Venus in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

LeoThe Queen Bee (Venus in Leo) and the Court Jester (Mars in Sagittarius) burn brightly together as they passionately embrace the world around them. This fiery pair thrives on fun and good times, celebrating life at every opportunity. The parties they throw are legendary, each more wild than the last. Though the Venus in Leo/Mars in Sagittarius couple may not leave each other much time for quiet moments of reflection and connection, they will create plenty of exciting memories to share.

With a royal touch that makes everyone she encounters feel special, Venus in Leo brings a golden glow to the art of romance. Settling for nothing less than the best, this Venus commands attention. Though she may be a little bossy in relationships, she is generous and warm-hearted. Venus in Leo considers herself the leader of the pack, and as such, expects appropriate offerings. Luxurious gifts and lavish displays of affection are par for the course in her world. Anything less than the best is considered to be an insult by this cosmic Queen.

SagittariusMars in Sagittarius has a Tigger-like approach to love and lust. Enthusiastic and friendly, this bouncy Mars has plenty of energy to devote to the pursuit of romance. His fun and playful style may not suit everyone, but for those who appreciate him, he promises a good time. Mars in the sign of the Archer seeks to woo his intended with plenty of laughter laced with a healthy dose of wisdom and philosophy.

Venus in Leo can easily be herself around Mars in Sagittarius, finding his ready humor a refreshing respite from the dullness of the daily world. Mars in Sagittarius thrives on Venus in Leo’s commanding presence and dazzling charm. As a couple, this astrological duo is destined for a life of fun and adventure.

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  1. hi
    I have Leo Venus and the man I am seeing has mars in sagi..

    my venus and his mars are in trine relationship.

    It was an instant attraction and very spontaneous reaction..we came close in such a short period of time that it still amazes if i was due to happen!!!
    its true that we always try to have as much fun as we can, but as we both belong to earth signs (me Virgo And him Taurus)so spending time with each other in a quite place is our first preference!!
    Really we have some good memories to cherish, and no regret ( at least how much we got ,It was worth it)

    I try to dominate him in many matters,but he is a Taurus,what he does not want to do,he wont do!! but he can be real funny at times and he always pulls my legs and make this relationship less gloomy.But his eyes do roam ,which hurts my pride sometimes. he is full of useful advices though!!

    good post!! thank you.

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