Saturn Contacts in Synastry

Saturn Contacts in Synastry

The negative side to Saturn contacts
is that they sometimes feel like a burden.

If you want a relationship to last, you need to have Saturn contacts. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work, reality, dedication and time. A relationship can’t survive if the people in it don’t feel a sense of responsibility for one another. Any meaningful relationship requires work and effort, and a mutual sense of obligation binds people together. Relationships that last have to pass a reality test. Summer romances don’t need Saturn contacts, flings don’t need Saturn contacts, but if you want lasting love, you want Saturn contacts. Saturn contacts form enduring bonds.

The negative side to Saturn contacts is that they sometimes feel like a burden. They can be like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders. If you are the Saturn person in the aspect connection, then you may limit or restrict the other person in some way, or that person will feel like you do. The other person in the relationship may feel inhibited around you. At worst, Saturn contacts are just depressing. When responsibility and duty overtake pleasure and fun, a relationship loses its appeal.

Ready or not, Saturn makes you grow up. Saturn ages whatever it touches. This works in natal astrology as well. The planets that Saturn contacts through synastry, or in your natal chart, get a mature attitude. If you don’t want to grow up, you might reject Saturn’s energy. You may resist responsibility and maturity and feel that people are holding you back. You may resist forming lasting connections with people.

What grows up:

  • Sun-Saturn: The Sun person learns to be a more mature version of who he is. He comes into his own.
  • Moon-Saturn: The Moon person gains emotional maturity and no longer gives in to child-like emotional displays.
  • Mercury-Saturn: The Mercury person learns to communicate like an adult.
  • Venus-Saturn: The Venus person learns what it’s like to be in a mature relationship.
  • Mars-Saturn: The Mars person learns to act like an adult.
  • Jupiter-Saturn: The Jupiter person learns about realistic optimism and expectations.
  • Saturn-Saturn: These two Saturns learn about shared responsibility and equal dedication.
  • Uranus-Saturn: The Uranus person learns to temper the urge for freedom with the need to establish ties.
  • Neptune-Saturn: The Neptune person learns the limits of illusion, fantasy and idealism.
  • Pluto-Saturn: The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a relationship.

Comment below: What Saturn contacts do you have with your partner or a significant person in your life? How do you experience them?

This post is republished by permission of the author and originally appeared at AstroFix.

About the Author

An astrology addict since age twelve, Michelle Falis writes the blog AstroFix *the blog of an astrology addict. She is the author of two ebooks, Astrology Rulers in Houses and Astrology Signs through the Houses, and has a passion for the Moon’s nodes, the 8th house, Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and the other asteroids.

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  1. I have Venus trine Saturn and Mars Opposition Saturn with my bi-costal love-interest. But the last time I saw him he said he could not do this anymore because of his obligations (debt and sick child).

    So what long-livety factor are we talking about…………..?

    Do you mean based on this that there is indeed a future for us?

  2. leo female says:

    Sun conjunct Saturn, me being the Saturn person.

    Your interpretation makes it sound not so bad. Every other site makes this pairing seem impossible, and it does feel that way sometimes.

  3. leo female says:

    Scratch that. Just double checked. There is no actual conjunction of my Saturn and his Sun. Turns out though that his Saturn is opposite my Sun. Do I feel restricted as if by a parent by him? YES!

    In the beginning it was all fun and then he turned so damn serious. All work and no play.

  4. My partners Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto conjunct my Saturn, his Moon and Neptune and Asc sextile my Saturn. His Saturn semi-sextiles many of my planets, my Neptune and Asc sextiles his Saturn and Pluto conjuncts his Saturn but then again our birthday’s are close to each others.

    It was a serious relationship from the get go, I feel like he did a lot of growing up when he started dating me, whether that is my influence or not. We still have fun together, I don’t mean serious as in glum and boring.

    I do feel like his mother at times and I do consider him childish sometimes. But there is like this bind at the moment that I can’t break, we’ve been going through a rough patch but whatever we go through it seems like we pull through.

  5. @gemster

    When you have hard aspects with Saturn, the lessons are hard. It will take a lot of work to get through the problems. However, if you can work through problems you build a bond – a shared experience of having been through something difficult together which deepens and strengthens your relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes the amount of effort you have to put in to make it work isn’t worth it.


    Saturn sextile or trine the Moon is a great aspect to have in synastry. They show that there is an emotional pull to stay in the relationship.

  6. My Saturn (Rx in 19 Tau 27′ 56″ 2nd House)

    …squares his Saturn (3.79 orb)

    He uses his responsibilities and obligations he has towards his children to keep me at a distance so as not to mess up the material comforts he has in his life. It’s not just material stuff, but also the expectations of his mother and his catholic upbringing. He will keep a job regardless of mistreatment of himself and expect me to do the same. He always uses guilt as an attempt to get me to conform to his own expectations and actions without recognizing that I am NOT him and have my own identity that doesn’t always mirror his.

    …is in opposition to his Neptune (1.78)

    He is a sneaky fox and very elusive toward questions I ask that are uncomfortable for him or that he simply doesn’t wanna answer. There’s a language barrier as well as a cultural barrier that creates HUGE misunderstandings and a conflict regarding the role he expects me to play that I don’t participate in (being raised in the US while he was raised in Peru). Because of his deceptive practices I often become demanding and clingy – which I hate because it makes me appear weak and needy. He rarely, if ever, makes progressive movement towards meeting my needs in any way unless he knows if he doesn’t it results in me shutting him out and preventing him from getting what he wants. Thus, the only reason he makes effort is out of pure selfishness rather than for the good of both of us.

    …trines his Pluto (5.65)

    We have worked together in two separate industries. As a team we share the same work ethics and the same attitudes and we work exceptionally well as a unit. We met on the job and he followed me from one position into another. I think he appreciated the way I approached the work – as I did him – and that just added another spark to our attraction. We also share the same political views, interest in the occult/paranormal, and thirst for knowledge and experiences.

    …is in conjunction with his Ascendent (5.41)

    I try to help him live true to his authentic self. I tell him often that it’s not worth it to struggle with who we are to conform to what OTHERS expect of us – but his fears are great. I tell him that when he refuses to change and grow that it affects everyone in his intimate circle and, thus, prevents THEIR growth. I acknowledge that he will lose things in his life that he values – but that these things are insignificant when compared to what can truly be gained in the long run. He simply refuses to budge even a little, but I see the potential in him. I SEE how he wants to free himself and that he struggles with that every day. In response he looks at me like I’m irresponsible and unstable.

    …and squares his MidHeaven (3.91)

    What I want for us to be together conflicts with his aspirations to do what his FAMILY expects of him – so he writes me off as being a less important priority, even if he’s not happy being the man his family wants him to be. I can’t compete with the family and everything he’s been taught in his life. So at this point, I’ve given up. Fuck you, man. Peace out!

    HIS Saturn (23 Aqu 15′ 09″ 10th House)

    …squares my Mercury (1.42 orb)

    Which is him trying to get me to be someone I’m NOT or meet his ideal of who he wants me to be. He’s constantly challenging the pace I set for myself, wanting me to move forward quicker in my evolution rather than allow me the space and time I require in order to evolve naturally and at the speed the Universe has set for me. He refuses to acknowledge that growth takes time and understanding by the person doing the growing. His attitude towards growth is that he just doesn’t grow, but remains stagnant hoping that the demands to progress go away, thus hindering the forward movement of change for everybody. Because of this I always find that I question my own capabilities and usefulness. I will end up criticizing myself and it affects my self-esteem and self-confidence. Sometimes I tell myself that I’m a horrible person – without value and worthy of rejection. In turn, I hate him for creating anguish and self-hatred of myself after I’ve analyzed the situation and realized he’s turned the tables on me after I’ve done everything damn near perfectly. It’s ALWAYS something with him that creates obstacles to our forward movement – and not just anything, either – things my sense of justice won’t allow me to argue with. He knows me well and uses my values against me to cement his own, selfish agenda.

    and Venus (4.15 orb) (and Saturn like I said)

    The man drives me to drink – and I mean that literally. i CANNOT deal with his mistreatment of me when all I wanna do is love the guy and make his life worth living. He literally makes me physically SICK with his disregard of me and the sacrifices I make just to be with him. It’s like I don’t matter to him ONE BIT. That I’m expendable, disposable… that I have NOTHING of value to contribute and that my efforts to make him happy are insignificant and ineffectual. I’m just a parasite to him. Something to swat with the newspaper or an inconvenience he just shoo’s away. Everything that goes wrong between us is MY fault and I shoulda been this way or done that to avoid it. Fucking jerk!!

    …quincunx my Pluto (5.63 orb) and Vertex (1.95)

    This is his battle to harmonize what he actually WANTS over what he’s EXPECTED to do. He wants to be different SO BAD!! But his sense of obligation won’t allow him that freedom – so he suppresses his own needs against the demands of his family’s. So, in short, he dismisses me and what we could have together to take care of them, How could I possibly argue against THAT? I can’t. I won’t. So I fucking RESENT them. And him, too. Selfish? Maybe. I don’t give a fuck anymore. It’s been SIX years of this battle and I’m fuckin’ TIRED of the conflicts and chaos. GO TO THEM…PLEASE!!! Just stay away from me and, eventually, I’ll get past this bullshit.

    …and sextiles my MidHeaven (5.35)

    He’s obsessed with his working life and it takes precedence over his life with me. Period. End of sentence. He’s so caught up in material things that he can’t see beyond the fact that he ‘can’t take them with him’ when he’s gone. He wants to leave a legacy for his children. I get that. Really I do. So…work on, man!! Get that paper!!

  7. God help us….my saturn is sext his moon; trine his mercury venus mars jupiter and neptune; conjunct his saturn and chiron; and opposite uranus and pluto….. his saturn is conjunct my mercury and chiron; square my jupiter; and trine neptune.

    We do seem to be bound to each other to the point that sometimes I question whether we even really ‘like’ each other, it seems like more of a bad magic spell… I put up with things I would have scratched eyes out for not long ago and usually feel unable to react how I instinctively feel I should….

    Its not like any other relationship Ive had and I am far from being an unexperienced teenager lol I thought I knew me and he’s turned me on my head…. just not sure if it’s nasty or nice

  8. Hmmm…wow. Interesting stuff. Great article, because it certainly helped shed light on some things regarding past and present relationships.

    I have a very strong Saturn influence in my chart when it comes to the serious side of life. My entire birthchart repeats these words over and ovder again (loyalty, responsibility, seriousness, hard working, etc). lol The funny thing about it is, I’m always laughing and joking when I communicate with people.

    There are very few who can handle my serious side and more than likely when I do say things from my serious side others laugh, because they think it’s funny – because I’m straightforward and telling it how I see it. I say the things that other people think, but dare NOT say in a group setting. I don’t care who is leading the group. That tends to be the problem in the work life. lol I’m seriously looking forward to running my own company. NMH

    Anywho, now I see why the men in my life tend to encourage silliness in/act silly around me once they see my more quiet/serious side. Every single person I’ve been with has benefitted from my life management genius. Not a single one hasn’t increased his prosperity while with me (they tend to raise their aspirations when we’re together. lol) and NONE have gone backwards in his finances. lol ha ha ha Awesome.

  9. My Sagi Saturn trine his Mercury, inconjunct his Mars, semi-square his Jupiter and trine Saturn.
    His Pisces Saturn is inconjunct my Neptune, trine my Uranus, and trine Saturn.

    There’s definitely a karmic feel to our relationship, but there are power struggles. He is Cancer sun/Leo rising and clings on to me for all he’s worth. My Taurus sun/Sag rising likes change and space so we do have conflicts. I just wish he’d see me as I really am, and he wishes I’d loosen up!

    Great article, thanks!


  10. @Amanda

    That’s a thorough self-analysis. Is it worth it for you to stay in the relationship? It sounds trying.


    Time (Saturn) will tell. Have you been together long?


    That’s an interesting effect that you have on people. Perhaps you take on the role of teacher/mentor in most of your relationships, without necessarily realizing it.

  11. @Marie

    Saturn trine Saturn is a great aspect to have- it’s great glue for a relationship. There are certainly issues to work out (there are always are!) with your Sun/ascendant combinations.

  12. Thanks Michelle, that’s really comforting. Astrology is a fascinating subject and I’m hooked! So grateful to Sasstrology and all you wonderful astro-writers for helping me to get a better understanding of myself and those I connect with.

    Best Regards

  13. I once dated a guy and his Saturn conjuncted my IC. I’ve never felt a connection to someone quite like that.

    He never felt the same pull towards me though. He didn’t want to commit. But the odd thing is I’ve never completely gotten over him…not yet anyhow.

  14. @SassFan
    I wonder what your other connections were. I’ve noticed that Saturn/IC aspects often make the IC person feel rooted and grounded. The Saturn person creates a kind of stable “home base” for the IC person.

  15. Thank you for that Michelle! I totally agree 🙂

    Other connections were:

    My Saturn is two degrees away from his Mars. His moon in Scorpio is directly opposed my Taurus Moon and Sun. His Sun is in Leo does not directly square those, but it is Leo.

    His Venus is in Cancer and my Venus is in Taurus. My Mars is Taurus and his is in Libra. His Pluto is in Virgo, but it is at a positive angle to my Mars…

    If it weren’t for his Leo sun and all my Taurus planets, I’d say we have perfectly compatible charts.

  16. I am dating a guy – his sun is conjunct my saturn in 11th house, his saturn is opposite my sun… also that makes his saturn opposite my saturn!

    there is something very fated about us, we have split many times because with want different things in life… (he is 15 years older than me) but when we are together it just feels “right!”

    his saturn also conjuncts my neptune & Jupiter…

    I dont fall in love easily… but this guy really “got” to me… i get hte feeling this is mutual…

  17. Oh yeah…and my Jupiter is directly conjunct his Mars…

  18. Saturn contacting the Asc/Desc also seems quite significant, but for some unknown reason most synastry listings skip delineating that one. It *is* the self/partner axis…It’s easy enough to spell it out based on what those points mean, but I’m curious why it’s so often left out of cookbook stuff.

  19. omg.. what a coincidence. I havent been on sass for few days and thinking of posting a saturn topic on synastry forum and i come across this article..

    i’m currently in undefined relationship with someone who i love so much..

    my saturn oppose his venus (2 deg orb) (his saturn bi-quintile my venus and mars) and his saturn exactly conjunct my mc.. and my saturn conjunct his vertex (1 deg orb)..

    his ex’s venus trine his saturn.. but i think they are still going out.. i think opposition cant much up to trine =(..

  20. Thank you Michelle for your answer about having hard aspects in synastry.

    This being an bi-costal relationship probably doesn’t help either?

  21. Thanks for the article and I am really grateful for all the comments too.

    I just got out of a short-lived relationship with someone that I had strong Saturn aspects with. It was such a push-pull feeling that weighed heavy on me, it still does. I loved being around him yet I felt a discomfort and uneasiness with it too. I want him back in my life yet I am frightened to ever see him again because of the intense feelings I have for him. We had an undefined relationship and I don’t know if he ever liked me or loved me, and vice versa. I despise parts of him yet I am thoroughly intrigued by our differences too. We had different viewpoints and upbringings but at the same time a weird understanding and connection.

    He is a cap sun and his saturn sextile my venus, sextile neptune, conjunct pluto, conjunct AC. My Saturn was opposite his sun and mercury, trine moon, quincunx venus, square jupiter, square pluto, and square AC. We had saturn square saturn too. I can’t believe how much saturn influence I had with his planets!

    I keep reading that I would be like a parent to him (I am 6 years older, so maybe my maturity and more worldly experiences came through on a subconscious level?) and restrict him but I didn’t feel like I did that at all. I was always easygoing and laid back about our difference of opinion. And I usually ended up being the one that would give in to his demands. I did secretly resent it at times. Many times I broke up with him because I was feeling myself getting too attached to him but he would ignore it usually and come around anyway, then we would be fine again as if I never even said it, really weird. We both loved our freedom and space and still found time to come together in a mostly harmonizing way. The tension was there alright but god, I feel like maybe he saw me as a tyrant now that I see all of his badly aspected planets to my saturn. He had told me before we had our final break up that he never met anyone like me before that takes things so to the heart but can say whatever I like whenever I want. I hate that we no longer speak and I miss his presence. I am having a hard time getting over him but at the same time, I think I could lose who I am as a person and miss out on my own soul growth if he did reenter my life. There was definitely something “there” with us but I am not sure what “there” was. Alot of lessons to be learned from him and I hope it’s mutual.

  22. leo female says:


    OMG you could be describing me and the guy I was speaking about above. We didn’t have nearly the Saturn aspects that you have but the feeling and the way things went with us was the EXACT same!!!!! Scary……

  23. Oh, I love the definitions. My SO had to laugh and smile as I had him read them too! My Aqua Saturn is trine his Libra stellium Sun(0),Venus(5), Saturn(4). That he is significantly younger than me gives even more support to these aspects.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  24. Hi leo female. I am a leo sun too. How weird! Sad that we are both going through the same thing, but it’s comforting to know that I am not alone. I hope to get a good synastry/natal reading by a professional in the near future to help me break everything down and try to make sense of this mystery. At the very least, he brought me closer to astrology again. 🙂 Take care!

  25. Cappy girl says:

    His Saturn (Sag) exactly conjuncts my Venus in the 12th opposing my Moon (1 degree), Square my Pluto in the Ninth (4 degrees) …. My Saturn in Cap trines his Mercury in the 3rd and is Inconjunct his Uranus in the 1st. I am just not sure where to begin with this…..

  26. This post has not been active in FOREVER and I don’t care! I’m new and i’m going to post everywhere! seeing someone who’s saturn and pluto is conjunct my sun, merc and pluto. ack! he has a natal mars opp saturn/pluto, so he’s probably projecting a bunch of crap on me, no? the fear…the repulsion! BUT his moon trines my Saturn and Venus. that’s cute…i swear, there is no reason this “relationship” should have gone anywhere. so many changes…so much madness…but iwe still meet up in puzzled confusion, time after time. probably our heavy cap/ saturn influences. do cappy people want that?

  27. I’m not sure if the saturn aspects I share with my current girlfriend is close enough to keep us in a stable relationship

    her Saturn trines my Sun (3.18)
    my Jupiter squares her Saturn (3.25)

    That’s all be have and there both over 3 degrees, which i heard most astrologers don’t allow. What do you think?

  28. LOLAfromNOLA says:

    My Saturn conj His Sun/Saturn All orbs within 3 degrees
    My Moon sq His Sun/Saturn
    Neptune sextile Saturn x2 DW
    Pluto trine Saturn x2 DW
    My Sun qunicunx His Saturn
    My Merc quincunx His Saturn
    My Mars Qunicunx His Saturn
    My Uranus (ASC Ruler) qunicunx His Saturn

    -HE WAS SERIOUS ABOUT ME FROM THE START~ I’m always serious about
    emotional connections but, with Maturity I have come to be very
    light and humorous- can’t bear to be overly serious any more.
    IT DOES FEEL FATED but all close relationships are in some way karmic.
    Maturity eases the necessity of adjustment and adds to understanding and acceptance
    of each other. (Life is a humbling experience and teaches compassion.) Both have Saturn in 12th.
    I’m flexable and adaptable which allows for this without too much conflict.
    I only buck the status quo when a deeply held principle is being crossed –
    that’s when he knows I’m serious and he backs down and gives way. MUTUAL RESPECT.
    I deal with this by creating my own interests away from him and when he travels for work –
    I take off on my own adventures. I DO NOT PLAY HAUSFRAU HELGA and this keeps
    him thinking, worrying and looking for me. Some may see this as passive manipulation.
    I see it as a healthy reality check for him. I’m his equal partner, not his geisha. FYI: This
    works beautifully at keeping the sparks snapping between us.He genuinely misses me
    because when we are together, I spoil him.
    It helps that we have SOME MAJOR GOOD ASTRO STUFF as well:
    His Moon conj My ASC
    His Venus conj My Jupiter We laugh ALOT. We love the same things. We love being at
    Moon Trine/Sext Jupiter home together. We love travelling together. We mirror each
    Moon Sextile Moon each other’s values. We are passionate about each other.
    Venus Trine Venus We are each other’s greatest cheerleader.
    Mars Trine/Sext Venus
    My Venus conj His DESC exactly Overall, I love the deep bond we share, even the challenges.
    Spiritually we have grown into one unit and we are strong – Formidable.

  29. Saturn/Neptune–does the Saturn person ground the Neptune person,does the Neptune person allow the Saturn person to dream,and act as a muse? Does the Saturn person bring Neptune’s dreams to life? I read a great description of this contact by Martin Schulman in his book Karmic Relationships–
    It’s really a nice contact–how one balances the other out.
    I always think of a Saturn/Neptune contact as a star-crossed lovers kind of thing.There is some kind of unfinished business there,which can run the gamut—-

  30. Hi Michelle!
    Thank You for the article about Saturn in Synastry.
    I’m absolutely agree with You in that saturn is the most important planet in stability of a relationship.
    And many thanks for God my moon trine his saturn and my saturn sextile his moon within 1,5 degree. We feel mutually from our first meeting that we arrive “to Home”. This is the most beautiful thing in our life to be together. I can told that moon-saturn flowing aspect is the one of the God blessed in synastry. Could you tell me some words about a moon-saturn flowing double whammy? We are planning our life together, as I know this aspect helps for the marriage and long-lasting relationship. The double whammy much more do?

    Thanks a lot!

  31. His Sun -Moon Midpoint conjunct my Saturn.
    My Saturn (and I am Capricorn) square his Venus (exact) (He is Libra) and his Saturn square my Sun (orb 1.10) my Mercury and square my Juno.
    His Juno conjunct my North Node (orb 1.52) in 7th house and opposite my Saturn (orb 0.28 degree)

    Composite Sun also square Saturn.

    I am in love with this men but after more than an half year we haven’t really start dating. We see each other on work. Is it also possible that when we have so much “Saturn” in synastry and in Composite that relations just doesn’t happen at all??

  32. Hi
    The man I have been infatuated with since 2007 and have kept in contact with for that amount of time via Great Distance (7000+ miles) and over an ocean has a girlfriend whom he has had for longer than that time and he has actually spent time with her and we (she and I are about the well no we are the same age) yet she is way closer than I he sees her as much as he can,he calls her she him,but I am the one he claims is the one for him Which I am finding more and more a sack of,..potato’s.Try as I might I cant seem to make enough to actuall get out there and once upon a time I was on the same continent and he still never came to see me or call me…same now and I feel it will always be the same. He is younger than I,by 3 years-im middle aged(past) Im tired of waiting and trying to everything myself. He is the NSaturn I am the Jupiter-his saturn is almost exactly conjunct my NJupiter…and his Mars is in the same sign(not conjunct) as my moon but we are both Air He is a Gemini and I am Aquarius and so is the other woman!!! Its a triangle to me!! I’m tired of it I have tried to cut it off many times and he keeps being nice then he wants to and I agree then he is nice again…Its a game going on for years and I need it to stop! can anyone help?

  33. HI again just want to say thank you for this site and the subject-I appologize for not showing good manners This guy makes me crazy.But it’s no excuse-Thank you most kindly.

  34. Deborah Sutter says:

    My partner and I both have Saturn/North Node connections to each other. His Saturn is 2 degrees from my North Node, and my Saturn is within 5 degrees of his North Node. I am so happy when I am with him. I know he loves me, and accepts me for who I am, and he embodies all of the qualities I have ever wanted in a man/lover/partner because I know I can be myself when I am with him. I know there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with our relationship. Problem is – we don’t get much time together, and he does not express how he feels, nor does he put in his share yet toward our relationship. I believe things will begin working themselves out in the next 2 to 4 years. He is the last one for me. It feels like he owns my soul. If things don’t work out with him, I am done with men and romantic relationships.

  35. sailor.mercury says:

    Aaaah kay. Saturn is the Roman archetype of Ra, the Egyptian sun God. Ra is the right side of Horus, the son or sun of Isis. The sun of God is translated as the son of God in the Greek New Testement Bible, or Biblia. (Latin for Book). The Angelo-Saxon translation is Jesus. Jesus the son of God, or Ra, the sun of God. So really, tho Saturn is the king of kings, he is the youngest.
    Ps. All burdons are less with bread.

  36. Sailor.mercury, I’m interested in your theory of linking these planets to the bible.

  37. I am having insanely good (raw/lusty/sensual/loving/sexy) sex with a man whose moon and venus trines my saturn and his mars conjuncts my saturn. His saturn trines my moon and squares my mercury and inconjuncts my mars all cross aspects with 0 – 2 degree orbs. There are really no other interaspects between our charts which makes me constantly wonder why we have such intense and great sex — best in my life and I’ve been around. And I also love him so much; I yearn for him. Physically i am just so comfortable around him, no inhibitions at all — and he then same. We really enjoy each other physically and we both can be really affectionate and romantic with each other. But his views are very different from mine; we can laugh but his humor is different from mine — but I seem to be able to forgive him very easily and we have no feel good aspects between neptune or jupiter between inner planets except a sun/neptune trine 2 degree and venus/neptune square 4 deg, and no cathartic aspects involving pluto except for a 1 degree sextile sun/pluto. So, why the chemistry and great sex and deep connection is beyond me but I really love the man.

  38. Jeanette Belle says:

    His Saturn is conjunt my Asc. Some may think that he squashes my sense of individuality, but actually he helps me sort out my identity. I am a double Gemini with Capricorn rising. I need and appreciate his guidance. He’s a 5x Virgo: Sun, Pluto, Asc, Venus, and Mars who’s overcome so much. His guidance is well worth listening to.

  39. Mars in oposition with saturn is a a very tense aspect which makes people feel the burden of their time cause of such high tension that it is not realised by the two of you might lead to breaking up or some limits might get un the way. It is a difficult aspect in synastry as square is. Best are sextiles, trines and sometimes conjunctions…not squares and opositions.

  40. Matthew Currie says:

    Yet another blog entry that “My Christian Psychic” continues to steal from Sasstrology, despite numerous warning.

  41. Matthew, linking to an offending site is only going to give it more traffic, so I deleted it.

  42. Heather says:

    So I’m not going to put all connections on here, there are just quite a few, but I’ll definitely go into the Saturn aspects we both share.
    His Saturn conjunct my moon which falls into my 5th house.
    His Saturn trine my Venus, mercury and Jupiter in my 12th house.
    My Saturn conjunct his Mars, Sun, and Mercury-and my Neptune and Uranus all conjunct those same personal planets as well-and my Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all fall into my 7th/8th houses all in Cap.
    Our connection from the start was immediate and somewhat intense-I felt things I had never felt and with my sun being in Taurus I’m fairly level headed, laid back and collected. I tend to make rational decisions as well as walk away when need be. These aspects have always felt binding in a sense-I cannot just walk away from this man and even when I do distance and step away, when I come back it’s as if things are the same and time hasn’t changed a thing. I’m not sure if it’s these binding aspects of Saturn or the fact that my moon conjunct said his Pluto, and his moon squares mine. Whatever it may be it is one powerful and deep connection that has always managed to knock me off of my feet.

  43. Heather says:

    Also, I’m not sure if my moon conjuncting his NN plays into this aspect as well. Whatever it may be I feel like I’ll always be connected to this man on a deeper and highly spiritual level.

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