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The Venus in Pisces/Mars in Taurus combo unites imagination and sensuality in an easy interplay of water and earth. This couple is peace-loving and artistic, thriving on the beauty of the natural world. With their easy-going nature and “go with the flow” approach to life, this pair is more love than war, valuing peace over conflict in their relationship. Chemistry-wise, their differences keep them interested, while their similarities provide the ties that bind.

Venus in Pisces is whimsical and intuitive in love, following her heart wherever it may lead. Like an enchanting siren from the sea, this Venus is both seductive and hard to grasp. She is kind and compassionate in love, but can also be deceptive. Her powerful imagination and innate spirituality allow her to dream up romances of an epic nature. Whether her partner can live up to the fantasy is always a question, but this Venus never stops trying to bring her dreams to life.

TaurusMars in Taurus has an innate sense of connection with the natural world, which gives him a sensual aura that is hard to resist. When this Mars pursues his desires, he is unstoppable, like a bull butting his horns into his prey. Though passionate about what he wants, Mars in Taurus also has a calm, steady side that enables him to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This Mars is a connoisseur of beauty and pleasure and seeks out experiences which allow him to indulge in both.

Mars in Taurus provides Venus in Pisces with a grounded and earthy approach to sex, one that is both exciting and fulfilling. Venus in Pisces holds an almost ethereal allure for Mars in Taurus, enchanting him with her watery grace. Together, these two can create a very special relationship that is both practical and the magical at the same time.

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Fern Feto SrpingFern Feto Spring is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she incorporates a variety of tools into her consultations. Besides her private practice, Fern teaches classes and workshops nationwide. She also works as an intuitive consultant for businesses and organizations, providing counsel and facilitating organizational development workshops. More info at:

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About Fern Feto Spring

Fern Feto Spring is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she incorporates a variety of tools into her consultations. Besides her private practice, Fern teaches classes and workshops nationwide. She also works as an intuitive consultant for businesses and organizations, providing counsel and facilitating organizational development workshops. More info at:


  1. “Chemistry-wise, their differences keep them interested, while their similarities provide the ties that bind.”

    This is so true! It’s one of the reasons we kept each other intrigued for as long as we did. Hung out very little, but when we did, it was always amazing on some level. Ahh an Aries w/ a Venus in Pisces and a Pisces w/ a Mars in Taurus…

  2. I find this very true. I got venus and mars in pisces, he’s got mars in taurus. I am also a taurus with moon and mercury in taurus too, so it definetely adds to that chemistry. We are both relaxed and passionate lovers. He has got moon in pisces too which compliments my venus and mars.

  3. Hey could you please do venus in taurus and mars in pisces please…nowhere on the whole entire internet have I found a taurus and pisces venus and mars compatibility…thank you xx

  4. LunaticLiz says:

    I’m dating a guy, J, who hasn’t been clear or consistent in his behavior or communications with me, and it has left me a bit confused. I’ve done his chart and mine, and looked at the various aspects of our compatibility, but I am still on the fence on whether I need to write him off, or be patient and wait a little longer for him to figure out what he wants. I’m an Aries, with Taurus as my ascendant, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Libra, Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Taurus. He is a Leo with Venus and Moon in Virgo, Mars in Taurus, Mercury in Leo and according to the birth time rectification I did, he has Taurus as his ascendant as well.

    Here is a bit of background on our interactions and us. We met last October on an online dating site and he texted me frequently, but it took almost two months before I finally got him to meet me in person, the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’m not too shy or traditional, so I don’t mind initiating dating or sex, and generally pay my own way unless I sense that it’s a point of “manliness” for my date. We had breakfast, went to a flea market and had a really great time. Although he was obviously very nervous, ease of communication and comfort with each other was great. He asked me out again before we both went our separate ways. However, while he still texted me regularly and our chats were genuine and positive, I always got a “maybe” on the next date and then he ghosted a couple weeks after our November date.

    I’m not really the type to chase someone too much, especially if I don’t think they are interested. I’m not at all vain about it, but I’m a very smart, attractive and desirable woman and I know it. Chasing someone who doesn’t want you, just isn’t very logical, when you have a bunch of other decent candidates, just waiting for you to make time for them. However, something about him made an impression, and I wasn’t satisfied with the way he just “ghosted,” so after a few weeks, in December, I texted him, and asked what had happened, and called him out on his “ghosting.” He played innocence and naivety on the matter and then the regular texting started back up.

    After a few weeks of consistent texting complete with sexual innuendos and lots of flirting, I called him out and in so many words told him, if we didn’t see each other again, I wasn’t going to continue texting him. Within a week we went out again (the weekend after Christmas), and just like last time, had a really great time. So great that he went above and beyond trying to keep the date going, when our original plans fell through. It ended up with me going back to his house, where nothing happened, beyond some VERY MILD cuddling. He walked me to my car, where he kissed me goodnight.

    We saw each other again the next weekend, where he invited me up to his room, but did not want to have sex. I’m very amorous (and not at all shy about sex) and he was definitely aroused, but not exactly receptive. He was definitely fighting his own desires, but was very insistent on sleeping. I laid with him for a little bit, but ultimately left because I didn’t really understand what was happening and it felt weird.

    He texted like normal through the week, but waited until pretty late Saturday, to invite me to breakfast on Sunday. It felt more like a “lets step back and be friends” date, so I declined him very politely and explained how I felt about the breakfast date being a step backwards. I told him that while I liked him a lot, if he wasn’t interested in me, then we should stop seeing/texting each other, and that I just wasn’t interested in a new “pal” at the moment. He said he liked me, and I was awesome, blah, blah, but he understood and apologized. Wished him the best and thought that was the end of it.

    Later that night he sends me a message about cuddling with me. I became very irritated and sent a semi angry message. Then a less angry message explaining how the message made me feel, especially after what was said early that day. I told him how it made me confused, and that he needed to decide, yes, he was interested in seeing where this went or no, he wasn’t and that “maybe interested” wasn’t an option. He sort of changed his tune, and told me he was confused as to how he felt about me and asked me to come over to his house. I was already out with friends, and declined, so he asked me over Sunday night (we had the following Monday off).

    We never talked about his confused feelings, but we had a really nice time as usual. I didn’t push or press him for anything, and repressed my usual amorousness, letting him decide what he wanted to happen, and then I just followed his lead. We went up to his room to “cuddle,” this time having it lead to actual intercourse, that he initiated very aggressively. Aggression as in taking over the situation with definitive purpose, not violence. Until this point, I had not seen anything that resembled dominance from him. Since that weekend, I have not initiated any of our dates or sex. I’ve left that up to him and we had 4 or 5 more weeks like that Sunday, sometimes with him finding reasons for me to stay when morning came.. breakfast, garage saling, flea market.. various things. One weekend I even stayed over the following night too, at his request.

    There was a weekend when, my birth control wasn’t as effective, and I was spotting so that we couldn’t have sex, but he still wanted me to come over. So I did and all we did was spoon each other. The next weekend he invited me over like usual. I was very “eager” and very amorous since we hadn’t done anything the weekend before. He kissed me, but ended the kiss quickly every time I tried to kiss him. Pushed my hand away when I moved to close to his groin area while we were watching tv. He held and played with my hand all throughout the night, and spooned and held my hand while we slept, but he never initiated intercourse. The next morning he asked me to go shopping with him, then we got lunch and then he asked me to take a nap with him, where he spooned and held my hand again. I tried kissing him again after we woke up from the nap, and he again broke away from it. As I left to go home, I wasn’t going to try to kiss him or anything because of all the weirdness every time I tried to kiss him, but he stopped me, and kissed me. We texted all week like normal, but the following week he didn’t ask me over. I had midterms so I really didn’t mind, and prob would of told him I couldn’t, even if he had, so I didn’t question it. He texted several times everyday over the weekend, but never asked to see me or explained why he hadn’t wanted to see me. I just left it alone and we continued on to the next week like normal.

    The Tuesday of that week, I got a bug up my butt, and asked him straight forwardly if he wanted to continue, or were we done. He told me he liked hanging out and doing things, but he felt more of a friendship. I said, “Ok, no problem.” and was set to move on, but he texted me the next day like nothing happened. I politely told him he didn’t need to text me anymore, but thank you. The following day he tells me about a yard sale he wants to go to on Saturday and gives me a perfectly rational reason why I need to go with him. I agree to go. Then on Friday he ask me to come hang out with his brother and his friend Chris. I really didn’t know if I should, but I eventually do go over there, with the plan of going out with friends afterwards though. I’m definitely dressed to go out when I get there, and get texted several times by said friends while I’m hanging out with him. His friend and his brother both leave and he tells me I don’t have to leave, its up to me. I go ahead and stay. He makes an obvious attempt to be discreet and goes to the bathroom to change into some gym shorts to sleep in. I follow suit, and just lay in my clothes. He spoons me and we just sleep.

    The next morning, he doesn’t seem interested in the garage sale, so I tell him I’m going to go home. He gets up real quick, ready to hit the garage sale so I don’t leave, then hints the entire time about his hockey tickets and how he has no one to go with, so I offer to go. Then he asks me to stick around and watch tv with him in his room, and then when I start to get ready to go, tells me I don’t need to leave… again. I stayed over and slept with him (just spooning) until about 3am, then went home. That was this morning at 3am.

    Obviously, I’m very confused. Part of me is like, “F this”, but there’s another part, that is telling me, I need to give him this.. let this “not quite dating, not quite friends” thing play out a little bit. I feel weird about it, but I also feel this sense that he’s not done with the part of this that could be more than friends. That maybe there’s more going on that he’s just not comfortable sharing, so he pushed me away, but now has reservations and is trying to keep me close now. Or am I reading too much into it, and he’s just bored and lonely and I entertain him, and there’s just not enough sexual attraction on his part to keep him interested in me romantically.

    I don’t want you to think I’m obsessing over him, because I’m definitely not. I’ve already had one date this week and have dates next week with two other people… and if they don’t work out, there are always more lol.. I just have this nagging sensation in regards to J. I see a reflection of those things, I value most about myself, in him. Those fundamental values and human qualities, plus a balance of shared and unshared interest, created potential for long term compatibility, but beyond that, I just really like being with him. So if he just needs some time to work stuff out, I wouldn’t be opposed to not dating anyone else and just waiting in this weird friend limbo. I know J’s Virgo Venus/Moon and Taurus Mars, are going to have issues with someone that just moves on with a “whatever” attitude, so I don’t want to give him that impression, if he’s just confused and feeling backed into a corner. However, if that’s not the case, then I’m ready to move on. I don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t going to work out. I know astrology can’t give me a definitive answer, but I’d like a little more insight into him and the possibilities of a compatible romantic future (not our romantic compatibility/synastry exactly, but how both our recent past and future looks as far as being in a healthy romantic situation with each other).

    J’s Birth info: August, 9, 1975 Stamford, CT 1200am (I’ve never found a good time to ask him, so I used rectification based on my knowledge of him.)

    M’s Birth info: April 18, 1982 Cleveland, TN 635am (My birth time is accurate.)

    Other info:

    J has a rule about no dates on nights before he has to go to work, which I don’t have a problem with, but shows an aspect of his personality. He broke the rule once with me.

    Our interactions are always jovial. There’s a simple easiness to being together. We don’t argue, we discuss, almost laughing about the difference in opinion rather than bearing harsh feelings against each other. I helped him with a project once, and it was like two machines programmed to do activities in unison, without the need of bothersome and time wasting communication.

    J remains erect long enough for me to have several orgasms, but vaginal intercourse always ends with him getting flaccid. Then we move to oral or hand for him, and only half the time does it work out. He gets frustrated and eventually roles over in defeat.

    The night he rejected me repeatedly, but then also spooned and held my hand and asked me to stay and hang out the next day and even nap with him.. I accidentally clicked on a bookmark folder that had a list of all the profiles of guys I’ve talked to and found interesting enough to meet in person from the dating site I met J on. I panicked and he got a good 3 seconds to see the list and what it was.

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