Saturn in the Seventh: A Classic Affair Of The Heart

SabrinaIn the classic movie Sabrina (pick your favorite version – Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart or Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford), Sabrina Fairchild – the daughter of the Larrabee family’s chauffeur – returns home from her Paris education a confident and sophisticated young woman. She develops a burning infatuation with the engaged playboy son of the Larrabee clan, David. David has his own doubts about his impending marriage to a wealthy young socialite, a woman whose whole family is going to bed with the Larrabee Corporation in a lucrative business deal. David doesn’t miss a beat in picking up on Sabrina’s yearning glances. As married-to-the-business older brother, Linus, watches, David plans his seduction of the chauffeur’s daughter, believing himself to be “falling in love” with her. Sabrina allows herself to succumb to the dubious charms of this “bad boy,” melting into the dreams of her childhood.

Cold and calculating Linus will have none of it. He will not have a multi-million (or billion, depending on the movie) deal fly out the window because of another of David’s short lived affairs. Even as he prepares his checkbook to buy off the affections yet again of one of David’s dubious love choices, he finds out that both the ill-suited lovers are hell bent on their illusions. In the guise of the helpful brother, he tries to deflect the attentions of Sabrina to himself, with the ultimate strategy of sending her safely off to Paris once his plan is accomplished. Who would think of love in such a cold and callous way? Who would even think that social standing is part of the equation of amour? Who would dare to believe that ills in matters of the heart could be cured with a big enough checkbook? Someone with Saturn in the Seventh House, that’s who.

Saturn is not well placed in the house of relationships. In the Ormond/Ford version, Sabrina calls Linus “the only living heart donor.”

Listen to Linus’ explanation of why he hadn’t married:

“If I got married, I’d have to take a Dictaphone, two secretaries and four corporation counselors along on the honeymoon.

I’d be unfaithful to my wife every night with vice presidents, boards of directors, slide-rule accountants…

This … [indicating his office] this is my home.
No wife would ever understand it.”

(from the 1954 version of Sabrina)

Is it business or is it the coldness of their hearts? No, actually it is more complex than that.

Relationships require give and take of equals. The truth be known, Saturn in the Seventh denizens secretly measure people as better than or worse than them. Until they evolve past that point, they set up impossible goals in matters of love. Their ideal love is nothing less than perfection itself, something so unattainable that no flesh-and-blood lover could ever fulfill their requirements.

In addition, they themselves do not feel worthy enough of the kind of love they seek, so ultimately they bury themselves in their work, trying to make themselves good enough. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t mix it up with the opposite sex. Underneath the cool demeanor of the Saturn in the Seventh individual is a real sense of kink, someone who gets off on making it with people who are totally unsuitable partners. However, the trap is that once they get involved, Saturn keeps them locked into the relationship. This leads to another reason why Saturn in the Seventh is such a difficult position.

The Saturn in the Seventh person is leery of partnerships because these folks take on a great deal of the labor of the relationship, physical, emotional or both. The Saturn in the Seventh person tends to a marriage like a business, and while every bill will be paid on time, don’t expect “extra” money or time to be available for the fun things. That money is zipped up in savings or investments for a rainy day, or retirement, whichever comes first – and the time is spent on all-important work projects.

The Saturn person will support the partner in many ways, giving the partner “the hand up” they need to come up to the Saturn’s person’s expectations. The Saturn in the Seventh native does have high standards, expecting their partner to be hard-working, sober, stable and faithful – whether or not their partner has shown these traits in the past. When the expected “reward” of the relationship is not forthcoming, the Saturn person can simmer in their resentments. These resentments are often used to “cash in” on the reason why they won’t marry their lover. In their view, it’s the other’s persons fault that they can’t climb the pedestal on which the Saturn in Seventh person wants to place them.

Marrying young is generally not a good idea for these folks, since they need a fair amount of seasoning to be a good marriage bet. They need to work out their uber sense of responsibility to keep a relationship going. They need to work on their poor sense of self-esteem that allows to them to make choices in partners that are not good for them, or that holds potential lovers to a standard no one could attain. Once they do, however, they are the poster children for happily ever after, utilizing the best of Saturn’s traits to be sterling catches for someone who wants a forever love.

True to Saturn in the Seventh form, at the end of Sabrina, Linus managed to send off the chauffeur’s daughter to Paris, then realized he wanted her after all. He ran off after her, leaving the merger in David’s hands. But if you ask me, Linus was probably back to work within a month, married to Sabrina, with her pregnant. Saturn in the Seventh gets down to business once his or her mind is made up. He or she couldn’t do otherwise.

About the Author

Beth TurnageBeth Turnage is a professional astrologer with over twenty years experience counseling clients in career and relationship issues. She writes an astrology column for a weekly newspaper along the Connecticut shoreline and blogs about astrology at Astrology Media Press.

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About Beth Turnage

Beth Turnage is a professional astrologer with over twenty years experience counseling clients in career and relationship issues. She writes an astrology column for a weekly newspaper along the Connecticut shoreline and blogs about astrology at Astrology Media Press.


  1. Glad to know we suck so much. geez. That was like 5% positive stuff written in there. What a downer post.

  2. Sarakit,

    Geez, we’re talkin’ Saturn here, not exactly sunshine and light. It is a difficult placement for the relationships and the natives that have it. I should know. I have Saturn in the Seventh as well.

    And the point is we should lighten up, but usually we don’t.




  4. Hi,very nice article about saturn seventh house.what do you suggest about money matters for saturn seventh person.ive got a seventh house saturn and after marriage money has been very short and financial problems are not finish always bigger and bigger.should i leave from marriage?could it be a suggestion?

  5. Dear Dreamer,

    Money is always an issue for the Saturn in the Seventh person, and its not just about the bank balance, it is about a sense of security that comes from knowing that basic needs are met. With this position, no matter the social status, there is a sense of struggle. Usually the Saturn in the Seventh person has a better grasp of how to handle money, and wants to be the one to handle it, but it is a partnership after all, and sharing equally is a part and parcel of that.

    As for whether or not you should leave your spouse, that is a complicated subject, far outside the scope of this column. You should take this matter up with counselors that you trust to help you work through such a serious decision.

    God Bless,


  6. Loved it, Beth: thank you!

    And I gotta watch “Sabrina!”

  7. me too. yet another film to add to my netflix queue. but i’ll probably go for the bogart over han solo.

  8. A great movie! Excellent article, too :).

  9. Fleursdumal says:

    Beth, hi!

    I also have this placement, and yeah…it’s a bummer. Saturn also opposes my Venus and conjuncts my Juno!!! Would you please explain how this whole combo works and how to overcome it’s challenges??? I would very much appreciate it. I really need to know how to work with such a combo, as it’s really been hard. Thanks!

  10. Fleursdumal says:

    And I'm talking about the love/r.ships part, not the money part. Please, ignore the money 😛

  11. i have never seen this film..any of them.but i definetley plan on doing so.
    some would say venus in capricorn bascially represnts the same thing- i have venus capricorn and i cetainly wouldn’t say i am anything like the guy in sabrina and i also have capricorn in the 7th house and libra in saturn .go figure
    maybe i should start thinking outside my little box and chase after someoe=ne with status and money.
    at least then i may get something more out of men other than heartache and a damn headache.

  12. what a load of JUNK!
    did you get dumped by someone with Saturn in their 7th and this is your “payback”? there is incredible superficiality and cruelty in this post, and no understanding what so ever of either human nature or astrology. you’re just a cruel, bitter person looking for someone or something to blame.
    you sold be ashamed of yourself!

    PS you say that that character’s WHOLE personality of being reclusive and workaholic etc is up to ONE planet in ONE house – these ppl already have enough sadness in their lives; they already read only dark interpretations about this position – they don’t need this crap – that has NOTHING to do with astrology!!!

  13. PS if you have Saturn in the 7th, or if you’re just trying to learn astrology, MOVE ON and DON’T read this! it will not help you at all.

  14. @Trei

    You are most definitely entitled to your opinion, but as I said before this is SATURN, and yes it is a harsh taskmaster.

    Actually Ihave Saturn in the Seventh as a natal placement. I think I should be intimately aware of its ramifications.

  15. I have someone in my family who has Saturn in the seventh house. And in Capricorn. He got married when he was about 40. He says he married his wife because it made economic sense to do. From what we all can see, and this not something he talks about, he is quite devoted to his wife.

    Yes, a person can’t be judged by one placement alone. But a particular house does represent an area of a person’s life and planets and the sign on that house are quite revealing.

    Saturn in the seventh is not all negative and neither does Beth’s post make it sound like that. But the influence of Saturn in the seventh does flavor a person’s most intimate relationships with Saturn’s influence. Yes, Saturn is not a romantic dreamer. But Saturn is devoted, realistic, works hard and expects the same back. Not a bad star to hitch your wagon to in this world where promises are easily broken and words are cheap.

  16. Saturn is accidentally exalted in the 7th house, as it’s exalted in Libra. Just wanted to mention that.

    Also, planets in the 7th relate much of the time to the qualities found in our partners. So that those with Saturn here attract partners who limit them in some way, who are burdens to them, or who seem older or more serious or business-minded.

    I’ve seen it played out in many people’s charts as the following: they marry someone who is a finiancial or otherwise emotional burden on them. Sometimes because of illness of the partner, the 7th house Saturn person then is forced to take on the Saturnian role of handling most things, because their partner is incapable. The partner seems to cause restrictions and depression for the 7th house Saturn person.

    So these characterizations mentioned in this article do not all fall on the 7th house person. They’re not necessarily the serious, depressing, callous ones. It can, in fact, be the partner who has these qualities.

    And there is a positive side to taking relationships seriously. It doesn’t mean that the 7th house Saturn will marry for money or leave for money. That would depend on their values and self-esteem (look to their 2nd house for that).

    Saturn 7th people are loyal and perhaps too dedicated to relationships. They endure much more than they should (from what I’ve seen) so need to work on their self-esteem so that they know their own limits.

  17. Allie,

    That is a good and classic parsing of a Saturn in the Seventh. Now let’s look at it closer. Why is it that the Saturn in the Seventh person attracts a partner that can’t (or doesn’t) hold up an equal end of the bargain? That really is key isn’t it? For instance, isn’t it conceivable that the Saturn in the Seventh person, given a choice is going to default into the most comfortable position for them, that of being in control of the relationship? That this will happen unless, he or she has mastered their lesson and are aware of that they have a tendency to do this? Isn’t the lesson here to make wise choices in the matter of partnerships?

    This is really the only point I’m trying to make in this piece, and I used an extreme example to do so. Of course it but one aspect of a person, of course there are other things in the chart that define the personality, but when you are talking about relationships this how we are. We’ve got a lot to work through, maybe more than the average person, and it isn’t pretty while we do it. And because we are talking about Saturn, sometimes it takes a long time for us to get the lesson–like Linus, who was in his forties before he found the love of his life who was under his nose all along.

  18. Jorge Torres says:

    Thank You Beth Turnag i also have Saturn in The 7th House in Aquarius with a complicated Square to Neptune in scorpio in the 4th !!!!

    Realtionships are complicated and Neptunes Fog is´nt helping But Astrology helps to know more about Partners and prevent complicated situations I am a beginer also i focus on sharing as much as i can in relations so my partner gets to know me better and i can get to know her better !!!

    Really a very Helpful Article because it says thruths as they are so we can take preventive/Corrective Actions!!!

    Best Wishes Everybody !!!

  19. I believe in Vedic astrology which says that God took various forms in name of 9 planets to give rewards of Karmas to human beings.

    Astros these days just over hype things n saturn is their target all the time.

    Saturn is a planet o virtue and it wants us to be righteous and disciplined. MOreover if it is nicely placed in individual chart it gives very good results and makes one a king from Pauper. Saturn in 7th house is not exalted it is exalted in sign Libra and if exalted saturn is present in 7th house for aries ascendant it means person will have stable long lasting relationship. No planet is good or bad it just depends on its placement in horoscope. so i request not to generalise saturn effects .

  20. Hi Beth

    Eye-opening article………I have Saturn in the 7th house in Gemini , I’m 37, single and still cannot figure out the reasons for my failed relationships & also how i get attracted to the wrong partners & have difficulty in moving on…..

    Loved Sabrina !

  21. @Ashton,

    Recognizing there is a problem is the first step in solving it. Fortunately, Saturn gives Saturn in the Seventh natives plenty of time to do it.

    I so understand how difficult it is to do this.

    God Bless,


  22. Interesting article…I don’t exactly resonate with much of what you wrote (in terms of response to the opposite sex, marriage, etc). I have Saturn in the 7th, in Libra additionally. I have a big stellium there in Libra (Saturn/Jup/Merc/Pluto/8th house Sun) so it’s always hard for me to determine who’s on first. I can see how my response is to be hard working and be interested in people who aren’t logical or there for me. My biggest typical “Saturn in 7th” issue is that at almost 29 years of age I have not had a relationship yet. Supposedly us Saturn 7th natives aren’t supposed to try for a big relationship (ex: marriage) until after our Saturn return, so at least that might be good, hopefully! I don’t know if my perspective is colored by the obvious lack of relationships for me but I thought I’d throw my two cents into the pot.

    Loved Sabrina although Audrey ending up with Bogart really didn’t leave a satisfying feeling with me (though it was so obvious it was going to happen). It made me think of the Katherine Hepburn movie Holiday, where Cary Grant’s character is going to marry Ms Hepburn’s character’s sister. She’s in love with his image but sees the marriage as a business contract I think, can’t understand why he would want to honeymoon and see/discover the world, as opposed to doing the expected: climbing the social ladder, working in the family business, etc. Luckily he changes his mind on which sister to marry!

  23. Dizzy,

    Without seeing your whole chart, and on the basis of the stellium you mentioned, it would be that eighth house Sun that might be the culprit in defining the lack of a serious edge. Gives you a bit of a Scorpionic edge to the type of partner that attracts you.



  24. Beth,

    I have Saturn conjunct the DC, as part of a yod from quincunx neptune in the 2nd sextile uranus in the 11th also quincunx Saturn. Your article is spot on, unfortunately. I have noticed that I am attracted to women that are totally incompatible with me, and that I try to “help up” to my “code”, and this just does not work. I am actually easy going, but a couple of types of behavior make me seethe. I also hang in longer than I should. This behavior really pisses me off with myself, but I have acknowledged this problem and am working on it. This has proven to be a difficult placement in my life, but I am comfortable with my philosophical code, and can live no other way. I will find the woman that will appreciate this quality. Excellent work!


  25. wow!! nice points on saturns positions.

  26. I’m another Saturn-in-the-seventh person who considers Sabrina (the Harrison Ford version) one of my top five favorite movies.

    I’m 34, single, and wish I were in a relationship. Unlike some commenters here, I found this post comforting and encouraging.

  27. I have Saturn in my 7th house & I’m a libra ascendant… Does this mean I’m totally screwed?

  28. How come Saturn in 7th House is related with money?? Aren’t money connected with 2nd (own money), 8th (others money) and 11(big money from lottery)?

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