Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aries Compatibility

ScorpioPassion and power shape the union of Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aries. Their alchemical union of water and fire creates a steamy connection that is dynamic and alive, but never easy. For this pair, challenge is a positive thing, otherwise boredom would compel them to seek out action elsewhere.

Venus in Scorpio is deep, dark and mysterious in her approach to matters of the heart. Her subterranean magnetism is hard to ignore, especially when it’s directed at you. Like an underwater laser beam, Venus placed in the sign of the Scorpion seeks to understand the most hidden depths and private reaches of your psyche. This Venus will settle for nothing less than complete honesty, though she herself may always keep a secret or two. But if you earn her trust, she’ll be loyal for life.

AriesMars in Aries loves nothing better than to be faced with a challenge in love, since the chase is really what it’s all about for him. As long as he’s running after the object of his desire, Mars in Aries is focused and fearless. But once he scores a win, the Ram can run just as fast in the opposite direction, seeking out new terrain to conquer. Impatient and bold, Mars in Aries knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to try and get it.

Venus in Scorpio is able to provide Mars in Aries with enough mystique and complexity to keep him intrigued for the long-term. Mars in Aries’ ability to brave new territory in love earns Venus in Scorpio’s respect, and his fiery passion keeps her interested. Though this couple may approach love like a battlefield, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. forgotyname AND sanity says:

    currently my mars aries on/off ‘lover’ has been hooking up with a scorpio (sun venus) but maybe they’ll get tired of each other or “otherwise boredom would compel them to seek out action elsewhere”” and im hoping that elsewhere is ME.
    i not going to lose my water bearer to that pointy tailed stinger .bitch

  2. I’m just curious of this combo, since I’m an Mars Aries, Sun Cancer

  3. Been happily in a five year relationship..we are Venus in scorpio and mars in Aries

  4. Yes!! I am Mars Aries Woman Married to Venus in Scorpio Male! Wr are yhe exact description of this combination. Not for the Faint of Heart!! 😉 Hes the Best!!

  5. Scorpio's wife says:

    I’m Mars in Aries and he’s Venus in Scorpio.The attraction even after 5+ years is off the charts.Venus in Scorpio provides enough challenges to Mars in Aries and keeps it intrigued.The passion is hotter than sun!

  6. The attraction is awesome. This is indeed true as I lack words to explain the way we compliment each other. Always in love with each other and can’t seem to get enough of each other still. He’s Venus in scorpio and I’m Mars in Aries

  7. I’ve been in a relationship with a Scorpio for a year now. It has to be the most challenging relation I’ve ever came across but I also know this is the last relationship Im ever going to endure. We love each other so much we also love ourselves as individuals so its hard trying to do what’s but for your relationship and partner in the same token . You have to pray together and also keep trust first.. The first 3 days we knew that we were in love and started moving quickly on it. with the togetherness of the two you guys can do anything . The bond and the passion is like no other. Scorpio has found everything that he needs in a woman when dealing with a aries.

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