Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

SagittariusThe Venus in Sagittarius/Mars in Aquarius couple is like a tag team, each partner complementing the other almost perfectly as they speed through life with a spirit of adventure. Both share an affinity for the wild and free, and more than anything, don’t want to be tied down. Freedom – for both of them – is like the Holy Grail, and freedom in relationships is a value for which they will both will fight tooth and nail. Fortunately, in their happy union, they will have little to fuss about in regards to giving each other space.

Venus in Sagittarius has moxy. With her cowgirl confidence and joie de vivre, this girl has no shortage of willing partners to join her in the dance of love. Her main requirement for her many suitors is that they make her laugh and that they share her sense of daring-do and adventure. Growth and expansion is also highly valued by this Venus, to the point that she may find it hard to commit, feeling stifled by the reality of daily relationship. When she does find someone who complements her need for freedom, she is able to breath easily, knowing she will get the space she needs to grow.

AquariusMars in Aquarius expresses his passionate warrior energy much like the Mad Hatter. Quirky and offbeat, you never know what to expect at his wacky tea party of love. His unpredictable nature can be exciting to those who vibrate at the same frequency, and unsettling to those who don’t. Zigzagging rather than following the beaten path, Mars in Aquarius pursues the object of his lust with his own unique courtship strategy. If you like surprises, you’ll appreciate this unusual Mars energy.

Venus in Sagittarius finds plenty to appreciate in Mars in Aquarius, resonating strongly with his need for independence and experimentation. He provides her with inspiration and ongoing stimulation, both intellectual and otherwise. Mars in Aquarius is seduced by Venus in Sagittarius’ bold approach to life and loves her curiosity and free spirit. This couple moves through the world with verve and enthusiasm, enjoying every adventure that comes their way.

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