Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

AriesThe Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini couple moves faster than the speed of light, progressing quickly in their relationship. Because they are so well-matched energetically, their “love rhythm” is compatible. Rather than being bored or feeling burned out, these two entertain and inspire each other.

Venus in Aries is forthright and blunt in love, going after what she wants with an honesty that can be refreshing or scary, depending on your point of view. This Venus wants to know right away if you are interested, and doesn’t have much patience for game-playing. As a devotee of change and action, Venus in Aries brings a fiery and passionate tone to any love connection. With a bold and courageous heart, she is always up for a romantic adventure. Venus in Aries also values freedom, bravery and self-understanding in relationships.

GeminiMars in Gemini is in constant motion, seeking new information and situations to learn from. This Mars pursues through communication, using words to seduce, cajole, soothe and excite. Though not known to be the most passionate of lovers, he can be quite a flirt, excited by witty repartee. Placed in the sign of the Twins, this Mars may sometimes show two sides, wanting to stay free and in motion at all times, without the constraints of expectation.

Put the two together and you a recipe for excitement, action and plenty of buzz. This combo can keep each other entertained and interested over the long haul, as long as they each can sustain the pace.

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  1. I’ve been in this type of relationship/dating situation several times and it has gone the exact same way every time: starts quickly, becomes suffocatingly close and then burns out (within a year). The trouble starts when inaction sets in for whatever reason. Then the fighting starts. Just to liven things up.

  2. which planet are you, Jazzy?

  3. “The Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini couple moves faster than the speed of light”


    i have a venus in aries my ex bf had a mars in gemini he also had a venus in aries and me a mars in leo we also had a

    Venus Conjunction Sun
    Venus Conjunction Mercury
    Venus Conjunction Venus
    we also shared a moon in pisces conjunction so we both pretty much fell head over heals for each other…i dicovered what passion really meant

    i can clearly remember the moment when we intuitively established that we werre together ..and by each passing day things got more and more intense and exciting! so exciting that it sadly had to end because it was just too much to take in one of us had to draw the line and that was me..sometimes i regret breaking it off because i find myself wondering if he maybe really was the one ..i felt that our love was sincere and wonder if ill ever find that again

    it also breaks my heart that he tried to get back with me for 4 straight monthes and after much tears and heartache,,i still find my heart going to him..and i know deep down that he feels the same way ..because our souls were one

    anyways whats done is done..and we live now an ocean apart but i still feel the love between us ..but yeah venus in aries and mars in gemini is an awesome match..short -lived but GREAT .

    xxlight &PeEACE

  4. hello fern i want to see a mars aries venus capricorn combo-even though it’s probably like mixing water with oil!
    or mars aquarius venus sagitarius

  5. Hi mermaid. I too have a Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini conjunction. I have a much more sporty and active moon in Sagittarius instead. I really havent been able to make enough connections to Aries women however. Though I certainly have loved a few. (Venus = Love) My latest love interest was an Aries woman much younger than me. usually the Aries woman has too many options and if there is any kind of sparks going…there is intense jealousy from their friends and would be suitors and people acting like its a matter of life and death that she must not like me…even lying and being underhanded as much as implying that He (me) clubs baby seals and is some serial murderer from some scary movie. It seems like everyone is threaten by such a high powered union. I think what it really is ..that they cant stand people like me being happy in love and with the love of my choice.

    A good bet is to check out a mans Venus sign..for the sign of his venus usual identifies their ideal woman. I certainly idealize the Aries woman I love. I cherish her but of course she’s impossible. She wouldn’t know a diamond if she held it in her hand. Or else somehow she distorts it all in her mind and heart. Love can be cruel sometimes.

    Also if you desire permanence look to Saturn ties…saturn trine, conjunct, opposes Venus…brings the discipline and the responsibility into a relationship. it might scare some people. However discipline and responsiblity and relationships go hand in hand sometimes. a sound structure and foundation is the realm of Saturn. You might not have had strong saturn ties. These may be required in order to marry someone and grow old together. Its not always the most appealing aspects of love but in the end we all grow old and Saturn governs Aging and your OLD years. The foundation that the saturn ties establish will endure the test of time.

  6. Hi there!

    Could you please do a Venus in Aries, Mars in Cancer?

    Best x

  7. I would also like to see venus/aries-mars/cancer interpretation please 🙂

  8. Can you make one for Venus in Aries and Mars in Capi please? 😀 This was very helpful. My friend says this is quite spot on!

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