility of sudden change in whatever house of your chart it’s passing through. There are many different house systems in astrology, each with its merits, but by using the “whole sign” house system, you can see this particular symbolism of Uranus’s passage through the houses of your chart more easily. If you started a relationship when the planet was at the beginning or end of a house cusp, it will be in a different house, with different desires for change, seven years later. (By the way, the following can also apply when you began the partnership when Uranus was anywhere in a particular house, for instance indicating the difficulties that can occur at the three year point in a relationship when Uranus enters the next house.)

Uranus Moves from the 1st to the 2nd

Let’s say you got into a relationship when Uranus was near your Ascendant. The person you fell madly in love with—and maybe even married—really helped you to develop as an individual and opened you up to exciting forms of self-expression and self-realization. Seven years later, Uranus is now in your house of money, security, your material possessions (second house) and is about to drastically change your material circumstances. Your partner walks out and you wind up scrambling to make ends meet! Yes, Uranus can symbolize the projection of the change you need onto the actions of someone else, too. One way or the other, you’ll get the change your life needs you to have in order to progress as an individual.

Another way this could work (out of many) is this: Perhaps you want to buy a home and alter the way you handle your finances due to the anxiety Uranus symbolizes by being in your money house. Your partner might have helped you actualize yourself so well that you decide to leave, because you suddenly realize they don’t share your values around security issues any longer, if they ever did.

Uranus Moves from the 7th to the 8th

sex lifeHere’s another example. It’s not uncommon for people to get into a committed relationship with someone unique when Uranus passes over their Descendant (seventh house cusp). Your partnership is exciting, full of new discoveries and a bit volatile, too. The sex after fighting is great! As Uranus moves on its way to your eighth house of shared resources and not incidentally, sex, what do you think will happen? You might decide your sex life is dead as a doornail and needs some shaking up. How will you do that? By leaving? By having an affair? By talking about your needs and hopefully getting your partner to experiment with you? Or will your partner enact the need for change symbolized in your chart by doing any of the former? Of course, the eighth house being about shared resources, you might also have similar issues as with the second house, only it will entail what you own together. Will you both be in a period receptive to new ways of doing things? Like maybe getting separate bank accounts?

Think about how Uranus might operate in other houses at the beginning of the partnership and how it will herald a desire for freedom or change in the area of life signified by the next house seven years later. Fifth house could mean being with a very stimulating lover, with lots of partying. Once entering the sixth, it might indicate the itch to clean up your health! Will you need to leave the relationship to do that? Experiment with finding your own ideas with the house meanings and Uranus symbolism.

You could also be tempted to ditch your partnership when Uranus transits your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or Jupiter. You might be craving a change and think that it’s your partner who is holding you back, when what you really need is a switch in career or something else, or to express your individuality in some new way. You might use the relationship as a scapegoat.

The planet Uranus transits—plus where in your chart the planet resides—will determine the symbolism and what wants to be expressed. When Uranus transits Mercury, you may not feel a pressure to change your relationship game plan, but you might find yourself interested in very different things and communicating in unusual ways. Your partner might feel they don’t know you any more.

So, should you worry or freak out that the love of your life is going to walk out on you or have an affair during a Uranus transit? Of course not. For one thing, Uranus just changing houses may not (but can) symbolize something as drastic as a permanent break-up unless there are other things in the chart indicating this possibility. Yet, it would be wise to look for ways to spice things up. Be aware of stagnation and disagreements that involve issues of freedom. Know that change is necessary for a healthy relationship. If you tend the garden of your partnership well, you’ll know way ahead of time when change is needed. Heed that call and you may find that Uranus is the best friend the two of you ever had.

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About Chea Maria

Chea Maria is a professional astrologer and tarot reader who started her esoteric studies as a child. Her consultations stress empowerment through self-acceptance. You can contact her at BrightJourneyTarot.com.


  1. Great article, Chea. Uranus has just recently crossed over my 8th house cusp, and I definitely experienced a major shake up on the relationship front when this happened last August/September, and again this past March. The other person involved entered my life when Uranus was close to the end of the house cusp, and my experience completely matches what you’ve outlined above. I have to admit, though, that your article left me feeling a little skeptical about the potential for longevity in future relationships when this 7-year itch comes around. My Saturn in Libra already forces me to work extra hard at relating, so I hope this placement will really serve as a secret weapon, and help me to allow healthy changes to take place when necessary. Meanwhile, I must say that the characters now entering my life feed this need for change and excitement. I’m anxious to see where these new experiences will take me! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  2. Oh…and the person I speak of was an Aquarius. Go figure!

  3. Thanks for your your comment, Tracy. Glad you enjoyed the article. It is funny that the person in question is an Aquarius.

    I wouldn’t worry about the longevity of your relationships. Uranus is as likely to start them as change them and sometimes we need relationships to be less than permanent. We learn and develop through them, and then perhaps need to move on… Sounds like you have the right attitude and are willing to enjoy the exciting ride current lovers and life are presenting you with. Enjoy!

  4. @Chea Maria
    How does the 7 year itch affect those relationships with people who already have a natal Uranus in their seventh house???

  5. Uranus needs to get out of my 7th house already lol … i can’t seem to get into any committed relationships. i think i have 3 more years of this mess. ugh!

  6. @Jo

    How can you discover which house it is transiting?

  7. @NovLady go to astro.com click on “free horoscopes” then click on “extended chart selection” (it should be towards the bottom.

    in the drop down menu you want to click on “natal & transits”

    if you don’t already have an astro.com account or this sounds too confusing you can send me a private message and i’ll walk you through it.

  8. NovLady, an easy way to see where the planets are transiting daily is to go to the astro.com homepage where there is a list. Uranus is currently at 4’31” (4 degrees 31 minutes) Aries. You can also get free transits to natal charts on the site. Or you can get a transit report here on the Sasstrology “Transits” page.

    Uranus in the 7th house natally doesn’t mean you’ll have the “7 year itch”. To know how the planet really can affect you and committed partnerships, you’d need a reading that looks at all the aspects in your chart.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. @Jo
    I was able to find the ‘natal and transits’ section, but was unsure if I could assume that the green planets outside of the chart represent the transits. And, if such- in regards to Uranus- is it safe to assume that Uranus will be in that particular house for 7 years? I clicked on your profile to message you privately, but was unable to find the ‘message’ link.

    @Chea Maria
    Thank you. I wasn’t sure if Uranus in the Seventh House is not an ‘everyday itch’. Lol.

  10. This makes so much sense. Thank you for such an incredible article. Uranus is currently in my 2nd house and I am experiencing fluctuating finances/money … up, down, up, down, up… but it is conjunct my Sun and I like the conjunct energy. 😀

  11. @NovLady yes the green planets are where the planets are right now. I like that chart since you can see aspects between the transits and your natal planets very easily and you can see which of your houses the planets are transiting right now.

    Also another little tip. If you had an event that happened to you near a specific time in the past or if you are planning and event in the future and you want to know what the transits are/were for that specific date all you have to do is change the date in the “options” field before you click on “click here to show chart”

    @Chea Marie I don’t have Uranus in the 7th natally. I meant it is transiting my 7th house right now and before it leaves my 7th house it will conjunct my moon.

  12. @Jo I’m sorry it wasn’t clear, but my comment about Natal Uranus being in the 7th house was directed at NovLady. I can understand your wanting Uranus to transit out of your 7th. 😉 Tho’ it might be asking you to be receptive to someone different or to allow more freedom within a committed relationship. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    @Lady Ram – Looks like you’re working with the energy well! Glad you enjoyed the article. Your comment is most appreciated!

  13. @Chea Maria ohhhh woops. :::blush::: Yes I’m in a very interesting “relationship” right now if it can be called that. The most amazing sex (pluto transiting conjunct my natal mars). We obsess over each other and feel so great together but there is absolutely no commitment. I want more but he doesn’t, but he’s possessive and doesn’t want me dating/seeing other people. So damn confusing. And with the solar eclipse coming up i’m so damn irritable and he’s starting to piss me off (even though i still really want him).

  14. @Jo
    Thanks! That’s a new tool I’m glad to have discovered.
    Another quick question- how do you discover the specific aspects? Is it in ‘code’ in symbols in the boxes beneath the chart?

  15. Actually, I see that they are the symbols for the aspects. I guess I am wondering how someone interprets their aspects (versus whats in each house) during a transit from looking at the grid.

  16. @Jeffrey Kishner

    Thanks for that link. It is very helpful. Is there a place on this site (or elsewhere) that provides charts on how to tell how your partner’s planets aspects your own planets (versus where there planets fall into your own house)?

  17. @Jeffrey thanks for providing the link, i only just saw the question now!

    @NovLady yes in the same place where you got the “natal & transits” you can do a “synastry” chart instead. you have to have the info of both people already in your astro account and make sure you pick both names at the top before you “click to show chart”

    sorry if i’m being vague but my eyes are half-closed as we speak! =)

  18. @Jo
    Thanks so much for your help!

  19. Great article– even better for being so brief and to-the-point. Wish I could keep it so brief instead of writing a mini-case study– LOL! Hopefully, this will be a good illustration for those who want to learn from it.

    So, I went back and took a look at my 7-year-long marriage (11 years total together), and noticed that our rel started when Uranus was in the 1st degrees of Aqu and conj my Venus in 1996. We had a rough time all along: international long distance followed by lengthy immigration petitions when we got engaged and married. The rel costed a lot financially and personally, and whaddya know? Uranus was transiting my 2nd h. all that time. 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought of the 2nd as a house of relationships, but for me, my natal Venus is there, and I have my Saturn and Moon in the 8th, so, imho, 2nd-8th h. issues always seem intertwined with my intimate rels. Going with whole sign houses, though, Uranus was transiting my 3rd, which fits the typical house interpretations better. During his and my sparky time together, my focus was on continuing to develop myself professionally and academically, which hurt and disappointed him frequently. I had many panic and anxiety attacks and felt very unfulfilled in our rel. In spring of 2003, when Uranus changed signs (putting it in my 4th h. by whole sign), I was struggling at work and then got laid off. We started counselling when I decided to apply for a grad program and things were looking pretty bad for us. In those early degrees of Pisces, right at 0 deg in Jan 2004, I got pregnant and we had a golden time when we had a shared project, consistent work and grad school on the horizon, and a new home we bought. By the time Uranus entered my 3rd h. (Placidus) and was trine my natal Uranus (@10 Sco), I felt restless and demanded that we move cities to be closer to family (hm! 4th h. by whole sign makes more sense again!) We finally moved in summer 2006, separated in Aug 2007, and divorced in Sept 2008, all while Uranus was transiting Pisces. In late 2008, I fell hopelessly in love with a Piscean Sun native with Aqu rising, and the doomed on-again-off-again rel had a distinctly Uranian flavor. I finally let it go in late 2010 (in the final degrees of Pisces) as well as leaving my doomed grad program, declaring bankruptcy, and losing a pregnancy. I’ve had six health concerns in the past 10 mos., and usually I see the doctor maybe 2x/ yr. None of the health problems turned out to be serious (thank God).

    So, what’s happened since Uranus left Pisces and entered Aries (5th h. by whole sign)? Nothing on the relationship front (I’ve been hiding out) and an odd assortment of short-term jobs so far. My entire identity and living situation have been shaken up since becoming homeless with a young child. Incidentally, the last time I had a period of being “between addresses” was my last (Tau) Jupiter return in 2000 and it’s happened again with Jupiter’s ingress into Taurus– isn’t that weird? The moral of the story: my first serious relationship started right after a Uranus sign change, shifted gears significantly at the next sign change and lasted only halfway through Uranus’ transit through a second sign. Shortly before Uranus entered Aries, all romantic involvements ended. It’s like my love life passed through a bug zapper and all the pests dropped dead. I’m not eager to, uh, re-populate. It’s been peaceful not hoping and not trying anymore. I think Uranus might be extra significant in my love life due to my Aquarian Venus and how my natal Uranus and Venus square each other. It might be better for me to just plan on becoming a Buddhist nun as soon as my child is grown and forget about relationships altogether.

  20. @novlady, Sasstrology sells compatibility reports that address those questions.

  21. sailor.mercury says:

    So, first off, I can relate to the cycle of sevens, and I was born on the seventh. If we start at 0: by seven I had a developed sense of self and got my first birthday card from a boy that I liked. At 14 I started to experiment ( gr 9 yall )); at 21 I was at a magickal age spiritually, decided to be celebate; at 28 that asexuality started to crack.. L..maybe I will be married at 35, idk.

  22. Libra rising, Venus in cancer moon in cappy here.

    Uranus is currently transiting my 7th house ( and squaring my Venus) and I absolutely HATE it.period.

    Given I am not Comfortable with that energy I don’t “act/use it” so what it does is attract Aquarius/Uranians type of potential partners who ain’t so much about commitment…

    I like stable connections and Uranus is nothing but stable. About 1 year and a half to go before it leaves my 7th and I ll be drinking champagne to celebrate the end of a 7year long torture.

    Good luck everyone!

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