Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

SagittariusImagine a romantic meeting in a beautiful library, Venus in Sagittarius reaching for a philosophy book, Mars in Gemini perusing several periodicals at once. Their eyes meet over the checkout counter, and a love born out of a shared intellectual hunger and a desire for knowledge grows.

This couple is a natural match, though they have opposing desires for self-expression. Venus in Sagittarius wants to harvest meaning from her travels of mind and body; Mars in Gemini just wants the sheer experience of the newest, freshest, most up-to-date information. Together, this pair creates quite a team.

Venus in Sagittarius has a style all her own. Her expansive love for growth and adventure make her a popular date, and she usually has a long list of willing partners in play. Despite her open-minded sensibilities, she does have one requirement in love, which is that her partner keep her laughing. Commitment doesn’t come easily or naturally to Venus in Sagittarius, since the daily grind of a relationship may cramp her free-and-easy style.

GeminiMars in Gemini is a flurry of words and activity, covering all his bases at once. This silver-tongued Mars is creative with both his hands and his mind, making him a flirt-extraordinaire. He’s most turned on by intelligence and a quick wit, so “sexy librarian style” really rocks his boat. This Mars may not be the most loyal or committed, but he is charming and fun. He’ll need plenty of space to roam, but as long as he is entertained and intellectually stimulated, he’ll rarely go very far.

Venus in Sagittarius values Mars in Gemini’s light-hearted and fun approach to life, though she sometimes may find him a bit superficial. Mars in Gemini is drawn to Venus in Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit, but he could grow irritated with her desire to find meaning in everything. Usually, their sparks of difference will provide just the right amount of fuel to keep things interesting over the long haul.

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