Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aries compatibility

VirgoLike Felix and Oscar in The Odd Couple, this combination has an almost comical chemistry, defined by their very different approaches to love and sex. They can’t help but bang heads as they each try to get their needs met — yet as they push through their conflicts and learn to navigate their challenges, they have the potential to ultimately build a dynamic and lively connection.

Venus in Virgo wants to love and be loved, with great attention to details and specifics. She needs to feel like she is serving and being served in love. When Venus in Virgo cooks, cleans, massages, or organizes for her sweetie, she is expressing her deepest heart and emotions. Venus in Virgo channels her romantic feelings into practical forms that may seem mundane to others, but that are very heartfelt to her.

AriesMars in Aries, on the other hand, is like a fire storm, pushing boldly in the direction of his needs and desires. This Mars wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW. Impatience is a vast understatement when applied to this planet/sign placement. Like a marauding raider, Mars in Aries takes no prisoners on the path to love. Courageous, risk-taking, brash and exciting, this expression of Mars is pure fire, acting first and thinking later.

When these two energies meet, Venus in Virgo can feel overwhelmed by the sheer passion of Mars in Aries, and need to retreat and defend. This may manifest in Venus in Virgo as outrageous nitpicking and criticism directed towards Mars in Aries. Mars in Aries may in turn feel blocked and confused by Venus in Virgo’s ability to break things down to the smallest denominator. When Mars in Aries would rather “go, go, go,” Venus in Virgo is saying, “no, no, no”.

This couple would benefit from really practicing the art of walking in the other’s shoes for a day, just to get a sense of the nature of their differences, so they can then reconnect with a broader sense of perspective and a greater sense of compassion.

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  1. Sunniskye says:

    I dont quite understand the order that you are doing these. I am really interested in your analysis of Venus in Libra Mars in Scorpio compalibility. Did I miss it?

  2. hi sunniskye,
    I’m doing these by request and Venus in Libra/Mars in Scorpio was done a couple of weeks ago, but the content is still available on the sight, just click Venus/Mars above and you should see all the posts that have been done so far…
    thanks for reading,

  3. Sunniskye says:

    Oh okay, thanks for responding so quickly…

  4. Meghana says:


    Can you give me the analysis for Venus in aries (my boyfriends) and Mars in Aries (mine). I have a venus in leo and his mars is in taurus.I am libra moon,libra rising with cancer sun and he is leo moon, cancer ascendant,& aries sun.


  5. Hi Meghna,
    I will put your request on the list-should be up soon:)
    thanks for reading,

  6. Could you do Venus in Virgo with Mars in Cancer and also Venus in Virgo with Mars in Libra? Thanks!

  7. Hi Dana,
    I added your requests to the list-they should be up in about two months…
    thanks for reading!

  8. What an exciting combination. Venus like to serve while Mars wants it now. Truly compliments both personalities.

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