In the Mood: Essential Oils for a Stellar Sex Life

Essential OilsAromatherapy is a therapeutic and sensuous healing art form that uses the aromatic essences of plants to foster well-being. Essential oils – botanical fragrant remedies made from flowers, fruits, woods, and seeds – not only benefit physical health but can also positively inform and elevate our moods and emotions. As scents have long been associated with sexuality, it makes sense that these fragrant elixirs can also play an important role in inspiring our love lives. Considering that the zodiacal signs have unique temperaments, attitudes, and needs when it comes to passions of the heart (and body), each may benefit from using different essential oils in their romantic repertoire.

Here’s one suggested essential oil for each sign:

Aries: Vetiver
Vetiver should be one of the first fragrances that comes to mind for an Aries looking for an essential oil to stoke their libidinal fire. Its sweet, warming aroma gives Aries’ pioneering spirit a sense of unencumbered grounding. This can help nurture the endurance of your spritely and adventurous flames of passion.

Taurus: Palmarosa
Since Taureans are so tuned into their senses, they may be turned on by a host of different scents. Even still, palmarosa provides Bulls with a unique experience: its fragrance can help you securely move from your comfort zone of stillness towards a greater openness for new experiences (and therefore, more opportunities for the sensual pleasures that Taureans so crave).

Gemini: Lavender
A flower long associated with Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, lavender has a lovely romantic scent. It helps calm and center the mind, something that can be of benefit to mentally quicksilver Gemini. Its fragrance can foster focus while still supporting the Twin’s talent for multitasking, something that can come in handy in the boudoir.

Cancer: Jasmine
As the Moon – Cancer’s planetary ruler – rises in the evening, night-blooming jasmine’s fragrance grows more seductive. Jasmine quells feelings of vulnerability that may keep Cancers from expressing their desire to nurture and be sensuously nourished. Its exquisite scent helps Crabs release a bit of their protective shells so that moments of bliss can cycle in.

Leo: Neroli
Neroli is a classic fragrance for Leos, who always like to maintain their dignity, including between the sheets. Long associated with royalty, this essential oil distilled from Seville orange blossoms can help inspire fire in the Leo-ruled heart. Yet, because it has energetic cooling properties, it can help Lions rev it up without overheating.

Virgo: Cardamom
Cardamom oil can spice up a Virgo’s sex life. Its unique aroma helps to allay the Virgoan fear of losing control that can often inhibit their letting go. With a reverence for the practical, Virgos should know that cardamom’s enchanting qualities have been extolled throughout time, including in such classic tales as the Arabian Nights.

Libra: Rose
Long a symbol of both seduction and romance, roses embody luxury, something for which Librans have a great affinity. Rose oil is a commanding aphrodisiac that helps to inspire harmony in the heart. With a power to captivate and enchant that has been glorified in tales throughout history, it may very well have a legendary effect on your love life, too.

Scorpio: Ylang-ylang
Even with their deep desire for connection and inalienable sexual nature, Scorpios sometimes need a helping hand to add luster to their love life. Enter ylang-ylang, one of the most well known of the aphrodisiac oils. Its deep, rich scent can forge an alignment between heart and body, transforming a need for the intense into a sensuously nurturing experience.

Sagittarius: Jatamansi
At once exotic and exalted, jatamansi (also known as Himalayan spikenard) is a wonderful fragrance for Sagittarians on a romantic quest. An oil held sacred by many worldwide traditions, jatamansi has a warming and uplifting fragrance. Its aroma can help inspire faith and clarity, beneficial traveling partners during any amorous adventure.

Capricorn: Frankincense
Frankincense has an auspicious scent that can foster delight in Capricorns as they steadfastly ascend to elevated peaks of pleasure. Its fragrance can help instill tranquility in a mind concerned with achievement and performance. The fact that frankincense has a long history of esteemed value – it was one of the gifts of the magi, after all – should itself be a turn on to tradition-and legacy-honoring Capricorns.

Aquarius: Patchouli
If there were one scent associated with the freedom-loving ideals Aquarians so treasure, it would be patchouli. Not only does it embody flower-power notions, but its warming and sensually stimulating fragrance can also energize the romantic lives of Water Bearers. Patchouli can support you as you connect in with your heart and body, taking a slight sabbatical from being in your head, where Aquarians usually reside.

Pisces: Sandalwood
For Pisceans, everything – including sex – can be a sacred experience. To help make lovemaking more divine, try sandalwood oil. Revered for its use in spiritual practice, it helps to open the third eye, enhancing a connection to higher states of consciousness. Its sweet fragrance galvanizes the experience of “be here now” that can’t but help inspire the feelings of oneness and unity that Pisceans so cherish.

How to use the oils

Using essential oils in your romantic repertoire is not only enjoyable but also easy to do. Here’s some simple ways to use them (note that unless under the guidance of a trained healthcare practitioner, essential oils should not be used internally):

Massage oil: Aromatherapy can enhance the intimacy-promoting benefits of a couple’s massage. Add a few drops to several ounces of your favorite carrier oil, whether it be avocado, jojoba, almond, or another.

Perfume: Anoint your – and/or your lover’s – body with essential oil. As some people are sensitive to oils applied directly to their skin, you may want to mix a drop or two of essence with several drops of carrier oil before using.

Bath: Amplify the romantic quotient of a bath by infusing it with fragrance. To do so, mix a few drops of essential oil with Epsom salts and then add to the water. The salts will help the oil to more readily disperse.

Room spray: Envelop the room with sensuous scents by adding a few drops of oil to a mister bottle filled with water. Spray the space (including your linens if that’s appealing) as desired.

About the Author

Stephanie GailingStephanie Gailing, MS, CN is a certified nutritionist and wellness consultant who has been studying astrology for more than 16 years. She has written on astrology, nutrition, dietary supplements, yoga, and other wellness topics for various publications. She is the author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness (Crossing Press, 2009). Her blog, Planetary Apothecary, offers Monthly Wellness Horoscopes as well as daily astrological insights. Stephanie holds a masters degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University.


  1. x Kate x says:

    that’s just spot on ! I’m scorpio sun and I absolutely LOVE the smell of Ylang Ylang ! Even if it’s too deep or rich for some people to smell it pure, I just feel better when I smell it. I also have moon in cancer and jasmine is my second favourite.

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