Saturn in Libra: A Time to Define and Balance Relationships

Saturn in Libra: Balance in RelationshipsOn July 21, Saturn re-entered Libra, where it will remain until October 6, 2012.

Saturn is about definition and commitment, and while it is in the sign that rules the seventh house, it is asking us to define our one-on-one relationships. In addition to marriage and business partnerships, the seventh house also holds our very best friends, and they too will come under Saturn’s scrutiny.

On a personal level, Saturn in Libra directs us to examine our closest relationships and determine whether or not they are meeting our needs. If they are, then we need to commit to them. If not, then we must either remedy them or abandon them.

Initially, we may be able to get away with turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to Saturn’s directive, but in time the celestial taskmaster will take notice of our errant behavior, and he will force us to confront the issue by creating situations that test our relationships.

Those that pass this test will endure well beyond Saturn’s entry into Scorpio, and those that do not will leave your life well before it. Although the result will be the same whether our relationships are pruned voluntarily or by force, the experience will be much easier if we initiate the process.

However, since Libra rules diplomacy, we are very likely to be presented with opportunities to part ways under amicable circumstances.

On a collective level, Saturn in Libra will inspire a renewed appreciation for marriage and committed unions. During the years since Uranus – ruler of unconventional ideas, independence and instability – completed its transit through the sign of marriage in the mid-1970’s, a significant segment of the population has come to believe that monogamy is an unrealistic expectation and that marriage is an archaic institution.

In contrast to Uranus, Saturn represents convention, loyalty and endurance, which is why we can expect many with a “no strings attached” attitude to have a change of heart in favor of the “ties that bind.” Moreover, Saturn’s work will be made even easier by the uncertainty of changing times stemming from the cardinal climax and other powerful transits in the years leading up to December 21, 2012.

We can also expect Saturn in Libra to impact us on a political level. In astrology, Saturn signifies authority while Libra represents the scales of justice. As Saturn makes its way through Libra, the issue of same sex marriage will be working its way through the U.S. courts. Consequently, Saturn in Libra will ultimately define who can (or cannot) get married.

Since Libra’s scales represent balance as well as justice, this transit also asks that we evaluate the issue of reciprocity in all of our relationships. Is there a fair balance of give and take or are we guilty of either extreme? If we are overly accommodating or allow others to take advantage of our time, money or good nature, then it is time to establish boundaries and stick to them. If we are overly demanding or take advantage of other people, then it is time for us to change our selfish ways.

Finally, since Saturn is exalted in Libra, the decisions and changes made during this transit are not only likely to endure, they are likely to be respected as well.

This post is reprinted by permission of the author and originally appeared at the Anchored in Astrology blog.

Photo by Wiros under Creative Commons license.

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Debra ClementDebra Clement is a professional astrologer with more than 20 years of experience counseling clients from all walks of life. In addition to her private practice, she teaches, lectures and writes about astrology. Debra is also the host of Anchored in Astrology, an internet radio show that airs every Sunday at 9:00 AM PT /12:00 PM ET on Contact Talk Radio. For more information, visit Anchored in Astrology.

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  1. alisandra says:

    HI there… really enjoyed your article.. I am A Virgo Sun in the 8th house..Moon in Pisces..2nd house..
    Mercury Libra 9th house.. VENUS IN LIBRA. 9th house…..

    And so on… My concern is My VENUS in Libra…..And now with Saturn in Libra.. Oh will this effect me.. ?? xxxxxx
    My Saturn is in Aries in 3rd house…. xx
    EALLY looking forward to hearing from you

    Blessings x x xx

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