Venus in Aries, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

Venus in AriesThe tension created by a Venus in Aries/Mars in Cancer couple can be sexy, creative and energizing, or just plain irritating. Elemental opposites, this fire and water pairing does the best when the partners make use of their natural differences, rather than trying to fight against them.

Venus in Aries pulls no punches in relationships. Bold and impatient, she jumps right in, demanding love without apology. She likes to continually confront new challenges and can grow bored when romance is calm and trouble-free. Venus in Aries does best in love when she has someone to rescue or a hurdle to overcome. This Venus periodically needs to fight with her lover, both to keep things interesting and to clear out old baggage and cobwebs from the past that may be lingering.

Mars in CancerMars in Cancer takes a sideways approach to his desires, instead of approaching them head-on. Imaginative and dreamy, this crabby character brings a nurturing touch to his romantic relationships. His innate quest for emotional security makes him want to provide a safe and protected environment for his love connections to unfold without interruption. With a hard crab-shell exterior but a soft inner side, this Mars may not be exactly what he seems at first. He will only share his deepest self when he has developed trust over time with a partner, since for him, shared memories and emotions are the building blocks of a healthy relationship.

For Venus in Aries, Mars in Cancer is an exciting challenge, a watery mystery to woo. Mars in Cancer’s watertight defenses and moody emotional roller coaster rides may be exasperating, but they’re at least interesting. Mars in Cancer is both energized and frightened by Venus in Aries’ passionate fierceness in love, but as long as he gets plenty of time to recover, he’ll likely keep coming back for more.

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  1. please do venus in virgo, mars in scorpio & venus in sagitarius, mars in cancer. Thanks.

  2. Aries Earth Horse says:

    I know a Taurus guy that has a Venus/Moon Aries and Mars Cancer. At times he’s very direct with what he wants, which I think is Venus. He always loved to pick on me, watch me react. (I’m an Aries btw.) In turn I would give him crap right back too. I never gave into him asking me out… bc at the time I was his superior (boss, manager?) I didn’t want my crew thinking I had favorites. It just wasn’t right. Any who… he would pout if I “ignored” him, as he called it. He would do all these little kid things, grade school stuff. Like write my name with his last name all over my schedule! (reaaally!?) lol. write his name next to my name on anything that has my name on it; the clip board with phone number listing, my cup I was drinking from, my notebook for ordering, anything. Don’t get me wrong… I thought it was adorable. ^-^ He’d buy me little stuff like stickers, a small teddy (that was the first thing I got from him.) It was cuteness overload. lol. Ew. hahaha.

    Cuteness aside. I was told he was bad news. I was flabbergasted.. “What? Really, he’s like that? I have never seen him do anything bad yet. Hmmm.” Who was he? He apparently was considered crazy, like get into fights, he partied a lot and drank like a fish. This I have never seen. He’s always been a complete gentleman to me. All I know is when he doesn’t like something he’ll state his opinion. He’s big in size too, so I think that makes people (other guys) want to prove something to themselves. Like “Hey tough guy! Yeah you! So you think you’re all big and tall?” then a fight starts. lol. Like I said I have never seen him do anything crazy like that, he never even hurt a fly. He’s so serene, that would be the Taurus.

    Cancer side.. hmmm. Yes at times he gets moody. Withdraws. In the four months he worked for me, I got to know him more. We became friends. Joked a lot about stupid things, we had our own little inside jokes. We’d end up talking the night away, soon our shift would already be over. He’d moon over me. lol. Just stands there not moving and stare. ugh. (I should point out that I am a Cancer Rising and have a Mars Cancer.) Then all of a sudden. He just up and quits. Just like that. Didn’t say why. I was so mad at him. I think he quit because of me. (later on he did say it was because of me. I was getting to close to him?) He wanted me to always work with him. He was beginning to be possessive, not stalker status. Just like I belonged to him? idk. Again I think that’s Taurus, the possessiveness. (I should note: I am a Venus Taurus and Moon Taurus.)

    After he quit, we met up again when I left my old job. He was surprised to see me somewhere else. From there on we dated for almost four months. Then he had to leave because the season was over. I cried when he left. I didn’t want him to leave. Now we just talk or text each other. I want this relationship to work but he’s just too far away. I want him here with me.

    I wrote this piece just to vent? or shed some light on Venus Aries and Mars Cancer. Well from what I learned from watching him. Some of those qualities I do posses myself. I notice we are kind of quite similar, but there is enough differences to make that our relationship interesting.

  3. Wow this so me and my boo me vensus aries him Mars cancer I do tend to create arguments to spice things up a little bit I do get bored but I also hate to argue so am trying to tone down on the arguing and just have a peaceful relationship and life with him he is super sensitive because of his Mars cancer so yeah I kinda watch what I say I don’t like to see him hurt but happy

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