Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

CancerLike two streams meeting up to flow into a larger river, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio create a powerful and dynamic union. This watery pair has similar needs for depth, intensity and an emotional/spiritual connection in romantic relationships. In fact, they can resonate so deeply with one another, it may sometimes be hard for others to feel welcome when the two are together. With a strong need for privacy and a desire to protect the integrity of their connection, this couple probably prefers to be alone with each other rather than out socializing anyway.

Venus in Cancer is shy and careful in her approach to love. With Venus in the sign of the crab, she wants to intuitively trust in her partner before she opens up. She is nurturing in relationships and seems to instinctively know what is needed to soothe feelings and create new life. Her watery and imaginative nature make her a creative lover who is not only emotionally present, but who brings a deep spiritual energy to lovemaking as well.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio has a sexy sizzle that others pick up on right away. This Mars wants intense connections that allow him to completely transform himself. His magnetic ability to attract others to him leaves him with no shortage of willing partners. However, this water sign wants more than just a physical connection in relationship. Instead, Mars in Scorpio seeks a deep emotional and spiritual union as well.

Together, this underwater pair reaches a place of deep harmony and intuitive understanding in their relationship. They are able to wordlessly sense what the other is thinking and feeling and respond accordingly. As a couple, they are able to form a powerful bond, one that usually lasts for a lifetime.

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  1. what about a venus in pisces, mars in capricorn or a mars in cancer? I’m curious about that.

  2. I experienced this off the charts is intense connection mind body and spirit..

  3. ..maddening that he is 5 miles away..a soulmate of 27 lifetimes and due to intense divorce stuff went back to my husband and kids..but he haunts soul will always want to be with him..scorpio in mars dynamic..once u have it..u cant be happy with anything else..insanely i met another soulmate with the damn scorpio in the sex sign…he also sucked my soul

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