Men’s Moon Signs, Part 3: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

About this series by famed astrologer, Donna Cunningham: Astrologers feel that the Moon in a man’s chart shows what his mother was like and therefore, the type of woman he feels most at home with. Many years ago, the famed psychologist, Carl Jung did a research study to determine the glue that held marriages together. A devotee of astrology, he looked at the charts of hundreds of couples who stayed together for the long haul and were compatible. He found that when the Moon sign of one of them was the same sign as the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant of the other, they were most likely to stay together because they could live together with more comfort. In this 4-part series, we’ll be looking at men’s Moon signs and, to give you a sense of what they’re like, some examples of famous men with those Moons.

moonface-planet-galleryMoon in Libra: Many Libra Moon boys were put in the position of surrogate husband for Mother Dear and were expected to smooth over threats to domestic tranquility. As a result, the adult tries to keep unpleasant feelings hidden – they are just too tacky, and what would people say? For him, security rests in having the love and approval of everyone always. He’s extremely dependent on his love of the moment and unfulfilled when there’s no romance on the horizon.

If he’s unable to ask for things, he shifts the focus to you and your needs so you won’t know he has any. What he doesn’t say is that you’re expected to read his mind and balance the scale. It’s only fair, and why isn’t anyone considerate enough to do it? He romanticizes women and expects them to be oh so charming and lovely – don’t you know that tears and ugly feelings can mar that pretty face?

Men with Libra Moons: Nicholas Cage, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Tommy Hilfiger, Julian Lennon, Patrick Rafter, Steven Seagal, and Noah Wyle.

Moon in Scorpio: If he had a mother who dominated either overtly or through manipulation, this man may have an understandable paranoia about women. His motto is: if you let yourself be dependent, women are going to control you, so hide your needs and keep the upper hand. He feels women’s Achilles heel is sex, so if you can be a fantastic lover, you’ve got them right under your thumb. Intensely emotional, this type doesn’t readily share his feelings, for people in his family or early environment may have used them against him.

Their positive qualities are great depth and fearlessness in confronting their own emotions and yours. They won’t tell you not to cry. They are able and willing to stick with you in times of crisis and may be able to offer insights into the situation, for they are born psychologists. They are willing to work through problems and can have the strength of diamonds in hard times. They have great motivation and perseverance in improving themselves and their lot in life.

Men with Scorpio Moons: Ben and Casey Affleck (Moon signs can run in families), Esai Morales, Eddie Murphy, Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Shalhoub, and Snoop Dog.

Moon in Sagittarius: For him, security consists of knowing it all. He digests upsetting experiences, extracts every bit of wisdom, and then teaches you what he learned from them. When you talk to him about feelings, you might get a discourse like the following: “How did it feel? Well, that depends on your perspective, you see. My mother, who was a bit of an amateur philosopher, always used to say . . . and my history teacher, she was quite a sage in her own right . . . and what were we talking about?”

Did you say feelings? As mom taught him, all emotions pass, so we shouldn’t get attached to them, just look for the lesson to be learned and march on ahead. Attachments of all kinds are transient. Dependency? That’s for the uneducated, those who don’t see that real security rests in knowing the meaning of life.

Men with Sagittarian Moons: Danny Bonaduce, Kevin Costner, Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan, Sean Lennon, Tim Robbins, George Stephanopoulos, and Tiger Woods.

Note: This is part 3 of a series of 4 articles designed to help you understand men of all 12 Moon signs. Read the rest of the series:

About the Author

Donna Cunningham, MSW is internationally-respected for her many books, articles, and columns on astrology, flower essences, and other metaphysical topics. She now teaches writing by teleseminar and correspondence course, as well as teleseminars and a correspondence course on astrology. Order her books at Moon Maven Publications and visit her blog.

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  1. My husband’s got a Scorpio moon and he is absolutely amazing and loyal, if just as weird as I am. What you write here is accurate… Except his mother wasn’t manipulative– a couple of his female friends were and it took him a long time before he could see how ugly their behavior was, especially since he’s a non-confrontational Virgo-Sun/Rising!

  2. I’m a moon in Sagittarius the above description has it’s fine points. The only time the moon in Sagittarius description above fits perfect is on the rare occasion when I sing stuff like:

    My mother told me always to follow the golden rule
    and it’s really a sin to be mean and cruel

    Otherwise most of my philosophical muses focus on far away places or ideals.
    Nurturing myself through philosophical writing or ideas is one thing but in this
    space age I think more in lines of synchronicity between mind, matter, and energy axis and the curvature of mass and time. (which I have seen in the circular moons and planets and Stars, and the curvature of a sine wave displayed on an oscilloscope)

    I find more nurturing in the grand mysteries of life and in the higher mind. After all we are only here on this earth for a short time. When things aren’t satisfying theres a place where I can go…when I feel low..when I feel blue..and its my mind..and there’s no time. (oh and of course I find so-lance in clever writings and masterful in that song “There’s a Place”)

  3. Cheesy, shallow, careless, lazy, cliche, and plagiarized description on Scorpio ( the only one I read).

  4. CS, this article is reprinted by permission of the author, Donna Cunningham, who happens to be one of the most well-respected authors in our field.

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