Venus in Aries, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

AriesVenus in Aries and Mars in Virgo each bring very different gifts to this unique pairing, in which moxy meets precision. Their union, though prickly, can thrive under the right circumstances, but they have hurdles to cross before they can reach an understanding. The passion of Venus in Aries is tempered by Mars in Virgo’s need for the facts, and Mars in Virgo may grow uneasy around the action-packed tempo of Venus in Aries. Despite the friction, this duo can thrive if they work to grow together and make allowances for the other’s differences.

Venus in Aries is a “go for the gusto” kind of gal. She’ll stop at nothing to snag the object of her desire, and thrives on the challenge of the chase. Rarely shy in love, this Venus wants to express her affection at top speed. Lacking a middle gear in relationships, her inclination is more towards “all passion, all the time.” She’d rather get to the point than waste any time, as patience is really not her thing.

VirgoMars in Virgo likes to be very specific with his energy, directing it with intention and exactitude. In pursuit of a lover, this Mars is thoughtful and attentive, but there’s neither much room for error nor patience for mistakes with Mars in Virgo. This earth Mars enjoys careful sensual exploration, with a thorough attention to detail. Though no one is perfect in bed, this Mars sure would like to be.

As a couple, Venus in Aries and Mars in Virgo are prone to a few missteps at first, as they learn to blend their divergent energies. Venus in Aries usually appreciates Mars in Virgo’s desire to please her, and if she expresses her gratitude, Mars in Virgo is more willing to let the little things slide. Venus in Aries will keep Mars in Virgo energized, which helps this Mars get even more work done. In this way, both can benefit from their unlikely match.

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  1. Thank you for this.
    I’m the one with the Virgo Mars and my husband has the Aries Venus.He’s not hasty and impulisve in almmost anything *but* wanting to make love1(He’s a Taurus with Aqaurius Moon) and yes, I much prefer a lot of time and detail.LOL.

  2. Can you do a reading for Mars in Libra and Venus in Cancer?

    Or Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius?


  3. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for reading-glad the Venus and Mars combo fit you and your husband:)

    KB-I’ve got your requests down-will be up in about two months


  4. PisLeoAri32 says:

    Wow this is me and my twins father. I don’t know though I just want us to get along.

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