The Second House: Be Careful Who You Bring Home

The 2nd House

The 2nd House represents what you do to attract someone and what they can do for you.

There is an intimate connection between relationships and self-esteem. A supportive relationship can make you feel secure and whole. A destructive relationship can have you asking,”What’s wrong with me?” no matter what part the other person plays.

This is 2nd House territory. In a previous article, I mentioned that this area of your chart is an integral part of your relationship profile. Now I’m going to expand on that.

The natural ruler of the 2nd House is Taurus. It represents your material and emotional resources. Ruled by Venus, it is associated with values. How much are you worth? What makes you feel good? There is nothing spiritual about this house. This is pure, survivalist energy. It’s selfish.

The condition of this house says a lot about what you do to make yourself feel secure. The key word is do. The 8th House (opposite to the 2nd) represents who you attract and what you share. The 2nd House represents what you do to attract someone and what they can do for you.

If this sounds materialistic, don’t forget that Venus rules love and money. Some of us would like to think that love is pure and unselfish, but that’s 12th House stuff (Pisces). For the most part, attracting someone is about fulfilling needs. Let’s look at an example.

Case Study

Joyce’s 2nd House cusp is in Scorpio and her house ruler (Pluto) is in the spiritual 12th House. Her 2nd House also has a Venus/Neptune conjunction. Right away we see the potential for Joyce to get lost in the fantasy of perfect love (Neptune conjunct Venus). Escapist fantasies make her feel secure. Scorpio adds that all-consuming intensity, and the pursuit of love becomes self-immolation. She is willing to sacrifice (Neptune) herself and creates a persona to match the fantasies of the guy she is trying to attract. It feels like a pure, spiritual quest (Pluto in the 12th) but it’s really one of Neptune’s tricky illusions.

The problem is that sacrifice does not blend well with the materialistic 2nd House. The 2nd is about building a solid set of boundaries, not dissolving them. The men Joyce pursues use her, emotionally and financially. She ends up feeling worthless. A better way for Joyce to use this energy would be to concentrate on herself. Pluto in the 12th is great for plumbing the depths and for self-exploration.

So what would happen if the right kind of partner triggered Joyce’s 2nd House? Steve’s Saturn hits her Venus/Neptune conjunction. Joyce grabs his attention in the usual way, making herself into the woman she thinks he wants. Steve is intrigued, but cuts through the crap and urges her to get real. He wants the real (Saturn) Joyce, not an illusion.

His sense of authority (Saturn) makes Joyce feel secure. His Saturn on her Venus/Neptune conjunction means he is committed to her. He can be stern (like when he lectures her on wasteful spending). But this is the kind of structure that Joyce needs. All that hazy Venus/Neptune energy needs boundaries to run up against so that Joyce can begin the process of discovering (Scorpio) what she really needs. Steve encourages her to focus (Saturn) her altruistic energies (Venus/Neptune) on charities or volunteer work. This way she can give and still feel good about herself.

Let’s flip things around now and say that Steve isn’t such a nice guy. Maybe he has some control issues (Pluto square Saturn in his chart) and ends up dominating Joyce. His Saturn is cold and repressive, using constant disapproval to cut through the dreams she creates. She feels like she can’t win as she reinvents herself to gain his approval, only to have him label her as “silly.” Joyce feels squashed instead of supported, and finds his boundaries suffocating. She blames herself, convinced that she must be lacking an essential quality that prevents her from meeting Steve’s high standards.

The ideal scenario would be that Joyce develops her core without the intervention of a partner. But the reality is, even though the 2nd House represents self-sufficiency, there are always external influences. The key is ensuring that these influences are the right kind.

Comment below: What sign is on the cusp of your 2nd house?

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. @ Nadia, thanks for harping on the fact that one should also look into where the planet that rules the second house is located in the planet placements of the chart. I totally missed that piece of it until now and gives me more insight into why it’s been productive, rather than counter productive for me to engage in these investigative types of relationships with men who I know I don’t want to be with long term for the purpose of study. That way, even though every man is not the same, men like women have undisputable similarities which are very basica. So if you get to know the basic and common similarities of 10-15 men, then you’ll get to kinda or more so than not understand the basic make up of one man. lol ha ha ha ha

    This is exactly what I’ve been doing over the past year and some months. While I couldn’t explain why I felt like my time of “flings” and short term interactions were coming to a close, it’s because I’ve studied enough men to come to some very real and concrete basic facts regarding men. More so, because these facts were gathered through communication and not by jumping to conclusions…but forming hypothesis and allowing these men to bust them to nothing in disproof or confirming them, thus proving that certain hypothesis were right on the mark. lol ha ha ha ha

    This makes even more sense with Gemini ruling my 2nd house which means that I’ve successfully engaged them in conversation with my silver tongue and in most cases can truly say that I’ve gotten men to open up (non-judgemental Pi moon influence).

    Were these men used? Errrr…duality. Depends on who tells the story. lol ha ha ha ha ha LMAO!!! Nah…honestly, I can say with a firm confession…yes, most of them were. Shame on me. For what purpose, I didn’t understand at the time, but now I KNOW why I had to interact with them in that way. It was all investigative, inherently. lol Field study so to speak. Oh Lawd…let me stop. I’m not making this look any better…no matter what spin I put on it. SMH

  2. I’m double Scorpio, Sagittarius 2nd with Jupiter in AQU conjunct a CAP Saturn. The ruler of my 9th, the Moon, conjuncts my TAU Descendant. I’ve been exogamous since puberty, and I meet my lovers through integrated (I am a child of the ’60’s/’70’s) schools, advanced placement programs, college extension programs, personals ads, and Facebook/social networks. Like a pirate I have girlfriends in every major communication hub.

  3. Hmmm. Sagittarius on cusp of 2nd with Sun/Merc/Ven @ 20, 22, & 24 degrees Cap inside. I’m gonna have to think about this in relation to your 8th house post. Esp. since my 8th house Gemini cusp points right back to my 2nd…but now I have to think about the ruler of my 2nd, Jupiter, in Scorpio in the 12th! How does all this fit together…

  4. 2nd house Scorp conj Sun/Merc, The most exhilarating relationship I’ve ever had was his Sun/Merc/Venus conj my Second House *all* in Scorpio. Then we had his square Mars/Moon to my Sun/Merc. LOL it was a blood bath 5 days per week!! But I had my moon in his 8th house…so we had something really unique and too bad for the squares because we would still be crazy in love. instead we were crazy in love/hate.

  5. I do hope people keep these topics going. I only just discovered this sight and I’ve been commenting on everything. I have Sag on the 2nd, with Neptune in Sag and Mars/Jup conj in Cap all in there. i think i like to impress people with my ambition and generosity…but i definitely fall into the neptune fantasy/illusion stuff. i don’t go for foreigners generally, but i do like travellers and at worst, moochy people (the lowest jupiter is a mooch, you know!)

  6. This was interesting article for me because Scorpio 04 ‘second house cusp and pluto in 12 house Virgo 29 ‘ Virgo connected with detailed work .It means astrology just a right kind of self exploration detailed work IT supposed to do the best for me.Pluto trines my Sun and north node and I’m a taurean so my value is spiritual .

  7. Hi guys,

    The man I love is crazy about me and it is really interesting because he hadn’t been in love for 14 years and he always thought he would never find love. When I have done a synastry chart between us, it was interesting to see that my Sun and Moon are in his SECOND house. That wasn’t romantic or anything and I was reading things like 2nd house in synastry is very materialistic. But our love is so real and we would rather be alone than to be with anyone else. His second house cusp is Libra by the way but I am a full-blown Scorpio yet I have a stellium in 7th house(libras house) and my 8th house cusp is Sagittarius and he is a Sagittarius himself with only scorpio he has is Venus in Scorpio. Interesting combo but I can say that he is my other part. What do you think?

  8. How would you interpret Retrograde Saturn on 29 degrees Gemini = lord of the 8th and 9th house and dispositor of the Sun in Capricorn conjuct the 2th house cusp in Cancer? 2th house is futher empty.

    Saturn conjunct the south node and sextiel Uranus.

    Would it be that al my attraction are very karmic or that people that I attract pulling me down somehow (south node) ?

  9. Really enjoy reading this article at least 5 times nw..I wish I could change the guys I attract.Capricorn 8H with Saturn in Taurus 11H sq Venus/Lilith 1st husband was a security money making fanatic great for the bank 2nd was an old flame fm 28yrs previous nw an old flame had Cap Rising 2nd has 1st house Saturn in Taurus Rising..both have father issues that needed resolving..interesting to note that I was abandoned by my birth father and totally adored my adoptive father who’s illness and death changed my life at 3rd attraction is my 3yr old 4th child 11H/son lol who’s Dad guessed it..the old 11H flame..crikey..enuf alrdy.Cancer on th 2nd with Leo Moon 5degs sq Scorp 5H cusp…and after reading this am I nuturing/caring for my sons/children to unconciously attract a father figure of somesort??Crazy and creepy t me ryt nw…I mean I have so many probs in relationships Im scared of stuffng it up so for the sake of my kids sanity I will deny myself this.Also jst realised I have Saturn biquintile Moon..hmm is that good?Not alot of info on the net regards Sat bq Moon other than its a harsh placement t have..yep feeln th cold alryt.

  10. “There is nothing spiritual about the 2nd house.”

    I beg to differ. What can be more spiritual than having values and a healthy self-esteem? (2nd house territory)

    In my humble opinion I think the above statement is a slightly narrow view of the 2nd house. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house, and until 2 days ago I was sure that this house was the most material and ”lowly” of all. Then, quite suddenly I started researching it like mad. The 2nd house, it seems, can be the place of inner contentment because once you understand the values of materials and the even bigger value of your self, then you somehow transcend the limitations imposed on yourself. Something like that 🙂

    I thought it was a very uplifting way of looking at the 2nd house.

    Blessings xxxx

  11. I have Uranus conjunct my South Node in Sag in the 2nd house at 14 degrees, the Great Attractor Point.

    My birthchart info is as follows, to save a bunch of monotonous trudging of facts: March 6th, 1984 at 10:00 pm in Dayton, Ohio.

    Can someone please enlighten me on this. It is a very powerful positioning, yet I’m stumped. I don’t really know what it means.

  12. Libra in 2nd house Ruled by Taurus and Venus…can you explain?

  13. 2nd house cusp in Aquarius with Uranus in my 10th house. (Also moon in pisces intercepted in 2nd). I am not really so clear on what Aquarius means here although I did more than my fair share of online dating and I have never been one for relationship “rules”. But noticing the impact of that uranus in the 10th is really interesting. I do have kindof a “work/ transactional” perspective on relationships and I married a Capricorn. (Saturn in my 8th). Not precisely like “what have you done for me lately” but definitely in tune with the give and take, teamwork aspect of making things work. I tend to miss out on romance but I always see the value of those practical things that maybe get taken for granted.

  14. Dr-Scribb says:

    I have a friend with Sagittarius sun conjunct Uranus on the Ascendant. 2nd House bears a Capricorn stellium with Mercury-Neptune conjunction plus Venus and Jupiter in the same house. Saturn falls in Scorpio in 12th house.
    Venus by rule falls into it’s own home. So money comes easy. Although, I don’t know the details but the person is not materialistic at all. I suspect Neptune to confuse the emphasis on physical sustainence.

    Any views on this are welcomed.

  15. I just recently discovered this site and this article totally changed my view of the 2.h.
    Cap rules it and Saturn is in the 4. in Aries. Mars is in my 2. in Aq, he rules my 5.h and it’s in sextile with Saturn. Cancer is on the cusp of my 8.h and the Moon is in Cap in the 1.h squaring the Saturn. Any thoughts?

  16. This is perfect! I’ve been running up against these security, stability issues lately, so reading this article was perfectly timed. I have Libra in the 2nd house, and house ruler venus in the 2nd house conjunct my Moon. I’m not 100% clear on what all that amounts to, but I have definitely noticed a theme of emotional stability and self-sufficiency vs emotional dependency on a partner. It can be easy for me to make my partner responsible for my emotional stability, but they invariably disappoint. That’s a responsibility that doesn’t belong to them anyway.
    Due to the Libra/Venus influence, I’ll attract a partner by being charming and flirtatious, and by showing my beauty and consideration for them. I feel eager to emotionally nurture and support them (moon conj venus), and I want them to do the same for me. The issues arise when they aren’t able or willing to be as vulnerable or open as I would like. I end up thinking that it’s because the don’t like me, or don’t want to be close to me. This is where the emotional dependency kicks in. Because they don’t want to share emotional intimacy with me, I tend to get needy and insecure, which I then get self-conscious about and shut down or get flustered.
    I think the solution would be for me to be comfortable nurturing and caring for my own emotional nature without having to have a partner do it for me. That way, if they are not willing to engage in an emotional connection with me, I am not dependent on that connection to feel safe or secure. Of course, I would love thoughts or feedback on this. Thank you in advance!

  17. Interesting… my 2nd house ruler is Leo intercepted by Virgo, Sun and Mercury conjuncts in the 9th house in Aries. My core values are education and all things holistic. I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer and I homeschool. Both I consider to be spiritual in essence.

  18. We have same placement

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