Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

CapricornPractical and purposeful, the Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo couple is all about getting the job done. This pair wants to accomplish goals, work hard and be of service. Together, they are a force to contend with, as they methodically move through life, patiently working towards their dreams one step at a time. Though their union isn’t really all that romantic, this earthy duo feels “right” together, as if they are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Venus in Capricorn is a traditional kind of girl and doesn’t take kindly to unexpected changes and “weird” innovations in relationships. This earthy Venus wants to plan out all the highs and lows of your relationship ahead of time, so watch out if you try and mess with her schedule. Venus in the sign of the goat wants to know your bottom line in love, so be straight with her and you’ll win her trust and confidence. This Venus thrives on security and solidity in relationship and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the two of you have a strong foundation on which to build your life together.

VirgoMars in Virgo is careful and precise in love, approaching matters of the heart with the same high standards he brings to everything else. Mars in the sign of the Virgin is remarkably sensual in the bedroom, reveling in the eroticism of body meeting body. In pursuit of a lover, this Mars aims to please and will work hard to prove his devotion. This earth Mars shows his desire by providing thoughtful and subtle assistance with a seemingly effortless skill.

Venus in Capricorn thrives on Mars in Virgo’s attention to detail and practical approach to life, and Mars in Virgo admires Venus in Capricorn’s high standards and patience. Their easy energy together allows them to navigate the rough waters of love with grace and confidence. As a couple, this down-to-earth pair can sustain a fulfilling partnership for the long term.

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  1. cappychic says:

    “Though their union isn’t really all that romantic, this earthy duo feels “right” together, as if they are exactly where they’re supposed to be.”

    Yeah that’s how it felt.. to me at least.. It felt right, complete.. he has venus in virgo too and I have Scorpio mars..

    I don’t know what happened.. I miss him so much.

  2. cappychic says:

    Cap venus here he has mars in virgo..

  3. i’ve been waiting for this post 🙂
    i really identify with what you wrote.


  4. AquaTrainer says:

    you know, in consideration of my exes and my birthcart’s hue red flags…almost everywhere . this is the few things that stabilzed us for long time. our work ethic, common goals, and the feeling od ‘this feels right for some reason’ lol then into ‘why cant this feel right?’ into ‘thats just not right!’ lol but ive been waiting on this comparison for two years. reading multiple dictations of meanings is good for me as so i can fully make sense or be fully aware of what is going on. i love the planets sometimes and other times i wish astrology didnt exist.

  5. mooninscorpiowoman says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now. Very descriptive in explaining this sensual and earthy love connection I have with a mars in virgo man to my venus in cap. Unfortunately things didn’t work out because of our sun square neptune (thankfully I have moon sextile neptune to balance myself out), and sun square moon (mine to his), nor did any of his planets aspect my moon.

  6. mooninscorpiowoman says:

    oops meant his sun squares my moon. Neptune squares are painful in composite/synastry charts.

  7. Can you do one for Venus in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn? 😀

  8. he’s a capricorn venus, i’m a virgo mars…but i’m sagittarius venus and he’s leo mars. I thought it would be a good match…but who knows 🙁

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