Your Attraction Profile: Who You Attract And Why

Your Attraction ProfileThink about your love life. Notice any patterns? The way you act around someone you’re attracted to. The type of person you’re attracted to. The type of person that always seems to be attracted to you. Put it all together and you have an attraction profile.

Can you see this profile by looking at your natal chart? You bet. Read on to discover how an astrological attraction profile works, and gain some insight into your (or someone else’s) love life. Note: a birth time is required, since this information is based on the signs that the start of each house (the cusp) falls in. Sound confusing? Think of the natal chart as a roulette wheel with the signs spinning around and the houses remaining in one place. The time you were born determines where each sign will stop on the wheel. If you have Pisces in your First House (your rising sign), your Second House will likely start in Aries, Third House in Taurus, etc. The areas of your life that the houses represent do not change, but what you do in those areas depends on the different signs.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. rammmabalama says:

    Hi found this article very interesting was wondering if you could do the same for me ? my natal chart

    as follows

    Sun Pisces 27.58 Ascendant Libra 16.30
    Moon Sagittarius 19.31 II Scorpio 11.37
    Mercury Pisces 27.43 III Sagittarius 13.53
    Venus Aquarius 12.04 IV Capricorn 23.03
    Mars Aquarius 5.19 V Aquarius 28.42
    Jupiter Cancer 1.36 VI Pisces 26.04
    Saturn Capricorn 23.35 VII Aries 16.30
    Uranus Capricorn 9.18 VIII Taurus 11.37
    Neptune Capricorn 14.22 IX Gemini 13.53
    Pluto Scorpio 17.35 R Midheaven Cancer 23.03
    Lilith Scorpio 15.01 XI Leo 28.42
    Asc node Aquarius 15.54 XII Virgo 26.04

    Sun Conjunction Mercury 0.15 491
    Sun Square Jupiter 3.38 -77
    Sun Trine Midheaven 4.55 38
    Moon Sextile Ascendant 3.01 44
    Mercury Square Jupiter 3.53 -42
    Mercury Trine Midheaven 4.40 23
    Venus Conjunction Mars 6.45 169
    Venus Square Pluto 5.31 -10
    Venus Trine Ascendant 4.26 31
    Jupiter Opposition Uranus 7.42 -30
    Saturn Conjunction Neptune 9.13 28
    Saturn Opposition Midheaven 0.33 -113
    Uranus Conjunction Neptune 5.04 99
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3.13 18
    Neptune Square Ascendant 2.09 -13
    Neptune Opposition Midheaven 8.41 -1
    Pluto Trine Midheaven 5.28 5
    946 -286

    as taken from cafe astrology

    could you tell me what sign ive been over looking it would be helpful every guy whos ever approached me has usually been an earth sign of some description ( mostly tarus or cap) with virgos i get the urge to run away from their nit picking lol !

    Aries for some reason i usually hate arrogant types but damn something about them kinda sexy lol

    any thought much appriated 😀

  2. @rammmabalama:

    Glad you enjoyed the article.

    A couple of things:

    You have not supplied the house positions (what signs the house cusps are in) and this information is needed.

    The kind of analysis that you’re looking for is fairly in depth. I don’t mind giving a few observations but I don’t do in depth analysis for free.


  3. rammmabalama says:

    Hi nadia

    house 1 libra
    house 2 scorpio
    house 3 sag
    house4 cap
    house 5 aqua
    house 6 pisces
    house 7 aries
    house 8 taurus
    house 9 gemini
    house 10 cancer
    house 11 leo
    house 12 virgo

    fair enough if you wont go in depth but if you could give me a few pointers would be brilliant 😀

  4. @rammmabalama:

    Well, you you have Taurus in the 8th house so this is the type you would attract instinctively. Virgo is in your 12th (Ultimate Other) which could be why they make you uncomfortable. You have Aries in the 7th house (Ideal Partner) so it’s no surprise you’re drawn to them.

  5. Aries girl says:

    Hi Nadia,

    I’m dating a cancer but in the past have dated an aries, a married a virgo and dated another fellow cancer. Could you confirm to me the sign I’m most attracted to? I don’t feel like a typical aries. I feel more like a cancer. can you see why that is?

  6. Aries girl says:

    Here are my stats!

    Sun Aries 18.35 Ascendant Cancer 17.18
    Moon Sagittarius 0.43 II Leo 18.25
    Mercury Aries 9.57 R III Virgo 21.33
    Venus Aries 11.18 R IV Libra 24.12
    Mars Taurus 17.27 V Scorpio 23.49
    Jupiter Aquarius 12.10 VI Sagittarius 20.47
    Saturn Scorpio 27.18 R VII Capricorn 17.18
    Uranus Sagittarius 17.52 R VIII Aquarius 18.25
    Neptune Capricorn 3.38 R IX Pisces 21.33
    Pluto Scorpio 3.46 R Midheaven Aries 24.12
    Lilith Aries 23.53 XI Taurus 23.49
    Asc node Taurus 18.36 XII Gemini 20.47

  7. Hi Nadia,

    I really liked your article. Other astrologers would always talk about the 5th, 7th, and 8th houses, but you brought in houses that I didn’t expect to factor in attraction. I was trying to apply that disseminated knowledge on my chart, but my chart has intercepted houses. I would be very grateful if you can help me factor in these houses with your knowledge.

    A Sun Virgo 20f06’54 in house 6
    B Moon Leo 25e26’47 in house 6
    C Mercury Virgo 11f17’43 in house 6
    D Venus Leo 18e54’28 in house 6
    E Mars Virgo 1f50’22 in house 6
    F Jupiter Aquarius 7k47’38 in house 11
    G Saturn Scorpio 23h20’59 in house 8
    H Uranus Sagittarius 14i08’58 in house 9
    I Neptune Capricorn 0j50’50 in house 10
    J Pluto Scorpio 2h59’10 in house 7
    L True Node Taurus 10b23’04 in house 2
    N Chiron Gemini 14c37’24 in house 3

    Ascendant Pisces 21l08’46
    2nd House Taurus 4b54’49
    3rd House Gemini 3c17’32
    Imum Coeli Gemini 25c18’46
    5th House Cancer 16d33’49
    6th House Leo 12e09’38
    Descendant Virgo 21f08’46
    8th House Scorpio 4h54’49
    9th House Sagittarius 3i17’32
    Medium Coeli Sagittarius 25i18’46
    11th House Capricorn 16j33’49
    12th House Aquarius 12k09’38

    Without a doubt, I was always attracted to guys who have at least one personal planet in an air sign. But that doesn’t necessarily get me to want to pursue anything with them. There is one libra that I was really infatuated with that had Capricorn moon, Libra mercury, and Virgo venus and mars (don’t know asc). I was way too suspicious of him to actually fall in love with him. However, I did fall in love with a Capricorn who had Taurus moon, Capricorn mercury and venus, and Aquarius mars (his asc is in Leo). My Taurus north node would have made contact with his moon, but its 9 degrees apart, so it doesn’t work out that way. My venus is tagged right behind his asc, so it’s in HIS 12th house, while his mars is in MY 12th house.

    What I’ve realized between these two guys is that they both have earth moon and venus. And they both hurt me with the concept that there is “something” there b/w us, but when I confronted them about it, they denied the whole thing. I found out that the first one liked to lead girls on so he can hurt them. I have no contact, nor even know what he’s doing now. Last thing I heard about him was that he had an arranged marriage. The other guy, though, was in dating relationships, but the last several girls (his words, not mine) stopped talking to him all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t throw that over my shoulder, I kept in the back of my mind. I’ve only met the 2nd guy once, and we were in touch online ever since 2 and 1/2 years ago- but because he’s in a another country, I couldn’t personally ask him about these girls that stopped talking to him and figure it all out by myself.

    I guess what I’m asking is- what are the energies and their interactions in my chart that propel me to fall hard for these guys? I want to know myself better so I can try to alter these interactions for my benefit.

    Thank you so much Nadia, and hope to hear from you soon!


  8. Interesting article, care to translate my results?

    2nd House represents what you want and what you do to attract someone

    2nd House = Gemini
    Gemini ruled by Mercury -> Capricorn Mercury in my chart

    7th House represents one-on-one partnerships & qualities you are drawn to in a partner

    7th House = Sagittarius

    8th House indicates to who we draw to us without trying

    8th House = Sagittarius
    Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter -> Scorpio Jupiter in my chart

    Scorpio Jupiter conjunct my Scorpio Moon (guess I am very comfortable with Sagittarius?)
    Scorpio Jupiter opposite my Taurus Saturn (I would guess we don’t we like each other too much…)

    12th House potentially your ultimate other (soul mate?)

    12th House = Aries
    Aries Mars in my chart

    Appreciate the help 🙂

  9. what do you think of this relationship…i feel like im dating myself sometimes. Please help! Me and my bf are sun opposite sun (Scorpio Taurus) plus ascendant opposite ascendant ( Aquarius Leo) plus his moon in in Scorpio. Mercury is opposite again (Scorpio Taurus) my mars conjunct his rising and Venus in( Virgo Gemini) his 7th house is my rising and vise versa his 8th is conjunct my moon my 8th conjuncts his rising. Also his 12th house in cappy conjunct my Uranus, Neptune, Saturn

  10. Hi,

    this was an interesting article. I am male, my DOB is 6-NOV-1982 13:47 Universal Time. In Melbourne, Australia.

    My 2nd house is Leo, my 7th house is Capricorn, 8th Aquarius and 12th Gemini.

    I was wondering if you’d consider doing a paid reading for me. I’m not sure what would be the most useful questions to ask… I have few…

    But basically I think in any chart there are contradictions. For instance, I have Capricorn as the 7th house, Aquarius as the 8th. This seems to indicate I’m attracted to free minded people, but my ideal relationship is based on rules?

    Something I don’t quite understand about astrology yet, and this is why I’m interested in your article, is how ruling planets affect houses. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and my Uranus is on my 5th house cusp, in Sagitarius. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and my Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Libra.

    The first girl I really loved was a Gemini… the second was an Aquarius… I’ve had relationships with Piceans… a Libra. I enjoyed being with the Libra but it seemed that the relationship couldn’t go any where… perhaps she was too fair with me and not applying enough rules? But the ruler of my 7th house is in Libra so does that make Librans in fact particularly good to form a relationship with?

    But let me put something else to you, I have a lot of planets in my 3rd and 4th houses, meaning my home life is important. In fact, I do work from home. So my home life in a way needs to be separate from any relationship…. I think this relates to Capricorn in that having Capricorn on the descendant indicates a partner should ‘be established’.

    Something else… my Mars is in my 6th house… since Mars is related to masculinity, doesn’t this put my in a difficult situation if my soul mate is opposite in the 12 house?

    Maybe I should ask, if I want to find someone with strong Gemini, to help me towards the 12th house, what planets would be helpful to be in their natal Gemini?

    But you’re the astrologer, if you think you can provide an interesting reading for me, just email me and let me know how much and what you think is worth examining. 🙂


  11. thesaggirl says:

    I’m not trying to step on any toes here, but maybe you all should contact Nadia and pay for an in-depth reading. Astrologers (like artists) need to eat too.


  12. I’d like to contact Nadia directly but I couldn’t figure out how. I thought if I posted a comment she would be able to see my email address.

  13. TheSagGirl says:

    @AH, here’s the link to her blog, which lists the contact info:

  14. Wow, what a great article that has answered many questions. 😀

    So do I have this right? 🙂

    I have a Pisces/Aries cusp in my 2nd house. So this means I am forthright, honest, and open about my attractions. I also exude confidence and an air of mystery along with the compassion and a sensitive nature. Mars is in Cancer making me somewhat shy. Neptune is in Sagittarius in the 11th house and I do try to impress with friends and groups… with my social skills. Hmm..

    Leo in the 7th house. Confidence, dramatic, dynamic, and someone who is strong. Saturn is also in my 7th house and I like stable and security types. Now makes a lot of sense on why I attract Leo risings. My Saturn would also fall into their 12th house.

    Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio cusp in the 8th house. Yes, makes sense.

  15. Absolutely love this article! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. my 8th house contains no planets. does that mean I don’t “instinctively” attract anyone? I’d tend to agree with this idea…

  17. Nadia is going to start chargin yall!

  18. @thesaggril…LOL saggis think alot…PAY ME!

  19. “we all gotta eat” LOL…so true

  20. @thesaggirl:
    thanks for that. 🙂
    Yes, I do like to get paid for my work.

  21. @AH:
    All the information you need is on my website, as thesaggirl kindly pointed out.
    My email address is there as well so feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  22. @orangie:

    Your 8th may not have any planets but it definitely has a sign in it. Look at your chart and see which sign your 8th house cusp (the start of the house) falls in. This will tell you something about the kind of people you attract instinctively. Then find the ruler of that sign in your chart, see what house it’s in, what other planets in your chart it aspects, and that will tell you more.

  23. @bluemoon:
    yep, your analysis sounds right. 🙂

  24. @Aries girl:
    you need to look at the sign on the cusp of your 7th house…

  25. @Margaret, @AQGemScorpio, @danielle:

    Your questions all require detailed analysis that, unfortunately, I can’t do for free.

  26. this was so interesting. how do mars and venus equate into this road map? as a girl i have always thought its venusness that makes us pheromonic. ehh, lol..but you know what i mean. anyway is this just a complement to the 7th house cusp sign? as in, it will be a mixture of the two that is your signature… question

    ditto mars and 8th cusp.

    also, does having no planets in any of those houses send an ominous signal.

  27. another minor thing im tres curious about (dang gemini). dunno if i can explain this sensically, but bottoms up: 8th house cusp represents who we attract sans effort. lets take a guy who has say, 8th cusp scorpio and seems to always have scorpioesque people running him down. now, obviously he does not attract every scorpionic person known to man but doesnt this imply that as a *general* trend there has to be something in the scorpio people’s attraction pattern that leads them to this guy?

    but if you take any scorpio dominant person (whether sun-sign or not) it seems a shot in the dark whether or not their attraction pattern would be consistent with a yearning for our esteemed gentleman.

    is the answer that scorpio-influenced people are into libra descendants or aries rising types? the houses dont line up perfectly like that all the time, obviously, but most of the time it works. more precisely you could cut to the chase and just say scorpioish types are into 8th house scorpio people but this doesnt make intuitive sense. my strongest sign is gemini and ‘8th house gemini’ doesnt strike me as mapping to a personality archetype or characteristic that i am craving in a person. sorry for the easily complexified. ciaoxx

  28. Love Warrior says:

    2nd House – Gemini w/ Mercury in Aries in the 1st house
    Summary: I’ve altered my flirt mode from direct to indirect via venus in pisces. Potential suitors seem to be overwhelmed by my bold and direct open communication lines which spoils the invitation and leaves us with nothing to celebrate.

    7th House – Libra w/ Venus in Pisces in the 12th house; Pluto in Scorpio is also in the 7th house Summary: Drawn to women who are socialites, flirtatious, graceful, charming, intense. Power struggles have marked my past relationships. At a holistic level, relationships have been transformational for me, being a channel to self discovery.

    8th House – Saturn in Scorpio w Pluto in the 8th (aforementioned) and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 10th
    Summary: Square type women; difficult personality types; friends who become enemies…; people in power; people with a powerful presence; strong willed types; leaders; disciplinarians..strong self control traits as well as other controling traits towards other. I do get along comfortably with these people.. I can handle them so to say.. that is true about this house setting.

    12th House – Venus in Pisces w/ Neptune in Capricorn in the 9th house
    Summary: This is the house that’s hidden to my reasoning and understanding. I don’t know what it reveals? The women I engage in more intimately than ohters lack the Piscean qualities of imagination, dreaminess, subtelty, creativity (poetry, singing..artists), spiritual; rather, these women are more on the Capricorn cusp: domineering, rulers, strong willed, success oriented: ambitious, rocky type women.. strong individuals who could be commended for their efforts and fortitude.

    The very women who have the Piscen qualities, I shy away from them.. yet I know what they have is attractive. I am so darwn to the serious women though, the women or strength who are wrought with steel. I would like to bypass their controlling, domineering behaviors though.

    I have my Moon in Aquarious and I find that those who are too emotional to be ‘weak’. I will add this: I am fascinated by the experience I can have with Moon in Gemini’s and Moon in Sagiattarious; As well as Mars in Capricorn and Mars in Saggitarious. These traits are always flourishing in my relationships that I would consider to have the elements for bliss.. but something is still missing… I am missing the ultimate..

    I will add this in final.. My chart is all on one half, I think it’s called a bowl.. well I have the personality type of a Visionary.. so I was thinking what I do like is the Virgoan qualities.. I am personally very Piscean.. although my Sun and Ascendant are in Aries; In the East or Vedic/Sidereal Astrology, they are both in Pisces and Moon in Capricorn in the East. I am very imaginative, love the theatre, the spiritual, the unknown and unwitnessed, what’s beyond the sight of the visible eye catches my soul. I haven’t been fortunate in accepting or pursuing a woman like this. I am also considered very spiritual, which I agree, because I have pastoral/priest skills. But again.. I am a visionary, I can cast the vision.. but I lack the patience and dilligence to get the job done and bring the vision alive. The Virgo sign and its qualities stand out as what I lack. Earth in General is what I lack.. but I find the Virgo is what I am looking for as an ultimate.. and the Virgo in the Heavenly sense as Virginal, Shy, Pure… etc. Virgo comes out in me as a perfectionist, but I’m not so meticulous in bringing my dreams and aspirations alive.. I’m not the one you can count on to work the nuts and bolts of the project.. but I can help give birth to the project.. spark the flames so to say..

    So.. I guess what I have a request for is… to help give me insight on the 12th house and how it relates to what I am experiencing versus what I could be experiencing.

  29. Love Warrior says:

    I will add this.. the friend I have recently fascinated over is a friend I’ve known for years which satisfies my Gemini in North Node in the 2nd house. She’s also a Leo Sun and I read that Venus in Pisces famously get along well with Sun in Leo.. Barrack Obama and his wife half this setting. I was reading one of there reports on I am a Venus in Pisces aforementioned.. This friend of mine also has Moon in Gemini which I click with because I am Moon in Aquarius.. I love their social skills and their youthful exubrience towards life and celebrations in general. They’re also adventerous in a curious way which Aries like. Then, she has Venus in Virgo. A setting I don’t ever remember witnessing in other relationships when I’ve had the chance to investigate their scope. I think I am so close to finding the ‘ultimate’ other in a soul mate. One thing I have personally concluded to my self is that we are all soul mates but we can have heigthened experiences with certain others.. so I feel so close to finding the ‘Ultimate’ soul mate who is a friend, lover, partner in crime and punishment (just for laughs); partner in business and play… My friend also has Mars in Sag which I love. I love the wildness of the Saggitarians and how humorous they can be in a cukcoo way.. we both have north node in Gemini.. One of the things with Pisces is I got to learn to stop believing what is not true.. and seeing what is not reality.. and take the rosey glasses off.. so I’m not saying she’s the one, or could be.. im trying not to speculate.. but I feel the ultimate is in close proximity. I’m very fortunate to have this article available at such a time as this. I appreciate waht you’re doing to give your service to the community. Thanks

    Do offer your insights still.. I just wanted to add some more depth to the report..

  30. @bis;
    Mars = sex drive and in a woman’s chart, the male qualities she is drawn to. Venus=what you find pleasing and how you express feelings of love and in a man’s chart, the female qualities he likes. To get a fully rounded picture of someone’s love life you would add this information to the 2nd, 7th, 8th and 12th house info.
    Having no planets in those houses is not an ominous signal at all. Each house still has a sign on it’s cusp.

    You are correct in saying that the houses do not always line up perfectly BUT it depends what house system you use. If you use the Whole Sign System it assumes one sign per house. Other systems (Placidus, Porphery) can give you intercepted signs. It really depends on what system you are most comfortable with.

  31. @Love Warrior:

    if you are flummoxed about who you are attracted to “soulmate” wise I would also look at the aspects Venus and Neptune make to other planets in your chart. This will modify the energies. Rather then focusing on what’s out there to meet your soul mate (Piscean women, etc.) try to focus on your 12th house and what you can do with the energies there. Remember the 12th is tricky…..there is nothing straightforward about it. It is the most internal house so you need to look inside yourself and work with the Venus/Neptune energy…it’s difficult for me to say how since I have not seen your chart but as I mentioned above, look at what aspects these two planets make to the other planets/points/angles in your chart.

  32. Anyone knows how to get beyond your own relationships pitfalls?
    It’s something i haven’t figured out….

    What if you find the pothole, that one whoble in the road which makes you derail every time at the same point.
    How do you change it?
    Is it just that you need to be faster so you fly over, go with a bigger car, try to go offroad for a bit or take a different road.

    My Neptune is opposite Moon and Sun and is ruler of my 7th and 8th in Pisces.
    I am trying to understand this as the excample of a saturn square your 7th house ruler.

    Oh and i seem not to find/meet/see any of the boys i would be totally attracted to (like mentally).

    The 7th house is beautifully described as the house of the other. How you relate to others, how you ‘feel’ to others.

    I found myself mirrored in other people, i recognized things, like i was seeing/feeling my own actions.
    I now understand better how my own behavior can affect (provoke an opinion for instance)

    You really can see yourself in others 🙂

    I found no find myself surrounded by all these people that i only see once a month? huh really? yeah that is possible.
    I only noticed it when i was dating a guy, but my family is like that, my parents are like that…
    And i found out i wanted to change it.

    Now i’ve seen how it works (a little i understand now).

    So i found out it is not just my dad that is ‘hard to reach’ it’s also my mom (pushing boundaries leaving just 5 min before you have an appointment), and my best girlfriends, i won’t talk to them in a month.

    I was not used to call them, so now i try to change that, but it makes me notice they don’t particularly call me too often (talking about a year now).

    So this is my seventh Pisces house. People swim in and out of my life.

  33. Love Warrior says:

    Thanks for your speedy response Nadia. I forgot to include that Mars is in Scorpio in the 8th house. I will apply your advice and investigate the 12th house settings and try and become energized by them. By the way, nice job on using the word ‘flummoxed’, I never saw this word before. I had to Google it 🙂

    p.s. I thought the 12th was about the hidden aspects of others but you said I should become familiar with the 12th house energies within me? Is it the hidden energy within me that I have to work to exude?

  34. Love Warrior says:

    I can relate to your feedback Julie. People constantly swim in and out of my life. I’m closer to strangers and new acquiantances than I am with my long standing ‘friends’. My family is also very distant, we are closer in spirit than we are physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  35. @Love Warrior:

    The 12th house is what is hidden from you, period. That can mean aspects of others if they have planets in your 12th. It can also be something about yourself that you are not fully aware of if you are just looking at your natal chart (and not including someone else in the picture). You summed it up nicely when you said “the hidden energy within me”. That’s it exactly.
    So Venus in your 12th….ways that you express your love/affection (not just romantically), the image of women that you have….all these are things to look at.

  36. This really was an interesting article. I am still a beginner, so I’m trying to figure out how to apply it to me. 😀 I read your 12th House article as well. Do you have other pieces posted on this site or others?

  37. Love Warrior says:

    Thanks Nadia

  38. @Love Warrior:

    You are welcome! Good luck…

  39. @TA:
    Glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, I have some other articles on this site. They are all in the Sex and Relationships archive:

    The Top Five Synastry Aspects for a Significant Relationship
    Reality Doesn’t Always Bite: Saturn Transits and Your Love Life
    Online Dating: Neptune and Uranus Holding Hands
    The Detached Lover: Aspects Between The Moon and Uranus in the Natal Chart
    Rogue Venus: Unaspected Venus in the Natal Chart

  40. @TA Here’s the link to Nadia’s author page

  41. aries girl says:

    Thank you so much Nadia!

  42. hey nadia gr8 article..i like all ur articles i’m scorpio 16th nov 1987, hope u could help me here too, the pattern i follow is, like kinda distracting to the one im attracted is first a friend not that close always but still, we gel together pretty ok, but he’s not attracted to me i think so, or if that person is, something i do,(not intentionaly) or happens and we are barely able to even talk as well after that, and no matter how hard i try, things dnt get to the same place they were 🙁

    y its so????? whats wrong with me, my actions??

  43. Kristine O'Grady says:

    Well, truthfully, nothing here really resonates with me, except I have Virgo on the second house cusp and I do get attracted to people who are service oriented towards others-the ones who help other people and have ethics, attract me.
    Sexually I am attracted to the very Martian/Plutonian types with great strength and self containment because they are so different from me,and I have Pisces on the descendant.. Pisces also rules the 8th due to interception. I dislike Pisceans, usually because they tend to be sappy and lack boundaries. So what do I need that for? I seek the traits I don’t have because it makes me feel stable and secure.

  44. Hi Nadia,

    How much would it cost for you to do this?


  45. @vidhl:
    Sorry, but it’s really difficult for me to comment unless I look at your chart…

  46. @Margaret:

    Please check out my site at
    or email me directly at
    I’ll give you all the information you need plus answer any other questions you have.

    Thanks 🙂

  47. Hi,

    I was interested in your interpretation.

    I was wondering if I gave you my information would you be willing to give me a “mini reading” on my love interests?

    I liked your article.

    I used sidereal which for this purpose would operate the same as tropical. I also use equal houses.

    Is this an issue? I hope not, if it is let me know.

    I do not know what you charge. If you do not wish to charge me for a full LOVE reading, I will be willing to make a donation.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon
    Willow Moon

  48. Thank you Nadia Gilchrist for such a wonderful article! 🙂

    I realize that you aren’t giving unpaid indepth astrology assessments,but I was wondering if you could let me know if I’m on the right track with this.

    I have Cancer at 23’53 degrees in my 2nd house and my Moon is in Virgo 8’36 3rd house conjunct my IC. So, this is telling me that I would approach “courtship” in helpful,shy and emotional ways?

    What about other planets in the 2nd house? I have Saturn in Leo 16’45’ on the cusp of my 2nd and 3rd house? Would that be another influence? What about aspects?

    My Descendant is in Sagittarius 29’05 and OOB Venus in Capricorn 2’01 is conjunct it 7th house.

    So I would be attracted to fun, happy, philosophical and venusian type people? and eventually I may start to behave as such as well?

    I have Capricorn 23’53 on the cusp of my empty 8th house.
    I don’t instinctively attract Capricorn people and I’m not generally attracted
    to them.
    I’ve dated two Capricorn people and I never got along with them.

    My 12th house is in Gemini in Koch and in Taurus in Equal house and Placidus. My Mercury is in Scorpio 5th house 28’57’.
    My Venus 2’01 is Out of Bounds in Capricorn and Conjunct my Descendant. 29’05
    I’m not entirely sure what this means.

    Either way thank you for writing your wonderful article and I hope you have a wonderful day!:-)

  49. Love Warrior says:

    Nadia, I gotta add one more penny to the tab. My 12th house also contains my Sun in Aries. My Rising Sign is in Aries however in the 1st house. What does the Sun in Aries in the 12th house reveal? I feel so dual between Aries and Pisces, as If I’m on a Sun cusp between the two. I also feel the energy of Mars/Pluto as I have Mars in Scorpio, the ruler of my Chart.

    What does the Sun in Aries in the 12th house reveal?

  50. @Willow:

    I could work something out. Email me at and we shall discuss.

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