Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

CapricornIntroducing … the Love Executive and Mr. Mom! Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer form either a partnership made in heaven or a scene out of War of the Roses, as these opposing signs seek balance in love. Though there is a dynamic chemistry between these earth and water signs, they both must learn to understand their differences so that they don’t expect the other to change sometime in the future.

Venus in Capricorn has a practical, down-to-earth approach to love. Either her prospective partners have what it takes to be in a relationship with her, or they don’t. “Just the facts ma’am” is her motto: no need for messy emotions, sentimentality or too much drama. Instead, this Venus is wooed by physically manifest objects of affection, meaning actual things (houses, jewelry, appliances) or actions taken to demonstrate a long-term goal or intention. Trust and affection may build slowly with Venus in Capricorn, but once there, she will hang on for the long-term.

CancerMars in Cancer expresses affection sensitively, shyly and with great emotion. Folks with the planet of action in the sign of the Crab may be a bit tentative, but their claws have a great ability to maneuver things in exactly the direction this Mars wants to go. When Mars in Cancer wants to get under the somewhat serious skin of Venus in Capricorn, it is to seek out the stony, yet committed heart that he knows lies hidden underneath her armor. Venus in Capricorn finds herself strangely moved, though a bit discombobulated, by Mars in Cancer’s watery onslaught – and allows herself to be soothed by his sensitive expressions of affection. Together, this pair can learn about balance, integration and wholeness, as they open to the paradox that arises from being opposites.

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  1. Can you please do Venus in Cancer/Mars in Taurus? Thank you!

  2. got it down, should be about 6 weeks-thanks for reading! Fern

  3. great report!! 🙂 i’ve got a situation like this exact on my hands at the moment, helped 🙂

  4. Please do venus in scorpio mars in capricorn!

    its such a great match with random quirks that are hard to figure out, and i would really love your insight 🙂

  5. Your question is a bit cosfuning. Long periods of celibacy don’t necessarily equal a low sex drive. It could mean a person values quality over quantity. Earth and fire signs are more concerned with the physical act. Water signs more with the intimacy. Air signs are more intrigued by the idea of sex. I’d have to go with air signs as the lowest sex drive. Of course, I am not talking about Sun signs. Mars is the sex planet. Mars in an air sign is the least interested in the act of sex. Talking and fantasizing about sex are often enough for them. They have large porn collections. They find the actual doing a bit distasteful. Other factors in the chart will influence this.Look to the 8th house for clues about sex life.

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