Libra Men: Are They Worth the Effort?

The Indecisive Libra ManRecently, on Twitter, I got an interesting direct message from a guy who asked, “Why do some women look at me sideways when they find out I’m a Libra?” There are a few answers to that question. First, nearly everybody gets the side-eye for their sign. For instance, I get it for being a Scorpio. (I’m reportedly a sex freak, though, like many Scorps, I can go for months or years without sex at all.) I know plenty of Geminis who don’t get a second chance for the expectation that they’re two-faced. But this is Sun-sign astrology, a bloodsport in some circles, especially when it comes to love. The truth is that there is a little bit of truth about a sign that gets stretched way out of proportion. Fortunately, we can sift through the hype and pick out the shards of truth about a sign. So as I talk about Libra men, what I say won’t be applicable for all Libra men at all times; but if any of my insights apply to some Libra men enough of the time, then it’s time well-spent.

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  1. I have a question. I was trying to find out where me and this Libra stand because we’ve been messing around for a few months already. He pursued me for two years. I asked if he was using me or if I was there until the next person came along. he said no and asked who was going to come along. I also let him know I liked him.
    later that night, I felt we didn’t really discuss what was going on so I asked him to call me. Let’s just say I confused him because he thought I was telling him not to bother him. I tried to ask again what we were but told him to ignore me because I drank too much. that was a lie, I just used it as an excuse. what should I do? I feel embarrassed but I also feel like I’m pressuring him.

  2. @SNV Thanks for the advice. I must admit I do have too much time on my hands and a wondering mind is a dangerous mind. Its time for me to just do me. You are so right put God and me first. Man Last, got it. Thanks again.

  3. Aqua Angel says:

    Hi Shauntae! Hi everyone!

    Sorry I am late, It was my girls night tonight!!!

    I had to show face, you know, like a good angel. And no, there was absolutely no male bashing going on in those spicey conversations over our yummy latte’s lol!

    It was amazing, we exchange tips and advices to each other…we are changing the way we do business oh yesssss…..and it’s working!

    For a start, love yourself, and love yourslf some more, if you are having confidence issues about yourself, work on these issues…

    Look yourself in the mirror and practice, say to yourself, ” I am a beautiful and priceless gem of a woman, who is worth every effort in the world! I love myself and I will treat myself the way I would like someone else/a man to teat me, with LOVE and respect, nothing less-period. No man is worth to me more than I am worth to my own self”.

    You see, self-confidence and respect is contagious and others/men can’t help but follow suit, they can sense it!

    It’s almost like a magnet, men can sense whether or not they can, or you will allow them to manipulate you. Like a puppy they can smell/sense strength or weakness from a whole damn mile!

    Now, there is nothing wrong in choosing to date a guy for just a good time..but mentally brace yourself that’s all you want out of the situation, don’t try to change the game halfway down the road. Sort out your emotions and fun factor out from the get-go, you hear me ladies..

    If you want things to go North, don’t pretend or accept any ship sailing south, and mumble in silence down the road, hoping that it will eventually start heading North your way, where you really wanted it to be heading in the first place. Meaning, if you want a serious relationship, get it out in the open with the guy from the get go…

    Let him know what you want, do no act desprate nor beg, you tell him calmly and with confidence, ” I am interested in dating you, however I am looking for something that will eventually lead to a relationship ( clealy you have told him in a subtle way, you are not looking for any one night stands, booty calls etc ).

    It is also as important to stand your grounds firmly. It’s the only way we gain respect, by backing our words and terms with actions, don’t flip the script nor make excuses, you will regret it later.

    If you find him hot and you just want some, it is fine, but be sure not to get it twisted down the road, it never works-start how you would like to finish I say. No games, no time to waste, it’s plain and simple.

    Until you have found what you are looking for in a guy, ( which should be realistic of course ), by God’s grace my angels, date, date and date some more until you have more dates lined up than you have dates in your planner and do not feel guilty about it for a damn moment!

    Of course we have to draw the lines for all these dates, no dates at your place of residence ( home , apt. etc. ) unless your date or relationship with this lucky dude is moving on to the next agreeable level of course ( safety always comes first angels-it’s a rule, maintain a certain level of discretion ).

    Now, never make any commitment to any guy, unless he is ready to go exclusive with you and demonstrate it through both actions and words. He simply does not have this right until then!

    In my opinion, the more dates you go on, ( that does not mean sleeping with all your dates ), the less bothered and stressed you are about this one dude. You are too busy having fun, you are not always disposable to his calls, text etc. and that will make him want to persue you more, know you better, feel more attracted and intrigued by you.

    You see, you will be demonstrating to him, you my angel are mentally mature, you know what you want, where you are heading, emotionally stable, respectful and he does not have to fear you being, clingy, paranoid, predictable, boring and an easy prize.

    In my humble opinion if he want the goodies, you have to earn it, and yes you got it right, it is mine to give it up to whomever I find worthy of it-yes, it is that precious and they’re my darn goodies!

    So Shauntae lovely, be strong, and don’t chase him. He didn’t call back, well too damn bad! Keep on moving baby, and trust me, once he realize you are moving on, with your head up, with confident and respect, he will come looking for you. For every one who mess up, there are ten others line up! Just keep it moving!

    It will be tough at first for sure, but once we train ourselves, it becomes easier-be positive.

    We should never ever make a man feel we are open for business 24 hours, especially when he has not earned our time and emotions. If he’s st*pid enough to leave, we are smart enough to let him go-next!

    Ok, I know, I know..I have to stop now…But oh life is looking bright my aqua babies, amazingly bright and it is pleasurable-pure pleasure once you unlock the code!

    On my next post-I will talk about emotions…in the meantime, have fun babies!!!!

  4. @ Aqua Angel very well said thanks a milllion.

  5. Hi all! 🙂 I agree with everything AquaAngel said except for one thing…I wouldn’t tell a guy upfront that you’re looking for a relationship eventually. In my opinion that reduces the mystery AND it gives him the opportunity to play you. If all he wants is sex, telling him this is like giving him the keys to the kingdom. Some will say or do anything to get what they want. Keep him guessing. That’s the secret! 😉

  6. Aqua Angel says:

    Oh but Kit, whether it is just a good time we are looking for or something serious it should be no mystery! I for one do not like to waste my time.

    In my opinion, there is no point going out with a guy for a bit, thinking he would like something serious and all along he has a different agenda, only for us to be dissappointed in the end.

    A waste of time and a waste of emotion.

    You would be surprised to know, how well and honest most guys respond to these kind of open and honest communication from the get go! ( The key here is to not sound desperate and demanding, be confident and firm ). Is not what you say, it’s how you say it-important rule.

    By laying it out from the get go, you can weed out the players from the serious ones, the boys from the man.

    Yes, some men will say anything to get your body, however this is where commons sense and being a very observant individual kicks in.

    We all have something called “gut intuition”, if we are true to ourselves, it almost never fails us.

    When I decide to know a guy better/date him, I am very observant of not so much the things he says and does, but mainly what he doesn’t.

    All players have pretty much the same fundamentals for screwing around and playing games, trust me, if you have your head screwed on right, it is not that difficult to detect them.

    As far as mystery goes for me, it’s all about the chase and a guy maning up to get to know me better. You do not have to give away everything about you up front and on the first date or two..but play, have fun.

    Carry yourself with confidence, respect, indulge in little things that is not too extravagant, but nonetheless makes a lsting impression, it will keep him wondering, what next you have on your list, what can he expect on the next date.

    You are not readily available to him at the drop of a dime, he will realize you have a most interesting life and would be curious to what do you do in your free time.

    Men are not too crazy about boring or predictable women who are ALWAYS there. Be there when it matters, but don’t be needy, too available nor clingy, it’s a MAJOR turn off to a guy.

    Just my opinion…it’s what works for me and deliver the results I desire…

  7. i’ve attracted a libra male online, but he only sticks to one topic that i’m tired of and feel like we’ve killed that topic. so how do i get him to see me offline? or is it that i’m only a fantasy to be teased online?

  8. I’m really, really, really confused about this Libra guy.

    We’ve been seeing each other for about 3 weeks now and both said that we really liked each other and we’d like to make a go of us being an official couple. I’m moving away to uni in September but it’s only an hour’s drive away so it’s not that bad, but we always said we couldn’t make it work because I wouldn’t be around much longer.

    Anyway, last night I was out clubbing with my friends and he was out with his (who all love me.)
    So he was texting me asking me where I was and he was calling me ‘boyfriend’ so I called him it back, jokingly, and he said ‘aww you said it back. I’m outside come talk to me’
    so I left my friends, we spoke about what we were and I said I’d be back most weekends and all this and we said we’d try it as a couple. He told his friends and I told mine (who kept coming up to him and saying hi. Cringe.)

    So we went back to his friend’s flat and we crashed there. We didn’t have sex but we did everything else. We went to sleep cuddling and it was nice. But this morning he seemed cold and off and only gave me a one-armed-hug when I left and said ‘see you soon’.
    So I text him and said ‘Were you serious about us making a go of it? Only last night you were quite drunk and I’d rather ask you again now you’re sober’
    and he said ‘How about we talk about this in person?’
    (We all know what that means)
    but he’s going to Doncaster for the weekend to see a friend (she just had a baby) so I have to stick out waiting all weekend for an answer… Ideas to win him back? You guys are the Libra experts lol.

  9. I would definitely say yes. My husband is Libra and even after 5 years of marriage, he is still the same romantic, loyal and sweet person I’ve ever meet. I know I made the right choice back then. Find your Libras ladies and settled down.

  10. i also agree with all that..i have a very delicate situation with a libra male.we met via facebook,2 days ago he came to my city because he had some kind of gig and he invited me to come.that was the first time we met live,we took a walk in the city and than he got very intimate with me,kissed me and stuff…would he do that only to play with me? since then he didnt called me or anything,which doesnt surprise me since i read everything from u a capricorn girl,so the total opposite of it worth waiting for him,even he lives in a different city and even he is a “difficult” libra??
    i really started falling in love with him but i dont want 2 get my feelings hurt…but i always say to myself: he wouldnt have kissed me if he doesnt likes me at least a little…or am i wrong? i really need your help,im totally lost.
    Mizz Capricorn

  11. How do I know if a libra is really into it? I know this libra guy and he literally makes me feel like he’s not into me but he is always the one to contact me. I mean for the sake of me being an aqua, if he didn’t contact me, we’d probably never see each other again. Thing is I voiced my concern finally. We’re casual buddies, in it for the sex, but he can be just soo passionate at times and others, he won’t be. I finally asked him if he wasn’t really into it with me or If I was bad. Would a libra truthfully answer that? Cuz I figured he wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings and maybe lie. All in all, he said that I was great and it wasn’t that…he wouldn’t leave it alone. I also made a mistake of seeing him and not having sex when he was expecting to have sex as usual and he kept asking me why i would come like that. I got into it and told him I just wanted to see him. All he said was ” that’s cute, but we don’t play that way remember?” Was he trying to tell me that it was nothing more than sex?

    All in all, he ended up lingering and giving me a passionate kiss I wasn’t expecting and he made sure to ask me if I’d call him next week when I would then be able to?

    what do u think? sincere or not?

  12. What is so annoying about depending on signs is that you forget sometimes that there is actually a PERSON in front of you. Libra men are not indecisive. Listen, YOU think they’re being indecisive because they are not making their decision at YOUR pace. Libra’s are anything but indecisive when you GIVE THEM THEIR ROOM AND TIME TO DECIDE.
    Stop analyzing poor Libra and just go with it!
    From, an Aries woman.

  13. Ezzy way says:

    Ok most of u bitchez r stupid af I’m annoyed !! I’m a sadge Girl I’m 18 I just got with my libra man like a month ago n it’s good he’s to lovey Dovey for me tho n to top it off were long distance Which for me is good cuz I hate always being one person all the time it gets boring so any way like my the fourth day my libra man who’s 20 told me he loved me lol I was like wow but I told him a week later I didn’t want too but I had to reassure him I was still interested even we were together now it just gets easier to say any way let’s talk about him so I met in September of last year at that time I was with 7 different guys so I didn’t have time for anyone else or to settle so we really didn’t talk but out of the many he caught my eye hard to do so he would message me from to time I’d respond when I had time then one day in may he messaged me I was goin out but I had time to reply n it was good but I stop replying then probably a week later I remembered he wrote me so I responded n I asked for the digits he gladly gave em so we text now ! For about four months I didn’t have a bf I dated but nothing serious come on people I’m young n plus my life wasn’t settled n I don’t need distractions so now my life is great n uh we talked mist of may n uh he was like I wanna date u he didn’t care about the distance at all I was ok we talked alot n he was cool I liked him then he asked to b his gf n I said yea he’s great very strong willed n blunt af but so m I so it’s great but I admit I’m in too deep cuz he made me cry yesterday cuz we fought n he didn’t stop n I’m quick to snap so I was mostly fustrated I couldn’t slap him so I cried :/ all bad then I got over it n he tried to the guilt trip which he always does but I did it back he kept apologizing kissing ass blah blah blah it was cute I think he noes that I’m quick to get up n go so he was like I can’t c myself with u ok one thing I hate is sweet nothings there a waste of time so I changed the subject uhhh he’s running my patience n the jealousy he has kills it more I don’t like it n plus he’s had sex with many girls he has a baby momma :/ but like Idc bout his past it’s not my issue so w.e but like I don’t have kids and I’m a virgin !! Yea fuckers I’m not a hoe I date I laugh n I flirt with my charming self but I don’t open my legs I want sumtin real but yet to find it n idk it’s like he noes that n he wants to b my first I told him no but he feels hes so charming I’ma fuck him it makes me laugh !! Anywho I found out he’s flirting around with other girls n sayin he mite hook up with them etc… Lil does he noe that I noe n I do the same but I’m not sloppy about it 🙂 so I figured since it’s not real that I mite ass well have my fun n see watts out there for every wrong there’s a right 😉 n ladies don’t let these libra man hold u on a lil string u have a vagina watt they want so use the pretty lil mouth n brain to get shit ur way it’s the same game just different sign and different way trust me I noe and when a guy really loves u ull feel it deep inside 🙂 and cut all ties wen ur done they have a mouth piece on em

  14. I married a libra guy and what a mistake. Hw has none of the quailties mentioned above. He hasn’t had sex or intimacy with me in 45 years and when he did it lasted maybe 20 minutes, then he was up out of bed and hasn’t been back in bed with me in all these years. In fact he moved to our basement the day after our wedding, and also started to work the midnight shift so he wouldn’t have to be home with me. Its the worst 45 years in my life. Libra men are bastards.

  15. Hmmm dont sound like I do have pride in my way of doing relationships. I am gay libra boy by the way, but I never cheated before and if I didnt like the man I will just leave and find someone and not cheat… I’m not out there to hurt nobody I’m too loving and nice and love to be a good supportive friend which is funny that I am good close friend with my own ex! LOL

    As far as sex goes ^ Hunny I can do it for hours not 20 min and I am the sweetest guy around… never generalize libra men it really depends on what time they were born, what location and year and day that they were born…

  16. @Amy. Wow glad I divorced my Libran ex after 2 years of pretty much the same kind of treatment or I could also still be miserable after all those decades too!!
    We were together for 4 years. I gave out the ultimatum that if we didn’t get married soon or make concrete plans along those lines, that I was moving on.
    To cut a LONG story short, we got married at a celebrants house with just 2 witnesses, went into the city afterwards and had an expensive dinner at a beach restaurant and went back to our different relative homes. No reception, no honeymoon.
    He never moved in to my place like we arranged and I regretted the marriage 10 minutes after it happened.

    Okay not making excuses for anyone, but we didn’t have much money, he was still getting himself settled and was paying off an expensive car, had only just started up his business, had told me that he didn’t ever want to get married, just not to me, but to anyone. I accepted all that and wanted to move on.
    He pushed and pulled and after a lot of what I THOUGHT was serious deliberation on his part, he said we’d get married and he made it clear that the only way it could happen is if it was small, quick as he didn’t want to take time away from the business and that we could do the small reception, honeymoon at a later date.

    I accepted all of that. But it never happened.

    BUT his whole personality changed almost immediately after the wedding (if you could call it that).
    We didn’t have sex until a week after getting married, even then only a few times. And then nothing for 2 years. Previous to this we were having regular sex a few times a week, he was romantice giving flowers, bringing wine home, buying me stuff, cooking dinner etc. During the whole 4 years we never lived together in one place but had our own places. Although we’d see each other daily and spend a LOT of time together. He told me all the time he loved me.

    Strangely enough, after the divorce , after a few months, we started spending a little time together and I know it sounds crazy, but we became pretty good friends for quite a few years afterwards.
    No sex, as I didn’t want to after all I’d been through, but it seemed like he wanted to try and make it up to for all the B.S and heartbreak he put me though.

    So after having been to hell and back with a Libran man who I loved very much, all I can say is that if a Libran man says he never wants to get married EVER to anyone, take him at his word and leave him the heck alone for your own sanity and mental health if it’s that kind of eventual commitment that you after.
    Don’t think they will fall head over heels with you and you can ever change their mind. You won’t.

    My ex Libran had venus in virgo and Mars in Leo. So maybe there was more going on in his chart that just being a Libran.
    I’m a Leo with Libra rising, venus in Libra and Mars in Gemini.

    Our relationship generally was pretty bitter sweet. He was a very jealous guy, very controlling, had a short temper and often used to throw things around but never hit me, he was very possessive when we weren’t together and would often check up on me etc. He was very critical and insecure and would fly off the handle a lot.
    But on the other side of the coin, he’d bring me flowers nearly every day, was very affectionate with kisses hugs, PDA, spent a lot of time together, looked after me when I was ill or slight sick, left romantic notes and often left money to buy myself something nice whenever he left…….Pretty much a very romantic, demonstrative, seemingly very much in love with me kind of guy.
    It was either heaven or hell…….The heavenly times obviously outnumbered the hellish ones, or there is no way I would have been with him for those 6 years.

    Haven’t seen him now in about 5 years, but from what I’ve heard, all these years later he still hasn’t remarried.
    He is still treating women pretty much the same as he treated me. Same M.O.

    So I think it’s really important especially with Libra men to do a thorough chart check and see what other factors are there besides the indecisive Libran thing. Didn’t know his time of birth, so couldn’t find out his Moon and more pertinent points to do with marriage in his chart.
    Wish I had’ve been into Astrology all those years ago as it would have saved me a LOT of wasted time, life, emotion and I wouldn’t have taken so much of the B.S personally like I did.

    Anyway, that’s my story of being with one particular Libran man.

    I’ve had Libran friends, have a Libran brother and even like the Libra I have in my own chart.
    So I’m not totally down on Librans.

    Good luck Libra Lovers.

  17. I’v been dating a libra man for for months now he’s a great guy,but he’s in a relationship with a woman of ten year’s he spent a lot of time with me treat’s me very nice.but the thing is im in love with him,and he do have someone at home and kidz what do i do wait for him or leave.

  18. Uh.. go find a single man (?) It’s been four months and he’s not all yours. In fact, he’s barely yours. Find a guy with no woman and kids at home!

  19. No they are not worth it, dump them!!!!!! They play fucking mind games thats why most of them are alone in the 50’s…….Say good bye to the scales..

  20. ScorpioLady says:

    N.O.- NO!!!! Run!!! Don’t look back! No joke!!

  21. Absolutely effing not!!!!!!! they are the worst signs EVER, all my heartbreak has been with Libra and this one the worst! They are narcissistic, self absorbed, think with their d**ks only….and only interested in the arm candy, you have to look the part. They are THAT superficial and shallow. Insensitive (and stupid?) that they will flaunt their new arm candy for all and sundry and right in front of you, tell you that they thinking of moving to another country (even though they have only known the other person like a month and it means leaving their child behind for their so called crazy depressive ex wife to look after – crazy and depressive ex wife according to HIM!), of course it is wonderful! you guys are still in the flush of something new and well she fits everything you want aesthetically speaking, that is how shallow Libra men are.

    Libra men are the WORST! It is the thrill of the chase. And there I thought all those long nights of getting to know each other, the messages, etc, meant that they cared. They will rip your heart out and in front of you stomp on it whilst having an ”innocent” face on saying ”I don’t know what the problem is”. I have remained friends and on good terms with all my exes of other signs but cannot with Libra (experience with 2 of them).

  22. ps – he chased me for MONTHS, but I just knew, that gut feeling, and like everybody said, he’s a player. I knew it. It was okay for a while, I knew it was fun, but don’t effing tell me you not looking for a relationship and then 5 minutes later hook up with this arm candy – how obvious!! I can only hope it all goes to pot (she’s a Gemini), I’m Pisces. And I’ll still be standing with my head held high when she is slinking off and realised she’s been effing played….

  23. I’ve been married to a Libra man for 47 years and I wasted my entire life and marriage trying to some how connect with him.About 20 years ago I just gave up.
    Our problems started on our wedding night, we had sex once and that is the only time either of us has ever had sex. He hated sex right from the beginning he spent the rest of our wedding night in the bathroom . He told me, to him at least sex was the worst thing that ever happened to him. The second was being in Viet Nam, he’d take Viet Nam any time.
    A couple of days later he said was going to move to the basement and build an apartment. He did and also married his work and worked the mid might shift all holidays, weekends so as not to be home ever.
    He said I could do what ever I wanted leave or stay in our house as long as I wanted, he had no intention of telling me to leave that would be up to me.
    I thought I could fix our new damaged marriage, I pleaded and begged, Finally he said don’t try to talk to him and just be quite. I was stupid and for some reason I can’t explain why I stayed in the same house. I finally was so depressed I had to see a doctor and a shrink. They helped alot and they continue to do so. He’s not gay into porn or have a gal on the side, I’ve had him followed many time by professionals. He has no one as a friend and refuses to let any one into his lonely world. I wish I knew what makes me stay! Being in late 60’s now, I do enjoy his health benefits. I don’t know I just cry alot !!!!

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