Men’s Moon Signs, Part 4: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

About this series by famed astrologer, Donna Cunningham: Astrologers feel that the Moon in a man’s chart shows what his mother was like and therefore, the type of woman he feels most at home with. Many years ago, the famed psychologist, Carl Jung did a research study to determine the glue that held marriages together. A devotee of astrology, he looked at the charts of hundreds of couples who stayed together for the long haul and were compatible. He found that when the Moon sign of one of them was the same sign as the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant of the other, they were most likely to stay together because they could live together with more comfort. In this 4-part series, we’ll be looking at men’s Moon signs and, to give you a sense of what they’re like, some examples of famous men with those Moons.

moonface-planet-galleryMoon in Capricorn: Like the rings of Saturn, this guy surrounds himself with a protective wall, unwilling to rely on anyone. Security is extremely important, but he finds it in a well-kept resume and financial portfolio rather than in people. Often successful and gifted at management, Capricorn Moons abound among the most renowned world leaders throughout history. If driven to succeed, as so many of them are, he can become a workaholic and an absentee husband and father.

He’s very traditional where women are concerned. Mother was an ambitious, perfectionistic person, dutiful rather than warm, so he experiences women as demanding rather than giving. He draws clear boundaries in dealing with them, so nobody gets too close. The safest emotion is a well-controlled depression – anger, anguish, even joy are too apt to rock the boat. In the struggle to stifle feelings and override his needs, he’s likely to develop a delicate stomach, suffer from melancholy, or drink too much. You’re allowed to fuss over him if he’s sick. It’s in your job description.

Men with Capricorn Moons: Andrea Bocelli, Jon Bon Jovi, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Ron Howard, Magic Johnson, the Dalai Lama, David Letterman, Ray Romano.

Moon in Aquarius: If he had a mother who was erratic and often cold, he has great difficulty dealing with emotions and dependency. He can get very hot under the collar about social injustices and discharge many of his feelings that way. When you show emotions or needs of your own, he dismisses them with, “Oh, everybody goes through that. It’s due to the way society is set up.” Women are seen as comrades in arms and expected to sublimate their needs to the cause or group goal. (The positive male of this type may have had a mother who was an advanced thinker or committed to social change.)

If he can take care of whole classes of people, he won’t have to get personally involved. By staying detached, he can avoid being flooded by anything as irrational as emotions. When the flood comes, he goes. When not dealt with, however, those repressed emotions can come out in periodic explosions from left field. Many with this Moon sign were subjected to traumatic losses and separations in childhood. If so, he doesn’t look for security in a traditional home and family setting, but in attachments to causes, ideas, or the group.

Men with Aquarius Moons: David Copperfield, Russell Crowe, Billy Ray Cyrus, David Duchovny, Lorenzo Lamas, John Malkovich, Conan O’Brien, and Denzel Washington.

Moon in Pisces: Pisces Moons have tremendous emotionality, sensitivity, and dependency … also great softness and other-worldliness. None of these traits are considered even remotely acceptable in macho cultures. To avoid the crushing disapproval, he may try to mask his real nature. How would a Piscean Moon do that? Well, he gets approval for “drinking like a man,” and being able to hold his booze. Or, he could become a priest or the modern equivalent.

Finding a wife who’s a saint/martyr/slave just like Mom is another solution but, oddly, he can also flip-flop and be extremely vulnerable to women who need rescuing. He can use tools like therapy and meditation to forge a good connection with his unconscious, his lunar hemisphere, and his spirituality. Many also find a valid emotional outlet in music, art, or other creative expressions.

Men with Pisces Moons: Garth Brooks, Carson Daly, Stedman Graham, Michael Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, Ricky Martin, Ben Stiller, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Note: This is part 4 of a series of 4 articles designed to help you understand men of all 12 Moon signs. Read the rest of the series:

About the Author

Donna Cunningham, MSW is internationally-respected for her many books, articles, and columns on astrology, flower essences, and other metaphysical topics. She now teaches writing by teleseminar and correspondence course, as well as teleseminars and a correspondence course on astrology. Order her books at Moon Maven Publications and visit her blog.

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