How to Seduce Your Partner by Sign

Believe it or not, men and women do not operate equally when it comes to the art of seduction. Seducing an Aquarius man is a different tactic than seducing an Aquarius woman. Remember that a man or woman with Mars in this sign will respond the same as a Sun sign to seduction. So feel free to mix and match!

Aries Man
This one likes to be in charge. He wants to feel like he has won your attention, and if you make it too easy, you will lose his interest. He will be annoyed with me for saying this, but definitely do not put out until you get to know this man. Otherwise, the challenge and mystery have gone, and you will be relegated to a past conquest. He likes adventure, and if you want to get his attention, go on an exhilarating date like jet skiing or zip lining. Give him a long, lingering kiss goodnight, and leave him wanting more. Though not quite as much as a Leo, this man still likes to have his partner make him look good – so don’t slack off in your appearance. Hey, I don’t make the rules … I just pass em along. Jealousy can run thick in the veins of this one, so be careful not to pay too much attention to the other men in the room. Tell him what you find impressive about him. He wants to hear it. Be advised that this fiery warrior uses all that passion artfully in the bedroom! You can do a lot to make him want you, since he tends to run hot naturally. You will find accidentally brushing against his sword to be most effective.

Aries Woman
This woman is smart and dynamic, and will likely be so busy conquering the world (or at least running a business) that you have to jump up and down to get her attention. Once you have it – and she has agreed to go out with you – find imaginative and adventurous dates to go on. Thrill her with a motorcycle ride or a scary roller coaster. Getting her adrenaline going will get her motor running. In her twenties, she likes the bad boys, because they are exciting. In her forties, she is attracted to power and success for the same reason. Once you have proven you are worthy of her attention, she will be extremely demonstrative and have no trouble initiating lovemaking. First or tenth date means less to her than her feelings toward you. Spicy food and throbbing music will work on her underlying desire, and before you know it, she will be showing you a new definition of hot….

Taurus Man
Oh, I wish they were all this easy. As one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, it’s the simple pleasures that get this man’s attention. Smell good. Doesn’t matter what kind of scent, as long as it’s one that smells good on you. Put on something that shows some skin and still feels nice to the touch. Satins and velvets are a good bet. Make sure he is eating well while listening to music with a sultry beat. These boys seem to like down and dirty blues music. Take a minute to rub his shoulders and then put your hand on his thigh and absentmindedly caress it. The trick to this one is that he isn’t tricky. Just feed his five senses and consider yourself dessert! He likes every part of your body and is thrilled if he gets to play with it. The fact that he is always determined to make sure every job is done completely means that he will take his time to make sure you are as satisfied as he is. There is a reason I like to date Taurus men!

Taurus Woman
Ruled by Venus herself, your Taurus beauty will appreciate all things artistic and sensual. She moves slowly, and will resent being rushed into any kind of physical relationship. Don’t be flaky – it will send her running. Once you feel like she is ready to take it to the next level, make sure you have a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. She will want to take the time for you to explore each other. Providing champagne and hand-dipped strawberries will make her swoon. Feed her the strawberries and then lick the juice off as it runs down her neck. Clean bedding covered in fresh rose petals will throw her over the top. Take the time to kiss and lick every inch of her. She will be delighted. Once committed, she is yours.

Gemini Man
This one is a thinker and spends lots of time in his head. Delightfully charming and usually full of information about current events, he likes it when you get him thinking about you. Easy enough to do. Simply tell him an enticing story about a sexy fantasy you have had. He wants you to be thinking about him, he’s still susceptible to love letters. No one is more intrigued by witty banter than Mercury-ruled Gemini, so don’t get intense on this one. Keep it light, and feel free to use your words and even your humor to express what you like in the bedroom. It will turn him on to hear it, and he aims to please. One last thing: this sign is especially enraptured by having you stand behind him and say sexy things while running your fingers over his chest. I don’t know why, but who cares as long as it works!

Gemini Woman
A great communicator by nature, this woman needs you to appeal to her mind before you can hope to find your way into her heart (or bed). She is very busy, and accomplishes more in a day than you probably do in a week. That said, she still likes to feel like she is taken care of – and the best way to do that is to listen to her and actually pay attention to what she is saying. She thinks about everything, and sex is no exception. If you want to get her into your arms, you should start by making her think about being there. Leave her a message telling her how lovely she is and how much you want to kiss her. When you do kiss her, let it be long and lingering. She likes to use that mouth, so let her do something with it besides talk. Yep, that is what I mean. It turns her on as much as it does you. One last hint: she likes to give as well as receive. She will only wander if she gets bored, so be sure and stay interesting!

Cancer Man
CancerThis man is seduced by food, as proven by the fact that if he is trying to seduce you, he will almost always provide a lavish meal. This is the man who whips out the fruit and whipped cream and starts hand-feeding you before turning to licking it off your body. Turn the tables on him, and he will be mesmerized. The only thing a Cancer man finds more relaxing than a great meal is a great meal by the water. Wine, fruit and cheese on a private beach (don’t forget a big soft blanket) will make for a wonderful memory with this one. So will time spent alone on a boat. He loves breasts both big and small, so be sure to wear a low-cut top or a slightly see-through blouse. Expect lots of cuddling from this man after the fact. He is sensitive as well as sensual.

Cancer Woman
CancerThis one is a bit tricky. She is very careful to protect her heart, and it may take a while for her to let you in. Once she does, she will want to please – and nothing turns her on like knowing it’s working. Whatever you do, please do not joke about her body. She can be overly sensitive, and it will be really hard to come back from a joke made about her … well, anything! She is actually turned on by being cuddled and feeling secure. That said, she loves having her body appreciated with a firm touch. Gentle nibbles just about anywhere will drive her wild. Focusing on her breasts and thighs will be quite successful. Cuddling after the fact will be required, though she wont be the least bit offended if you fall asleep while holding her.

Leo Man
LeoThis lion is King and he knows it. He is charming and commanding. It is always fun to have a Leo man in the room. That said, he does not like to share. He is fine with him dating others, but he does not want you to. Be sure to caress this man’s ego by telling him how strong, handsome and capable you think he is. He loves to know how great he is, and he will never get bored hearing it – particularly if you are singing his praises to others in front of him. Be sure you have taken the time to look like his Queen. His pride in your appearance will be obvious. Run your fingers through that mane of his and you will have his attention. In bed, he will want the – pardon the expression – lion’s share of the attention on him. Odds are he really can growl (and it’s pretty sexy!). This man will like to take you from behind. Go figure – this cat likes it doggy style.

Leo Woman
LeoTell her she is beautiful, and mean it. She is, and she probably knows it. She is intrinsically powerful, and likes to run the show – so let her. She doesn’t want a pushover, but she won’t do anything she isn’t good and ready for, either. She wants the finer things and will respond well to gifts, fine restaurants and steady attention. Text her to let her know you think she is incredible. Buy her exotic flowers (cheap flowers will probably not impress her) and European perfumes. Pay attention only to her when she is in the room, and don’t let any other woman distract you. Encourage her to strip for you. She will be as turned on as you are from your attention. She likes to play, so think of creative games. Remember to keep the focus on her, and you will be delighted with the results. Her pleasure will turn into yours!

Virgo Man
VirgoOrganization is key. I once dated a Virgo who couldn’t sleep unless all his shirts were organized by color and facing the same direction! Don’t even bother to try to entice him in a messy house, because it just won’t work. He will be so freaked out by the mess that he wont be able to concentrate. His mind, like Gemini’s, is ruled by Mercury, so he is a thinker. That is a bonus. Men think about sex like a billion times a day, so make sure you are who he is thinking about having it with. He likes to fix things, so ask him to repair something for you and then wear something skimpy and crisp white while he is fixing it. Tell him that seeing him fix things gets you hot, and be ready to back that up with some action. Offer him a massage since all that thinking makes him tense and remember to start with a scalp massage to relax him, then work your way down to his chest and just go on south from there. Talk to him about how good he feels and how excited you are as you touch him. Words really get his attention. He likes to kiss while making love, but don’t expect him to open his eyes since he is probably imagining you somewhere else…

Virgo Woman
VirgoI’d be willing to bet the phrase “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” was coined by a Virgo woman. For this woman to feel ready to make love, many things have to fall into place. Not the least of which is a well organized bedroom. If you are taking her to your bedroom, be sure the bedding is clean and you don’t have anything laying on the floor! The height of sexy for this gal is taking a shower together. All that steam combined with soap will get her going. Try not to get her hair wet though, since she spent considerable time making it perfect. Once you are both clean and ready to go, carry her to your bed and let the games begin. She has taken particular care of her feet and hands, so licking and sucking extremities will get her moaning. She will take her time to make sure everything is done to her satisfaction, so hang on and enjoy the ride!

Libra Man
LibraVenus rules this sign, so this man likes true quality. He appreciates refined beauty. Elegance is key. Trashy style of dress or language will not impress this one. He will admire your expensive lingerie and will likely prefer that you leave it on. (He won’t want to tear it off like many other signs do!) Tease him by running your hand up his thigh under a jacket in a crowded movie theater. He will love it, and he will be carrying you to the bedroom as soon as you hit the front door. That is, if he doesn’t just pull you into the back seat of his car on the way home!

Libra Woman
LibraShe is a natural beauty, and will exude a grace that will make it very easy to find yourself mesmerized by her. The hardest part of seducing a Libra woman is getting to the front of the line. Her gentle elegance and lovely curves will draw lots of admirers, and she is not in a hurry to be caught. She wants the whole package. Once you are in position, delight her with edible delicacies such as cheese-filled dates and fine truffles. Hand feed them to her with classical music playing softly in the background. Whisper how beautiful she is. She is happiest when your attention is focused on her, so be sure it is. Even more than most women, she is a true fan of languorous foreplay. You will be delighted with the results!

Scorpio Man
ScorpioThis one is not for the faint-hearted. He is sex incarnate, and all of the good and bad that goes with that. It’s not his fault, really – he is a water sign ruled by Mars, the fiery god of war. Water and Fire make steam! He loves to flirt and has a great imagination. He likes everything to be intense – especially his physical relationship – and will make sure you know that he wants you. Getting him to want only you may be the challenge. Once you have him, don’t look at other men, or there will be a fight. Be open to adventures bordering on kinky. Be advised that he will not just want to make love to your body – he wants your soul. Power games are fun for him, and he likes feeling like he is dominating you. Let him feel like he is in charge (because he probably is) and he will find lots of ways to drive you crazy!

Scorpio Woman
ScorpioThis intense beauty will have you enraptured in a very short time. She will want to know everything about you and have a way of getting you to tell her things you haven’t told anyone else. (Don’t make her mad, however, because though she will not divulge your secrets, she will absolutely use them against you). She can’t help but be attracted to any kind of power, so if you have it, flaunt it! She has a killer BS detector, so don’t make more of what you have than you do. She will know. This is the woman who will probably like having her hands held down over her head while you ravage her. Or she will want to tie you up. Could go either way. In any case, your cooperation will be richly rewarded!

Sagittarius Man
SagittariusThis man has wanderlust. He likes to do and see everything. He is the life of the party, and almost always has at least one friend around. Why be alone when being with others is so much more fun? He is impressed by strength and independence, and it will only turn him on if you beat him at any game. He will pat himself on the back if he wins, but he will massage yours if you do. Not surprisingly, this centaur likes the outdoors and is fun to romance in private outdoor settings such as fields and parks. Start by scratching his back lightly and then move to stroking his thighs. He will gladly take over from there…

Sagittarius Woman
SagittariusThese women are not likely to hold back. She is always looking forward to the next adventure and she calls ’em like she sees ’em. Bad news is that she won’t bother faking an orgasm to make you feel better. Good news is that she is a great communicator and very happy to tell you exactly what she wants. She will like things pretty physical. Wrestling with her gets her hot and sweaty, and she really likes that. Any way that you can find to incorporate aerobic activity into your sexual activity will drive her wild. She likes to feel like sex is not only satisfying but also good for her heart rate.

Capricorn Man
CapricornThis man is a hard worker and is proud of it. He is good with money, likes status, and will want a partner who can help him accumulate one or the other. He likes the finer things, and your sexy undergarments are no exception. Wear your lacy thong with the garter belt and matching stockings, or a tight-fitting designer T-shirt. Doesn’t really matter as long as the quality is good. Don’t hesitate to laugh in the bedroom, as he has a great sense of humor! He feels most powerful in his office, and as much as he is tightly organized, he will probably be okay with you pushing the things on his desk aside and having your way with him right there on the desk. Mention the fantasy you have had about hiding under his desk during a meeting he is having and doing things his boss might not be too happy about, and watch his blood boil!

Capricorn Woman
CapricornOne word describes this woman. Powerful. She gets things done and she generally gets her way. That said, sometimes being the only one who makes decisions is exhausting. Take some of the pressure off of her by choosing an understated but elegant restaurant to take her to instead of giving her five choices of places to go. Spring for a great wine and ask her what she has decided to have for dinner. When the waiter comes, order for her. It’s old-fashioned, but this woman will swoon if you stand when she gets up or returns to the table. Old style manners make her feel like the lady she is. She is strong and capable and still yearns for the day when women were treated as if they were glass. She probably has a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover in her nightstand, and reading to her from it will get her imagination flowing. Whisper sweet things to her while you kiss her neck and bosom, and she will melt at your touch.

Aquarius Man
AquariusKeep it light. This one does not like to feel fenced in. Even the married Aquarius men I know keep parts of their lives separate from their spouses. The ultimate accordion: one minute, they are close to you and happy; the next, they are distant and reserved. The trick is not to take it personally. Let him come to you when he is ready, but make sure he knows you are not mad and that he will be welcome when he arrives. He loves electronics of all kinds. This guy probably has an awesome home theater (or really, really wants one), the newest computer and has surround-sounded his whole house, including his back yard. Electronics just make him happy. So work with that by sending a really sexy picture of yourself wearing minimal (if any) clothing to his computer. Or make him a sexy video of yourselves together or just you alone. Either way, you will drive him crazy, and he will have trouble getting you out of his head. And that, my dear, is the best way to make sure you stay on his mind. Oh, and don’t forget to run your fingers through his hair as he is falling asleep. That will keep him coming back for more.

Aquarius Woman
AquariusHer independent nature is probably what attracted you to her, and now you have to make sure it doesn’t freak you out. She has her own life and friends, and will want to keep them separate. Lots of others that she will call “friends” will be trying to get her attention, so work a little harder with this one. She is worth the effort. Extremely bright, she will be much more impressed by the conversation on a date than the location of it. She likes good food that is not necessarily expensive. A public tryst will drive her crazy, and finding a way to be a bit naughty in public will definitely get her going. She is not an exhibitionist, but she does like the thrill of possibly getting caught, so make the most of those kinds of opportunities. See how much you can get away with on a public hiking trail or in a parking lot.

Pisces Man
PiscesHe loves me; he loves me not. That was someone describing a Pisces man. He is all in and can practically (and sometimes actually) read your mind – and then suddenly he is distant and aloof and you can’t tell what is going on. Will drive you crazy if you let it. Don’t. This one is emotional and sensitive and wants to know he is making you happy. If you are feeling good, he can’t help but follow. If you are having a bad day, he will try to make it better – but if your bad day is making you a bear, he will take it personally. So warm him up by filling up a tub with a nice bubble bath and some champagne. Soap up his toes and rub his feet. Picking up on other people’s emotions all day can make a person insecure, so be sure to tell him everything you like about him. He won’t believe you at first, and then he will be captivated. This fish likes the water, so trysts in the ocean will put him over the top!

Pisces Woman
PiscesThe only real way to seduce a Pisces woman is to make her fall in love with you. She simply cannot sleep with anyone she does not love. It feels wrong to her. And that is the trick to her. Make sure you feel right. Don’t rush her, and definitely don’t be crass or abrasive. She is delicate and sensitive. You are much more likely to attract her with poetry, sensual music, romantic films and subtle caresses than outright advances. Once you know you have piqued her interest, take her for a midnight swim and then wait for her to make the first move. Admire her (but don’t leer) from a distance and tell her she is amazing. Let her come to you, and then gently worship every inch of her. She is much more used to giving than receiving, so in the end you will both be very, very happy.

This post originally appeared at AstrologyDating and is republished by permission of the author.

About the Author

Hilary YoungHilary Young has been practicing “All about me” astrology for almost 30 years. Having used Astrology to navigate relationships with friends, family and lovers, she created the matching system for as the CEO/Founder of the first dating site to utilize entire charts to create comprehensive matches. She has recently begun to blog about astrology, but has written several posts on dating and relationships. She is grateful that being totally self-absorbed has finally paid off 😉


  1. I will say that one should also keep in mind Venus and Mars signs! I am a Pisces, however my Mars (sex and energy) is in Sagittarius. Thus, I am more easily seduced, yet I love adventure and surprise. My Venus is in Pisces which makes me sensitive and mystical, yet the fire in my chart makes sex a game!

  2. Lovely_Libra says:

    Ha! Great read and so true :D. I agree, one should know their Venus and Mars sign. I’m a Virgo/Venus, Sag/Mars and Libra/Sun. Kind of an interesting combination . . . All three descriptions given are pieces of me and what I like. It just goes to show there’s a lot more to one’s character than just their sun sign.

    Mmm, Scorpio men are deliciously intense 😉 The Sag girl in me loves it when he takes control (or loses it). The Libra in me can’t get enough of his attention, and this Venus in Virgo girl definitely loves her steamy baths. He can carry me away any day! Ah sigh!

  3. How much does a person’s moon signs weigh into this? I mean maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces sun and the part about not having sex unless I am really in love in love is part of it and so sex is all about emotions and all. Because while I definitely find the Pisces thing to be super accurate and it’s so-so for my venus and mars (which are both in Aquarius), my moon is in Scorpio and the Scorpio woman is definitely about the most accurate thign I’ve ever read, for myself. It’s a total turn on if you tell me all your secrets (and yes, I will use them against you if you hurt me) and Mmmm power is so sexy!!!

    Just wondering. In general, I tend to identify with my Scorpio moon very strongly and I’m one of those INTENSE sorts of people.

  4. Yep, the Moon is uber-important.

  5. virgo queen says:

    I dont think something they say about libra man is right…that they like lingerie on…they like you bare skin, they are so animalistic. Is like every dirty thing is in their mind they also like porn…THEY ARE HIGHLY SEXUAL OR RAW SEXUAL.

  6. virgo queen says:

    and my first experience with one libra was exactly the opposite of what they describe up their he tore my pjs ….and had sex with me from 12p.m. to 8a.m. in such circumstances that I cant describe here.
    Always extremely sexual, we would do it 10 times on a sunday!. THE most sexual person I ever met…not the best like scorpio…bUT THE QUANTITY of our sex ourtrageous!.

  7. Crabby riot act- i’ve noticed the Cancer has one of the least numerous posts on this blog…i doubt it’s because people don’t have troubles with their Cancers. So why so few?

    then another thing- it really bugs me that throughout ALL zodiac-related posts, the Cancer woman gets to be at most ‘tricky’. Taurus girls are ‘beauties’, Leo ladies are ‘beautiful’, Scorps are sexy, Caps are powerful…and the Cancer girls are always maternal, allegedly lousy in bed (likes to be cuddled and held,is sensitive edging neurotic, men run away from this type of behavior hence the alleged lousiness), emotional bundles of tears and neuroses…that is so not true! If anyone took the time to check up, Cancer women are probably THE trickiest women of the zodiac not because we appear to be hard on the outside, soft on the inside, but because we are so versatile! we have scorp’s sex drive, taurus’ love for glam, we can back off faster than an aqua and think things as deep as a cap..or cheat like a sag and lie like a pisces, for that matter.
    Cancer women are way more complex than everything mentioned here, and while i wholeheartedly appreciate the validity of most articles, frown intended when it comes to the Crabby ones.

  8. leo female says:

    Text me to let me kow you are thinking about me and you won’t need the flowers. Leo females aren’t all that needy…all we want to know is that the effort we put in to loving you is appeciated and returned. Gifts not needed…..

  9. I’m an Aries ascendant in first house and a Pisces sun sign in twelfth. I find the Aries description more accurate to me. I cannot stand slow paced dating. Prefer crazy adventure, a date is always better if the guy is speeding/breaking some rule/pulling some prank/ 🙂

  10. bring it on scorpio men, bring it on!

  11. This is an accurate description (Taurus woman) for me at all. It sounds so cheesy! haha

  12. This is not an accurate description (Taurus woman) for me at all. It sounds so cheesy! haha

  13. luvalileebra says:

    I think that this is on point and even more so re mars/venus. I’m (obviously) a Libra but I also have Venus AND Mars in Leo. (I know — that’s a lot to deal with). I admit that my need for attention is great and if I don’t get my share of it, I can be a little insecure at times. However, as a LIbra, I’m also very “other” oriented meaning that my focus is usually on what’s going to make my mate happy. Virgo rising also makes service to others and being useful a priorty. (Thank God for the balance otherwise with all that Leo and Libra ?? Woa!) Also re Virgo, what they say about “nothing on the bedroom floor” is soooooo true — I gues it’s my Asc. that makes me want to do a u-turn if I go in a guy’s bedroom and it’s messy. (If I see a nasty bathroom, I might not even want to keep him as a friend – just being honest LOL.) Overall, I think that Leo description is closest so I reiterate what someone said earlier about venus/mars being more important when it comes to romance/sex than the sun sign. Libra: “classical music and handfed truffles” — for me? Nah, pass! Leo: “fine gifts and steady attention” — Yeah, that’s it, thaaaaat’s the ticket!!

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