Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

Capricorn“Steady as a rock” Venus in Capricorn and flirty, fluttering Mars in Gemini will have to work hard in relationship to find a common ground. Though this Venus is entertained by his charm, her earthy practicality won’t resonate easily with Mars in Gemini’s changeable nature. He will, in turn, grow frustrated at attempts to lighten up Venus in Capricorn’s sober approach to love and romance. Though the two can make something work, the question will always remain of whether it’s really worth it.

Venus in Capricorn thrives on tradition, appreciating a relationship that has routines and rituals. Spontaneity and change are acceptable to this earthy Venus, but not necessarily welcomed. This Venus wants to know she can count on you, so predictability is a strong point. Venus placed in the goat’s sign demands security and stability, and loves the way a relationship can, like a fine wine, grow better over time.

GeminiMars in Gemini is constantly in motion, talking, flirting, partying and gossiping. Fun and carefree, this Mars also has a keen intelligence that demands a quick-witted partner who can dish it out just as good as she can take it. Though this Mars isn’t the most dependable, he has the ability to talk his way out of just about anything, so he’s usually quickly forgiven for his mercurial behavior. He thrives on freedom and change, gravitating towards environments where he will continually be exposed to new ideas and experiences.

Venus in Capricorn may find her considerable patience wearing thin as Mars in Gemini seeks out the stimulation and excitement he craves. Her need for continuity and commitment are unlikely to be met by Mars in Gemini’s flighty motion. Mars in Gemini can feel intimidated and oppressed by Venus in Capricorn’s earthy weight. If this couple learns to appreciate each other for exactly who they are, they can maintain a connection; otherwise, they’re better off with someone more compatible.

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