Venus in Virgo, Mars in Libra Compatibility

VirgoSensitive and refined, this pair has a heightened awareness of the realm of love. They both appreciate the finer things in life, bringing a connoisseur’s touch to the details of their relationship. Because they resonate at such a similar frequency, this couple may find that they have to work to keep the passion alive between them.

Venus in Virgo may appear to have a bit of a perfectionist streak when it comes to love and relationships—and the truth is, she probably does. Suffice to say, cleanliness, attention to detail and precision are all qualities this Venus values in a partner.

As Venus in Virgo seeks to find the perfect mate, she gains more awareness about what her “dealbreaker” needs are in a relationship and what she can realistically live without. As far as sex goes, Venus placed in the sign of the Virgin is anything but chaste, but she may need certain criteria to be met before she takes the big leap.

LibraMars in Libra is courtly, mannered and polite when it comes to going after the one he loves. As a placement that is truly “in love with love,” this Mars can sometimes get confused about where to direct his lusty energy, turning his attention to anyone who seems open to romance. This Mars wants to please others and sometimes does so at the expense of his own needs and desires. When this Mars is in a balanced and harmonious place, he can be the ultimate lover, pleasing his partner effortlessly.

Venus in Virgo appeals to Mars in Libra’s fine taste, offering a delicate approach to love. Mars in Libra infuses Venus in Virgo with a touch of poetry, softening her heart and emotions.

If this couple can infuse their relationship with enough positive tension to keep things interesting, they can create a union that fulfills them both.

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  1. Could you do a Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aquarius post? Thank you!

  2. Ok, I have a question. I am a Virgo woman (28) who likes a Libra man (24). Ok, we first met in a club. He came out of nowhere and ask to show me a popular dance move. We dance for like 3 mins it was great. When I looked at him I instantly felt for him. He was tall, handsome just perfect! My friends said after we danced he try to get my attention all night but I didn’t notice. I left the club wanting to know him. Fastforward I seen he was tagged in a pic from a club of one of my facebook friends page. I sent him a message and we quickly began chatting. At the time I was ending a relationship so we didnt hook up instantly. 4 months later I hit him again and we set a date meet up at a local beach. I started flirting with him and things started to get hot & heavy. Next thing I know my head is in the sand Lol. We do live like an hour apart from each other. Now its been 6 months and we hardly communicate. I have text him a couple of times saying I give up and when I do so he texts back sayin i’m special to him and he’s not angry at me Its just that he has alot of things going bad for him right now and he doesn’t want to bring me down with him. I want him to know that I like him and would like for us to have a relationship. It seems as if we have some miss communication between each other. So, yesterday I got up the nerve to call him. He was on the phone with someone else and it rang like 2 times and he click over to talk to me. I said hello, he said hello. I asked him if he was busy since he was on the phone he said kinda of.. What’s Up? I said I wanted to talk to you for a little bit. He said ok, let me call you back. I got all excited but he didn’t call me back last night. When we hook up I always get so excited plan things fun things we can do sexually in the bedroom. I admit I lick him from head to toe and try to fullfill all his fantasies but I don’t want to be limited to his freaky Virgo woman…. Whenever I say something about sex it always peaks his interest and gets him excited. I feel like he has a body magnet under his shirt that keeps me wanting more of him. What should I do?? Should I just telling him how I feel just let it all out on the table or walk away? Help me!!!

  3. True enough that Mars on Libra would tend to be confused of his own feelings of love vs lust. Be careful because he might say I love you but meant I want you.

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