Venus in Gemini, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

GeminiA butterfly and a merman meet and fall in love, but not without a whole series of complications, missed communications and other dramatic events. This air and water combo has a natural tension, electric as a lightning storm out at sea. This couple’s fights may not be loud or even particularly passionate, but its innate dissonance crackles in the air like a high live wire, vibrant and real.

Venus in Gemini floats above the surface of love, light and delicate as cotton candy. The Dorothy Parker of the zodiac, this Venus seduces with her wit and sharp turns of phrase. Intelligent and always ready with a clever quip, Venus in Gemini likes to keep a little distance in love, preferring a meeting of the minds before she meets anything else. This Venus is like a pretty butterfly, sharing her colors and beauty for everyone’s enjoyment, but rarely settling anywhere for long. For this reason, she can sometimes be fickle, but she will commit once she finds a partner who challenges her mind and intellect over the long-term.

PiscesMars in Pisces brings a gentle touch to love, sensitively moving towards the object of his affection with a subtle grace. This watery Mars believes in the art of mystery, never expecting (or really even wanting) to understand his partner all the way. Instead, Mars in Pisces thrives on fantasy, secrets and the unknown. He seeks to lose himself in his desires and reach transcendence through his sexuality, escaping the mundane cares of reality.

Venus in Gemini wants to understand the mystery of Mars in Pisces and articulate it to herself. She is intrigued – yet also irritated – by his vagueness. Mars in Pisces is titillated by Venus in Gemini’s buzzing mind, but she also makes him nervous. Depending on the rest of this couple’s synastry chart, their union is either exciting and alive, or exhausting and fraught with conflict.

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  1. I’m a gem female dated a pisces male our relationship was both “exciting and alive” and “exhausting and fraught with conflict.” that’s why we kept trying to stay together but kept wanting to break up! LOL He finally called it quits.

  2. I need a Venus in Gemini, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility done please…. 🙂

  3. duly noted, Dee

  4. Can you make a Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini 😀 Thank you very much! I totally love this site!

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