Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

TaurusThis couple effortlessly blends their energies in a stable and harmonious way, creating a solid yet flexible container in which their relationship can grow. Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer delight in cozy and comforting time spent together. They also thrive in relaxing environments that involve all of the senses. Both enjoy cooking and nesting activities, so at some point in their relationship they will probably create a home together, an act that will bring both of them much fulfillment.

Venus in Taurus loves to roll in the rich mud of life, reveling in the sensual goodness of the five senses. She attracts love and affection to her with a solid and earthy magnetism that others have a hard time resisting. This Queen of Pleasure loves to indulge herself and those she loves with all kinds of delicious treats, edible and otherwise. In love, Venus in Taurus is steadfast and loyal. She prefers stability over change, and can be possessive if she senses any loss of affection or attention.

CancerMars in Cancer is an active dreamer who goes after what he wants, driven by his powerful imagination. This Mars seduces his lover by offering a safe and nurturing harbor from the seas of life. Protective and deeply loyal, Mars in Cancer will never give up on someone he loves. This Mars seeks deep emotional connections as a doorway to sex and is not one to pursue one night stands and brief affairs.

Venus in Taurus delights Mars in Cancer with her earthy sexuality and love of sensual pleasures. Mars in Cancer intrigues Venus in Taurus with his ripe imagination and passionate desire to connect. This couple can keep the sparks between them alive over the long-term, creating a steady flame that warms them both.

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  1. yay! at last 😀 Thank you.

  2. I would love to see a Venus Virgo-Mars Scorpio combination. Thank you Fern!

  3. Please post a Venus Virgo & Mars Scorpio Combination

    Also, Venus Pisces & Mars Cancer Combination

    Thanks Fern

  4. Please post an article on Venus in Taurus, Mars in Libra compatibility!!! Thank you.

  5. someone pls! let me know. taurus males are sooo charming… are there possibilities of pretencious behaviors and serial lying? evrything was going great. spending time, dinners, love, sex. then as soon as i become emotinally invested, he does not want a relationship. im a cancer (6/27/1985) and he’s a taurus (5/4/1984). care to explain anyone???

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