Venus in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

VirgoThe Goddess of the Grain (Venus in Virgo) and the God of the Underworld (Mars in Scorpio) make a formidable couple. Their union has a steady fluidity built on trust and mutual respect. Though they don’t make a big fuss about their relationship, the deep bond between them is usually evident to anyone who knows them well.

As an earth sign, Venus in Virgo shines when she expresses her love in physical form. Backrubs, food, cleaning—when this Venus aims to please, she rarely misses the mark. She wants to “do” love just right, so it can be hard for her to admit it when things don’t go the way she imagined. In a partner, Venus in Virgo looks for someone who is practical and grounded, since she’d rather be wooed with solid, dependable actions than romantic promises.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio brings a magnetic intensity to the art of love, focusing like a laser beam on the object of his affection. He’ll never show his relationship cards first; instead, he’ll wait patiently until the time is right to declare his affection. His sheer sexiness wins him plenty of lovers, but Mars in Scorpio prefers to have just one very loyal partner. This watery Mars can be overly guarded in love, fearing vulnerability and rejection. But when he bares his soul, he expresses a unique depth of feeling that is impossible to resist.

Venus in Virgo becomes more sensual, soft and open in the presence of Mars in Scorpio. He exudes a sense of safety and protection that allows her to relax and just be in the moment. Mars in Scorpio is drawn to Venus in Virgo’s subtle but powerful sexiness. Like a moth to a flame, he just can’t seem to stay away. Even better, her grounded practicality allows him to open up and trust. Together, this couple makes a winning match.

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  1. I’m not a fan about the gender representation, but this is spot on about Venus in Virgo. I have partnered with Mars in Scorpio and overly guarded is an understatement. I find Mars in Scorpio psychological. I feel that they have to come to a realization that dutiful Venus in Virgo isn’t out to get them.

  2. The gender representation is just personification of the archetypes. The actual mapping onto real people is regardless of gender. This just works better for narrative purposes.

  3. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    This is very interesting, unfortunatley, I’m Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo, there isn’t much info on this combo.

  4. I was wondering if you could please do Capricorn in Venus and Gemini in Mars Match-Up? Thank You!

  5. “Mars in Scorpio brings a magnetic intensity to the art of love, focusing like a laser beam on the object of his affection”

    Yeah this is so true.

    I have Mars in Scorpio.. My ex had venus in Virgo.. Very spot on ..

  6. I’ve been waiting for this one! It seems that every time I zone in on a guy I’m attracted to (or at least become best friends with) he’s almost always got Mars in Scorpio. As a virgo venus lady, I suppose these types of men come to me like flies to a slap of meat, lol

    There’s something dark about them that I love about them. I noticed that regardless of sun sign, the people I’ve met that have this placement always carry some sort of secret that really makes me want to discover, for good or bad. Also they have a stare that I can’t help but notice, and you KNOW when they’re looking at you when they’re pretending not to.

  7. I’m a Virgo lady and I’m awesome in 50% every way imaginable 😉

  8. I’m a virgo woman, with mars in scorpio.

    he’s a scorpio man, with venus in virgo.

    it’s new. much more strange overlapping symbolism that i feel we both pick up on

    we’re both extroverted /introverted in gender opposite, yet completely gender specific ways at different times and each exchange is charged, but smooth and effortless. there’s a lot of laughing.

    we’re both highly sexual, but after 6 months, we’ve only kissed twice……..seen each other three times, yet, when we do talk on the phone, we can go for hours.

    i feel like we’re both being cautious in a way we’ve never been before.

    i feel like persephone in a garden all alone. i sense hades watching me, drawing me to him like that stupid moth to that stupid flame we all hear about but i want heaven, i dont want to get burned, besides he should come to me. but with a venus in virgo, i now understand his reserved, gentlemanly yet super fucking sexy kisser demeanor.

    so, i’ve decided, for him alone, no sex unless we’re married. anyone else would have to make me feel the exact same way.

    this sucks so good;)

  9. I’m a Libra Sun, Virgo Venus, and he’s a Libra Sun, Scorpio Mars, and this is very accurate 🙂

  10. i’m leo sun with venus in virgo, and he is cancer sun with mars in scorpio.

    all i can say is, it’s beautiful thrilling journey until now. his intensity is wow. and that’s right, i prefer dependable actions than just romantic promises.

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