Venus in Virgo, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

VirgoThis match is not exactly made in heaven—since Virgo does its best to keep grounded—but it does get pretty close to being a “perfect” fit. With both Venus and Mars in Virgo, this couple strives to do love just right. They both work hard to improve their relationship; making mistakes may be the biggest bogeyman between them. Their challenge will be to allow each other the humanity of imperfection and accept their union just the way it is. If they can do this, they will enjoy a thoughtful, sincere and devoted connection that is unique to them.

Venus in Virgo loves with a precision and care that is unmatched by any other Venus sign. This earthy girl aims to please and often does just that. If only she didn’t always feel the need to try so hard! This Venus can learn a lot from allowing herself to be on the receiving end from time to time. When she gets plenty of appreciation for her efforts, she is at her best. Ruled by ultra-smart communication planet Mercury, Venus in Virgo needs to have some kind of intellectual bond with a prospective partner, but as an earth sign, the physical chemistry is just as important.

The Virgo is named after a Virgin, but this sign is anything but chaste. Mars in Virgo brings the same high standards to the bedroom that he brings to everything else. Sensual and skilled with his hands, this Mars knows that the devil is indeed in the details. He can be shy at first, but once warmed up, Mars in Virgo knows what it takes to get the job done.

Mars and Venus in Virgo understand each other’s desire to provide service to others, and for this reason they can easily form a partnership that is mutually supportive and fulfilling.

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  1. Mars in Virgo is a defintily take pride in bedroom activities

  2. Al least this type of couple teaches each other humility and learning to accept things what they are. They will learn to yield and give way for the sake of the other.

  3. Jaydigga says:

    My boyfriend has Mars in Virgo and I have Venus in Virgo, his Venus is in Pisces and my Mars Leo, it is interesting combination to say the least, our relationship is a mixture from very cerebral to passionate and yes I am always looking for ways to make sex better,that is a Venus Virgo trait if I should say so myself. I see the ways in which he fusses over me and does nice thoughtful things for me, so the Mars in Leo thing does sometimes want the flash, but then I realize that I can create it, if I’m patient and keep working at it….

  4. roxyy1991 says:


    my sun sign is cancer moon sign in scorpio and rising in leo i have venus and mars in virgo can you tell me a little more about myself? considering that my sun sign is in cancer…

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