Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aries Compatibility

GeminiThis celestial Venus/Mars pairing has a zingy, electrical spark that lights up the air between them. Vivacious and lively, they are constantly on the move: talking, walking, flirting and fighting. Like a constant motion machine, these two move through life at a pace that few can match.

Venus in Gemini is witty and effervescent. More flirty than seductive, Venus in the sign of the twins sometimes has a hard time focusing on just one object of affection. She values intelligence over looks in a partner, and is easily intrigued by an interesting factoid or new idea. Hook her mind and you’ll likely have hooked her heart as well.

AriesMars in Aries passionately burns through life like a cannon, barreling towards love with an unstoppable motion. Nothing turns this Mars on more than competing for a prize, so he will often go after a person who is considered to be a challenge. Loving and leaving them may become a bit of a pattern for Mars in Aries, since he finds it hard to commit once he’s “won.” But if Mars in Aries can see love as more than just a battlefield, he may be able to forge a long-term commitment.

Venus in Gemini’s heart beats a little faster when she encounters Mars in Aries’ stimulating heat. His “take no prisoners” approach excites her, and she responds willingly to his bold moves. In turn, Mars in Aries feels all aflutter around Venus in Gemini’s flirty grace. Charmed and enchanted, he will do anything to keep her attention. Like a lock and a key, this pair creates a natural and lively connection.

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  1. Sweeeeettttt I’m Venus in Gemini and my bf has mars in Aries. Sparkly sparks.

  2. how do I know if Im venus in gemini or what?????

  3. Lauren, consult the Venus sign tables

  4. I felt like my relationship is doomed..
    his venus in gemini and my mars in aries.. switched roles.. lol

  5. to fiery ice says:

    to firey ice ^ :

    same here! me too mars in aries and him venus in gemini! 😀 😀

    is it bad or cool or just unusually good? 😀 Enlighten me! ^_^

  6. Me too my mars in aries and mine venus gemini very awesome i love him so much

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