The Second House: Be Careful Who You Bring Home

The 2nd House

The 2nd House represents what you do to attract someone and what they can do for you.

There is an intimate connection between relationships and self-esteem. A supportive relationship can make you feel secure and whole. A destructive relationship can have you asking,”What’s wrong with me?” no matter what part the other person plays.

This is 2nd House territory. In a previous article, I mentioned that this area of your chart is an integral part of your relationship profile. Now I’m going to expand on that.

The natural ruler of the 2nd House is Taurus. It represents your material and emotional resources. Ruled by Venus, it is associated with values. How much are you worth? What makes you feel good? There is nothing spiritual about this house. This is pure, survivalist energy. It’s selfish.

The condition of this house says a lot about what you do to make yourself feel secure. The key word is do. The 8th House (opposite to the 2nd) represents who you attract and what you share. The 2nd House represents what you do to attract someone and what they can do for you.

If this sounds materialistic, don’t forget that Venus rules love and money. Some of us would like to think that love is pure and unselfish, but that’s 12th House stuff (Pisces). For the most part, attracting someone is about fulfilling needs. Let’s look at an example.

Case Study

Joyce’s 2nd House cusp is in Scorpio and her house ruler (Pluto) is in the spiritual 12th House. Her 2nd House also has a Venus/Neptune conjunction. Right away we see the potential for Joyce to get lost in the fantasy of perfect love (Neptune conjunct Venus). Escapist fantasies make her feel secure. Scorpio adds that all-consuming intensity, and the pursuit of love becomes self-immolation. She is willing to sacrifice (Neptune) herself and creates a persona to match the fantasies of the guy she is trying to attract. It feels like a pure, spiritual quest (Pluto in the 12th) but it’s really one of Neptune’s tricky illusions.

The problem is that sacrifice does not blend well with the materialistic 2nd House. The 2nd is about building a solid set of boundaries, not dissolving them. The men Joyce pursues use her, emotionally and financially. She ends up feeling worthless. A better way for Joyce to use this energy would be to concentrate on herself. Pluto in the 12th is great for plumbing the depths and for self-exploration.

So what would happen if the right kind of partner triggered Joyce’s 2nd House? Steve’s Saturn hits her Venus/Neptune conjunction. Joyce grabs his attention in the usual way, making herself into the woman she thinks he wants. Steve is intrigued, but cuts through the crap and urges her to get real. He wants the real (Saturn) Joyce, not an illusion.

His sense of authority (Saturn) makes Joyce feel secure. His Saturn on her Venus/Neptune conjunction means he is committed to her. He can be stern (like when he lectures her on wasteful spending). But this is the kind of structure that Joyce needs. All that hazy Venus/Neptune energy needs boundaries to run up against so that Joyce can begin the process of discovering (Scorpio) what she really needs. Steve encourages her to focus (Saturn) her altruistic energies (Venus/Neptune) on charities or volunteer work. This way she can give and still feel good about herself.

Let’s flip things around now and say that Steve isn’t such a nice guy. Maybe he has some control issues (Pluto square Saturn in his chart) and ends up dominating Joyce. His Saturn is cold and repressive, using constant disapproval to cut through the dreams she creates. She feels like she can’t win as she reinvents herself to gain his approval, only to have him label her as “silly.” Joyce feels squashed instead of supported, and finds his boundaries suffocating. She blames herself, convinced that she must be lacking an essential quality that prevents her from meeting Steve’s high standards.

The ideal scenario would be that Joyce develops her core without the intervention of a partner. But the reality is, even though the 2nd House represents self-sufficiency, there are always external influences. The key is ensuring that these influences are the right kind.

Comment below: What sign is on the cusp of your 2nd house?

About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Gemini is on the cusp of my 2nd house. All of the material Ive read regarding that seems relevant, but…I feel like I need to explore this more, because the common theme in all material talks about using communication skills to make money. I know Imma hustler, but the description more or less describes a con artist who makes money by convincing people to let go of their purse strings…which Im good at, but I use this gift to fundraise on behalf of others.

  2. what about sag there?

  3. @Ms. Teeq:
    Your comment is the perfect illustration of the concept that all energy in astrology has potential to be used in a higher or lower way. Especially Gemini with its duality.

  4. @sand:
    You would use charm, optimism and humour to pursue someone. Big and bold. There might also be a sense of restless searching….you’re never quite happy with who you have (Sag is the sign of the explorer). Mind you, all these qualities will be modified by the house that your Jupiter sits in and any aspects made to your Jupiter.

  5. aspects? hmm i don’t think so. it’s in the next house 3. jupiter in cap. in placidus it’s sag in house 3 again.

  6. @Nadia:

    What sign is on the cusp of your 2nd house?


  7. I have Leo on the 2nd house cusp. Lots going on in that house! I have the Sun conjunct Uranus closer the 1st house, then Moon conjunct Pluto close the 3rd house cusp.

  8. Capricorn on the cusp of my 2nd house, and Aqu Venus there square Sco Uranus in 11th and opp (by sign) Leo Saturn and Moon in the 8th. I’d love to hear what you have to say about Cap in 2nd! Your article has helped to answer some of my big lifetime questions, like why hasn’t Venus in the 2nd been a great gift to me?

  9. Virgo is on my 2nd house cusp and as of late–to my ire–I have been attracting men with strong Virgo energy. I have Sagittarius on my 5th house cusp and I know that my Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius squares my 2nd house cusp as well as my Saturn in Virgo in the 1st house.

    Thinking about Virgo/Pisces energy, I realize that I tend to be a “fixer” in my relationships…thing is not everything or everyone needs fixing…right? LOL.

  10. I find the Virgo men want to fix me in some way. Just recently, I got a lecture from one regarding my need for better time management and focus. Virgo men annoy me mostly cause I believe I don’t need them to “fix” me. LOL.

  11. @Ms. Teeq:
    Your comment is the perfect illustration of the concept that all energy in astrology has potential to be used in a higher or lower way. Especially Gemini with its duality.

    @ Nadia. Oh, definitely. However, because of the fact that my personal goal is to focus more energy on making my gifts work just as exact for me as they have to benefit others, I feel more comfortable with my ability and am prepared to influence people with communication to do what it is I want and need them to do. I would have never been this comfortable with that when I was younger. This awareness is also coming at a time when all vampiric forces, people, energy, etc have been exposed and eliminated willfully or by circumstance. Thank GOD (@ All, call your higher power what you want…but please respect my choice to acknowledge God as the ultimate divine.)

    NOW, is the time for me to start drawing more wealth to all areas of my life now that I have a better understanding of how to handle both influence and wealth.

  12. @EcritureFemme:
    Cap on the 2nd House cusp could mean a fear that there is not enough to go around. So, not enough love, money, resources, etc. Your 2nd House ruler is in the opposite house (8th) so you pursue by being in control (Saturn in the 8th), having authority (in Leo). Anyone that you are attracted to (I think you are fairly selective about who you pay attention to) might find you intimidating. Certainly a force to be reckoned with.

  13. @TheSagGirl:
    Where is Mercury (the ruler of your 2nd house) in your chart?

  14. @Nadia

    I have Mercury in Capricorn in the 5th house.

  15. ack! is that why I’m attracting Virgos? because I have the ruler of Virgo (Mercury) in my 5th?

  16. Wow, how intricate!
    My second house cusp is on Aquarius, with Sagittarius Uranus in the 11th house. I am also Sagittarius ascendent, and my boyfriend’s Mars is in Sagittarius (although he’s mostly Capricorn-in Sun and through much of his natal chart). Frankly, I feel it’s not working out.

  17. @TheSagGirl:
    Who you attract is represented by your 8th House. Your 8th House cusp is in Pisces and Neptune has recently moved into Pisces so it’s being energized now. Can’t really say why you’d be attracting Virgos….just wanted to see where the ruler of your 2nd was. Although depending on what degree of Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn could be (or will be) conjuncting your Mercury which will definitely magnetize that area of your chart.

  18. @Leona:
    Aquarius on the 2nd and Sag/Uranus in the 11th (which is naturally ruled by Aquarius) makes this a “let’s be buddies” thing for you. Your security is based on freedom.

  19. @Beth:
    Interesting mix…..your identity is definitely tied up in your pursuit of who you’re attracted to.

  20. @Nadia

    ah yes. transiting Pluto is conjunct my Mercury as we speak.

  21. oh wow. i have never thought about the 2nd house that way. isn’t the descendant supposed to indicate the type of person you attract?
    i have the Sun in Libra in the 2nd house, so i guess this explains my attitude of “I am just going to be myself and if you like it, that’s fine, if not i will not play a role to fit your expectations”. Ha this is fun.
    i also have Pluto in Scorpio at the end of house two, but maybe that doesn’t matter since it is interpreted in house 3 (where is also conjs Mercury). that would make me attract people with my intensity though, right? hmm..
    now what do i look for? aspects to the Sun or aspects of Venus which rules Libra?
    Venus is in Sco in the 3rd house so again with the intensity, maybe through communication? i am attracting with the misterious way in which i think and speak?
    this is like a fun puzzle!

  22. The timing of the article is great! I’ve been thinking about these sort of themes! lol

    Anyway, I have Sagittarius on the 2nd. I have no idea how it effects me but I guess it means I have charm, lol. Interestingly, Jupiter sits in my Gemini 8th along with Chrion, which are both in Cancer. & My Chrion opposes all of my 2nd house plants (Mars, Neptune, & Uranus).

    I guess this means I can’t genuinely attract until I heal myself/transcend. Right? I will say I have noticed two of the people I’ve like have a Gemini Venus they are nice as friends but kinda flighty.

  23. But yea, lately, I HAVE BEEN thinking about, how in relationships, choosing correctly from the start is so key.

    So thank you Nadia, because the phrase “Be Careful Who You Bring Home” is hitting home.

  24. @Loreley:
    The Descendent indicates who you view as your ideal partner. That can be very different from who you actually attract. The 2nd House is not about who you attract but how you go after those you are attracted to. The 8th House represents who you attract. A bit confusing, I know.
    Think of the 2nd House as “This is what I do to try and get A.” Think of the 8th House as “This is what I actually get.” For some people the 8th House will attract A. For others, the 8th will draw in B or C or D…anything BUT A.
    As long as Pluto is in your 2nd House it would indicate how you pursue others.
    You would look at aspects to your Sun to get more information on what you do to attract others. If the cusp of your 2nd is in Libra, look at Venus in your chart.

  25. @sb;
    You’re welcome…glad the article helped.
    Sag on the cusp of your 2nd means you reach out to others. Charm, yes, but also as a teacher/guide/mentor. Jupiter in the 8th means that you can easily magnetize (8th House) those you pursue. You weren’t clear if your Jupiter is in Cancer or Gemini so that will make a big difference on how you manifest that energy. Chiron in the 8th is a potent, healing position…for yourself and others.

  26. So, if Aries was the rising…Then Taurus would be on the second house cusp?
    If so, what does this mean if Taurus rules its natural house?

  27. Dear Nadia,
    I think i get the difference now, thank you.
    but i am still confused about smth – where is my Pluto interpreted – 2nd or 3rd house? this would make a big difference to me.
    Now i don’t mean to take advantage of the free interpretation 🙂 so i will just try and put here my view on this and maybe you could just tell me if i am right or at least on the right track.
    so, my weapons of attraction 🙂
    Sun sextile Uranus – original behaviour; Sun trine MC – my success; Sun square Moon – beats me.. maybe i either give off an emotional vibe or a materialistic one, idk
    Venus trine Jupiter – grand gestures of love; Moon sextile Venus – display of affection; Venus sextile Asc – giving off a warm friendly attitude.
    So.. how am i doing?

  28. Hi Nadia – great article again, thank you! I learn a lot from your analysis and find your insights refreshing.

    You mentioned the eight house represents the type of person we attract, so do I look at the cusp or the sign of the planet in the house? In my case, Sagittarius is on the cusp, but there is also Neptune in Capricorn. Do I attract people who exhibit Sag – adventurous, funny, optimistic – traits or Capricorn traits? Both?

    And in your example you noted that Neptune is a spiritual or fantasy effect or it dissolves the material resources if it is in the 2nd house – would it be the same for the 8th house?

  29. Hi Nadia, I do not know how to read my chart that well either like starkttn, so perhaps you can tell me whats in my second house and who I attract and who I should or shouldnt be bringing home:

    Sun Pisces 11.05 Ascendant Cancer 15.15
    Moon Capricorn 11.39 II Leo 4.14
    Mercury Aquarius 19.52 III Leo 26.01
    Venus Pisces 1.53 IV Virgo 23.47
    Mars Pisces 17.59 V Libra 29.54
    Jupiter Libra 8.26 R VI Sagittarius 10.13
    Saturn Libra 8.18 R VII Capricorn 15.15
    Uranus Sagittarius 0.06 VIII Aquarius 4.14
    Neptune Sagittarius 24.41 IX Aquarius 26.01
    Pluto Libra 24.02 R Midheaven Pisces 23.47
    Lilith Scorpio 6.55 XI Aries 29.54
    Asc node Leo 10.40 XII Gemini 10

  30. @Nadia:

    Though my chart says Leo is in my 2nd House….I am not great at reading the chart itself…so hope you dont mind…if you do I

  31. @Nadia:

    Is it that I attract Aquarius but should be bringing home Leos?

  32. @NovLady:
    The best way to see what sign the cusp of your 2nd House is in would be to get your chart done. Taurus could be on the cusp but it really depends on what degree of Aries the 1st House cusp is.

  33. @Loreley:
    Pluto would be interpreted in whatever house it sits in. If it is in the 2nd House it would affect the 2nd House. I’d say your interpretations are pretty good.

  34. @strkttn:
    Great…glad you enjoyed it.
    You would look at both the sign on the cusp of the house and any planets in that house. The interpretations are then blended together.
    Neptune in the 8th would have a different affect because the 8th is about what we share with another. So it could dissolve boundaries between you and your partner, allow for deeper intimacy or obscure true intimacy with fantasy and deception, depending on what aspects are hitting it from other planets.

  35. @Pisces Queen:
    You’ve posted all your chart information here and are asking me to do an analysis. While I would love to do this I do charge for my services. Please visit my site at for information on a chart interpretation.


  36. @Nadia:

    Thanks but I didnt want an analysis, I just wanted to know if what I said about me attracting Aquarians (based on my belief that Aqua was in my 8th house) Leos being what I need (based on Leo being in my 2nd house was accurate according to what you said we interpret from those houses but based on what you told strtkttn, I understand now. Thank you

  37. i have cancer in the 2nd and i definitely nurture to attract my interest; in every way..especially financially or with food. the trick is to pick the right person to nurture. one who wont take advantage of me.

  38. @Nadia

    My House Positions read as such:

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Aries 29°52’37
    2nd House Gemini 1°29’49
    3rd House Gemini 26°14’58

    Does this mean that my 2nd House is in Gemini? How does that relate to the Taurus energy?


  39. @Nadia
    My moon is also in Gemini (in the second house)…So, would it be accurate to say that I would attract (or be attracted to) mentally active/challenging people? Perhaps, detached and unpredictable? Since my moon is square mars and opposite uranus…..should I be wary of MY OWN emotional vacillations in a relationships? To channel this energy better, where do I look? Do I aim to find harmony with changing moods or seek another place in the chart (like the eight house) for more insight?

    Again, thanks.

  40. Mine is in Cancer/Leo, which I have a Venus in…What does this mean?

  41. Wow, what a fascinating article.

    My second house is in sagg with jupiter in leo in the 9th….so if I got this right I attract with enthusiam, charm and and tend to attract foreigners? (I always do attract them) or is that I use charm to attract them. My venus is also in the second.
    My 8th house cusp is in Gemini with ruler merc in the 4th pisces…..haha I attract men with problems who always have problems with the reality. It’s ironic as I only have one oppostion…that is mercury to jupiter….I don’t think that is a good sign.

    What I do to attract and who I attract are in opposition….there must be no hope for me!!

    Any help, suggestions on that

  42. @Nadia: Thank you, and I think you’re right on the money (what else would someone Cap-influenced say? lol!) You’ve made me think about a couple of different things, like why do I end up with Lunar man-children? Cancer on the 8th with Sat and Moon in my 8th h., and like you said, I do come out like “the boss” when I’m interested in someone. Who else but someone who wants to be looked after and protected is going to be alright with that? I also realized something new and interesting about the 2nd, 8th and 7th from your article. So, if the 2nd shows what we do to attract someone, and the 7th has something to say about how we behave in relationship with another (spouse, best friend, business partner) or their traits/ attributes, then almost always there’s going to be inconsistency between the energy at play when we were attracting, and the energy we’re expressing when we’re partnering. For example, I’ve got Cap on the 2nd h. cusp and Venus in the 2nd (also in a Sat-ruled sign), but Gem on the descendent. So, I start off looking consistent, reliable, powerful, maybe even dull and conservative, but if a serious relationship somehow forms, out comes the Geminian curiosity and the need to be free to circulate. But then… I’ve got Merc in Cap keeping everything on the up-and-up (except for hiding how much I really spent at Crate & Barrel). LOL! Now I feel like a gigantic Saturn parfait…

  43. How do I figure out the sign? Nov. 25th, 1987 at 8:12 AM Antioch, CA

  44. @quiche you can get a free copy of your chart here.

  45. @NovLady:
    Just to clarify, the 2nd House is about the actions you take to attract someone. It is not about who you attract (that’s 8th House) or who you are attracted to (that’s 7th House ). Having said that, Gemini on the cusp of the 2nd indicates that you use communication to attract someone. Moon in the 2nd indicates emotional vacillation in deciding who you are interested in and those aspects to Mars and Uranus indicate you can be unpredictable and maybe even shocking when you do pursue someone. Also, look at where Mercury (the ruler of your 2nd) is in your chart and that will give you more information.

  46. @Rose:
    The opposition is not a bad thing. The 2nd (what you do to attract) and 8th (who you attract) are in opposition anyways. Two sides of the same coin. But you say you have Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Leo so that’s not a true opposition (Mercury would have to be in Aquarius). An out of sign opposition (which is what you are describing) is not as intense.

  47. @Candicoated:
    The cusp of your 2nd House can only be in one sign. Cancer or Leo, not both.

  48. @EcritureFemme:
    You’re welcome!
    You are on the money as well…
    “then almost always there’s going to be inconsistency between the energy at play when we were attracting, and the energy we’re expressing when we’re partnering.”
    The natural rulers of the 2nd (Taurus) and the 7th (Libra) may both have Venus as a ruling planet but the signs form an inconjunct which is inherently incompatible. The two sides of Venus (security and projected partnership qualities) do not blend with each other.
    But that keep things interesting in relationships. 🙂

  49. @Nadia
    Thanks so much for that quick assessment. I would say its pretty accurate (especially the communication as attraction part) and helps me to understand how to interpret this house. My mercury (in scorpio) is in the seventh house (where I have many planets). This is all so intriguing to me because I am torn between desiring a dynamic partnership to fears of commitment.

    Could you recommend any other articles that you (or someone else) has written expanding upon other house interpretations?

  50. @ Nadia

    thanks, that is so refeshing to hear that it isn’t so bad along with the fact that a pisces leo oppostion is not as intense!! I have heard of that out of sign aspect! phew… so maybe I am not doomed!!

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