Venus in Gemini, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

GeminiWhen the sexy librarian (Venus in Gemini) cozies up to Mr. “Clean and Green” (Mars in Virgo), sparks are sure to fly. These two couldn’t be more different, elementally and otherwise. Airy Venus in Gemini craves  excitement, diversity and change, while earthy Mars in Virgo wants order, routine and continuity. Though they may butt heads on a daily basis, this pair is also fascinated and intrigued by the chemistry that emerges out of their inherent tension.

Like a carbonated drink, Venus in Gemini has an effervescence that is contagious. This flirty brainiac uses her agile intelligence to woo, impressing her dates with the power of her mind. She can be fickle in love, since she gets bored easily and enjoys the constant stimulation of the new and untried. If a partner captures her curiosity, she’s more likely to want to stick around to find out what will happen next.

VirgoPerfection and precision guide the actions of Mars in Virgo. Determined to act only with the greatest care and attention to detail, this Mars does best in relationships when he has a job to do. Give him a worthy task and he’ll execute it with amazing skill, wanting only to provide the best service possible. Mars in Virgo can easily feel insecure, which can lead him to nitpick and criticize as a way of releasing his anxiety. This Mars needs to physically release his pent up energy, otherwise it can manifest in worry and physical illness.

Venus in Gemini appreciates Mars in Virgo’s intelligent approach to life and finds his fussiness amusing (at first). She can grow impatient with his tendency to worry about the minutiae of life. Mars in Virgo finds Venus in Gemini to be a breath of fresh air and is attracted to her light and frothy energy. He can be demanding, however, in his desire to try and improve her. If this couple persists in their connection, they can learn from their differences and find a place of common ground in their love for each other.

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  1. what about the sex life?

  2. This line gives some insight into their sex life, “this pair is also fascinated and intrigued by the chemistry that emerges out of their inherent tension.” ie they usually have pretty hot chemistry between them….

  3. Wow! This is all so very true!

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