Moon-Mars in Synastry: Gender Differences and Aspects

This post is a follow-up to Moon-Mars Aspects in Synastry: Sex and Psyche

Moon/Mars AspectsThough we’re dealing with a masculine and a feminine planet with Moon/Mars, it is a less sexually divided pairing than Venus/Mars. All of us have emotions, memories and conscious awareness (Moon), and all of us, male or female, express our sexuality through Mars. However, issues come up when one or the other party isn’t fully attuned to the planetary energy. If a man isn’t in touch with this emotional side, or a woman is out of step with the more aggressive parts of her nature, then the Moon/Mars pairing can get uncomfortable.

Woman’s Moon and Man’s Mars: When a woman’s Moon is involved with a Man’s Mars, he’s stimulated by her basic femininity. On the whole, women are in touch with their lunar side and express it unconsciously, unless there has been damage in childhood. Unlike Venus aspects with Mars, which can be about give and take and the game of seduction, Moon/Mars contacts require no effort to attract. One of the most seductive things about this combination is that it seems organic, natural. Unless there is a lot of conflict, the physical expression of this pairing is effortless. He seems to know just what to do, and she knows just how to respond. He will stimulate whatever nurturing responses she has, and if he’s the kind that seeks nurturing, he’s in the right place. He will spur her to a more complete expression of herself as a woman.

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About Dawn Bodrogi

Dawn Bodrogi has studied astrology since the age of twelve, and has been a practicing astrologer for over twenty years with a special emphasis on synastry. Her studies in Jungian psychology, alchemy, and Buddhist philosophy inform her work. Her upcoming book, The Inner Wheel, takes a new look at interpreting secondary progressions. You can see more of Dawn’s work at her blog, The Inner Wheel: Living with Astrology.


  1. i have a question regarding the signs in these aspecting planets , he has moon aries (3’degrees) and mars aries and she has moon leo (2′ degrees) and aquarius mars
    when a conjunction forms between these planets and these signs are in place does it make any kind of difference and what might we expect from say her moon leo his mars aries in conjunction

  2. I think we have a little confusion here. If his Moon and Mars are in Aries and her Moon is in Leo, her Mars in Aquarius, there can’t be a Moon/Mars conjunction between charts. Her Moon, if within the orb, will trine his Mars and his Moon will sextile her Mars.

  3. Facebook User says:

    Hi Dawn….very interesting to think about these two planets! What would you say about this combo: FEMALE-MOON IN CAPRICORN & MARS IN SAG…..MALE-MOON IN TAURUS & MARS IN VIRGO? I get the impression many times in our relationship that my Fiery Mars causes some trouble. I would love your input! Thank you.

  4. Well this cerntainly rings true for the relationship between my leo and me.

    My moon in sagitarius is directly trine his leo mars.

    Hiis moon is conjunct my sun aswell so II think that adds something into the mix maybe ?

    Jeffery I cannot describe it,there is something about him…… my moon in sag normally likes to runfrom emotions but I am finding myself all of a sudden not wanting to run from whatever barriers hes got under.

    Anybody else I am jumping jack flash, but jeffery he just gets under my skin I am no longer so scared of whatever floodgates hes opened I find myself wanting to let him in :S

    He is one of those men that no one thinks anything can get at him …. I swear he is a different person with me.I know hes got a softer side to him, then again I can be like that aswell.

    Hah it was quite funny last night we were having dinner together. I actually cooked for a change :P.He came in the door I can always tell when he wants left alone, I was shit this going to be the last thing he wants when hes had a hard day.

    We just kind of stood staring for a minute,I was getting ready to say something along the lines of why dont you go put your feet up ? well do this later if you want?

    He took a steptowards me and within about a second we were kissing it was funny neither of said anything we were just comfortable not talking,I swear we say more to each other with out actually opening our mouths;).

    I swear most of the time he doesnt even have to speak, he can read my mind, I can read his… not a joke.
    Needless to say dinner did not get eaten 😛

  5. I have been friends with a man for 2 years. We are both completely attracted to one another and have spent so much time together but NOTHING. We have discussed having a romantic relationship and we have even made plans to do so and NOTHING. The attraction and friendship is there, everything seems so right but for one reason or another – NOTHING.

    Our natal and synastry are totally recipricol. I have Venus/Mars conjunction squared by Saturn and so does he. The similarities are endless. I think we are a mirror for each other and have an affinity like nothing I have ever felt with anyone and he will tell you the same. We are both in our mid 40’s so we have both been married and raised our children.

    Our synastry includes Moon conjunct Mars (direct conjunction – less than 1 degree orb) My moon conjuncts his Mars/Venus conjunction and his moon conjuncts my Mars/Venus conjunction. We also have Sun conjunct Asc – both ways. Mercery trine Venus/Mars conjunction both ways. And we have our share of squares as well – all recipricol. Talk about intensity and FEAR!

    I enjoyed this article – thank you!

  6. My post is probably now to late, but never the less, maybe it will help someone else. If both of you have Mars0Venus square Saturn, and in synastry yours Moon in conjunction with Mars and Venus, than it actually means that you have Moon square Saturn double whammy. And that isn’t nice at all. You restrict and cool each other on subconscious level. You just trigger all that painful issues one to another. It’s better to have someone else’s planet in our Saturn then on the other side of square. Resolution is in dispositors. If they made good contacts, then good for you.

  7. beautiful description of intresting dynamic. thanks. I have a very exact bi-quintile moon-mars with a man (im the mars) and i feel its very similar to the moon-mars trine that you have described here. could be?

  8. bullseye48 says:

    This is interesting and hits close to home. My wife and I share two significant conjunctions: my mars on her moon in Aries, and my moon on her Saturn in Pisces. We’ve been living together for a little over four years and wedded a year ago. Suffice to say, it’s been a roller coaster of a relationship with near breakups and tearful makeups. Passion abounds, and it’s weird how, without much discussion, we both knew from the start that this was to be an all or nothing situation. A couple days ago we had a good laugh trying to figure out how we got to the point of living together and married, after all, there was no proposal or major discussion, it all just happened…….as if by natural progression.

  9. DeepInTheZone says:

    I need help here. I’ve been having some complication recently.

    Here’s the thing:

    My moon in Cancer and his mars in Cancer while his moon in Leo and my mars in Leo.

    What does this mean? Does it relate to any of the above description?

  10. How does the sign affect the conjunction? I met a guy with mars in the last degrees of pisces, conjunct my moon in the first degrees of aries. I do feel everything you say on the post but I really don’t know if he feels anything for me (besides of the sexual attraction). Also, his mars is opposite to my venus.

  11. what about lesser aspects? for example my mars in leo is about one degree off from his moon in cancer. does it have any pull?

  12. My moon is Cancer and his Mars is Pisces, a trine, so that sounds good. But my mars to his moon form a quincux, I have and Aries Mars and he a Virgo moon… which seems more tricky. Which placement should I give more weight too? Or perhaps there is a middle ground between the two?

  13. What if his moon is virgo and my mars is capricorn? Will it make it easier even though there is a gender difference? Thanks!

  14. Hello and thanks for the article! I am specifically curious about the Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries where the male is the moon. How does he experience this connection/is he as sexually attracted to me as I am to him?! Thanks so much!

  15. Jesus Gomez says:

    M K, I know it’s way too long to respond to this, but for others with a similar aspect then this is for you. I’ve been “hooking up” with a woman who has Mars in Aries and is conjuncting my Moon in Aries somewhat tightly. The good is that yes, the sexual attraction is great. I want to devour her. She is physically my ideal, but then again she has her Venus conjunct my DSC. Plus my Venus is conjunct her Moon, and the Moon is conjunct my Sun by a wide orb but still felt. Anyway, she is feisty. She’ll cuz me out for no reason, try to put me down by calling me names. None of that gets to me so I brush it off. However, she did tell me that she wanted to beat me up to turn me into a man. That did trigger me, but handled it in a calm manner. Now, mind you, I’m 37 and she is 22, so she is a bit immature and dismiss her BS as if she was a child. In fact, I do feel like she is my child, I feel something so sweet and tender for her even though I’m all bitter from past relationships. I feel energetic and playful around her. I like to play rough with her, as if I was wrestling a child. It doesn’t help that she is 4′ 7” and I’m 6 ‘ 1″. Yeah, if you saw us, it would sound alarms all over the place, lol. Anyway, I like her a lot, even if she can be difficult and bossy at times.

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