The Top Five Synastry Aspects for a Significant Relationship

Synastry for Successful RelationshipsHow do you know if a relationship will last, or if it will even begin? When consulting astrology about a romantic relationship, most people want to know if it will develop into a significant, long term union. The underlying question is, “What kind of an impact will I have on the other person?” While there are no guarantees, the following are what I believe to be the top five synastry aspects which strongly indicate that a serious relationship will develop. All five don’t have to be present, but the more aspects there are, the stronger the draw is between two people.

The Chart Rulers of Each Person Aspect Each Other

The rising sign represents a person’s interaction with the outside world. The planet that rules the rising sign (the chart ruler) shows how they express this interaction, and a connection between the chart rulers of two people is the hook that draws them together.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Saira, you can purchase a composite report here. It does not provide points, but it will give a grand overview of your composite chart by planet/house and aspects.

  2. Do you know where can I find an astrology report that shows the IC aspects? I have the complete report from Astrolabe, but there are no IC aspects mentioned.

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