Venus in Cancer, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

CancerLike a fine wine, this duo ages well together. The harmonious combination of water (Venus in Cancer) and earth (Mars in Taurus) creates a love connection that is both stable and enduring. Once this pair makes it through the initial dating phase, it usually forms a relationship that is secure and drama-free. Content with creating a comfortable home and family life, this couple has no need to stir up excitement in other arenas.

Venus in Cancer is emotionally sensitive and intuitive. She loves in a nurturing and compassionate way, deeply loyal almost to a fault. This Venus can be protective and a bit possessive in love, wanting to know that she doesn’t have to compete for the affection of her mate. Valuing family and home life, Venus in Cancer will devote much of her energy towards nesting and creating a home with her partner.

TaurusMars in Taurus is passionate about physical comfort and stability. Taking slow and careful action, this Mars steadily moves in the direction of what he desires. As a lover of sensual pleasures, Mars in Taurus’ fires are stoked by beauty in all its forms. Though it may take time, this stubborn and persistent Mars is usually very successful at getting what he wants.

Mars in Taurus is attracted to the watery and mysterious depth of Venus in Cancer, drawn to her mermaid-like beauty and grace. Venus in Cancer is moved by Mars in Taurus’ peaceful, gentle nature and encouraged by his ability to manifest in the physical realm. When these two come together, they form a union that is strong and long-lasting. As a couple they are able to work through their rough spots with an ease and creativity that is inspiring to behold.

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  1. …waiting for a venus in taurus, mars in cancer report, wink wink! 🙂

  2. I agree, 100%. In the most perfect relationship of my life right now, as a Venus/Cancer and him a Mars/Taurus. It helps that the rest of our charts line up perfectly as well!

  3. mish mash-that one should be up this week!

  4. pleasee doo venus in cancer and mars in leo ! 😀

  5. anonymous says:

    Can you please write a combination for Venus-Cancer and Mars-Aquarius

  6. Memad-that one will be up in about a month-
    Anonymous-I’ve added your request-about a month and a half
    thanks for reading:)

  7. Mars in Taurus peaceful?I very much disagree. Mars in the sign of the bull.
    Taurus is far too often stereotyped as docile Ferdinand- its part of a somewhat PC New Age approach to astrology that does neither the subject nor the client justice. But like all signs it operates better or less well depending on the planet and aspect.
    Mars is not comfortably placed in Taurus, its in its fall.

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