Venus in Taurus, Mars in Sagittarius compatibility

TaurusWhen the Queen of Sensuality (Venus in Taurus) mixes with the Gypsy Knight (Mars in Sagittarius), the romantic flavor that emanates is hard to miss — and yet, somehow these planets do miss, like a kiss meant for the mouth that ends up on a cheek, nose or ear. Once the flurry of passion and delight in each other’s dissimilarity has passed, Venus in Taurus settles into the relationship expecting and anticipating reliability, stability and comfort. Because Venus is so at home in Taurus — so able to revel in her own skin, soaking up the sensual pleasures of life — she may find it hard to believe that anyone could want to change, well, anything. Venus here thrives on routine and a settled, grounded approach to love and romance. She wants to spend Friday nights with her lover at their favorite neighborhood restaurant, followed by their regular “date” bar, and then home for plenty of hands-on entertainment — in their usual positions, of course.

SagittariusAt first, this can be intriguing to Mars in Sagittarius, as Venus in Taurus can seem like another unique cultural experience to explore. But after the initial heat and passion are over — and their differences and similarities have been catalogued and experienced — Mars in Sagittarius may be looking to explore, expand and wander towards new territories and endeavors. At this point, Mars may have an expectation that Venus in Taurus will either accompany them on their adventures, or at the very least understand their need to wander.

If the two can learn to tango to their own unique beat — respecting Mars in Sagittarius’ desire to roam and Venus in Taurus’ need to dig a deep groove in the earth and wallow in it — then they may be able to translate a few exciting nights into something more substantial.

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  1. Nice read: thank you!

  2. sunchild says:

    Thanks Fern! In my case it’s the King of Sensuality with the Gypsy Lady… Definitely still applies. Luckily we have other aspects in our charts that help modify this square of ours. It can work!

  3. Sunchild, it’s not a square, it’s a quincunx 🙂

  4. Sunchild-
    thanks for pointing out what I haven’t yet in this compatibility series, that other aspects between planets in the two charts can make things work when a venus/mars combo isn’t so “workable”. Glad to hear you and your “king” 🙂 are enjoying this placement, this can be a fun and interesting comnpatibility dynamic when other areas of the chart cooperate…

  5. sunchild says:

    NR, in my case it is a square… I’m very late Sag, he’s 10 degrees Taurus.

  6. My Virgo planets calculated that would be about 130 degrees.

    The square is 90 degrees and the trine 120. A quincunx 150.

  7. sunchild says:

    NR — you are truly a Virgo! Thanks for the correction. What happened here is I was mixing up my double whammy with him… we also have his Mars in Cancer squaring my Venus in Libra ((embarassed!)). According to Astrodienst, the Sag-Taurus aspect is a sesquisquare (sp?) with a 2 degree orb, applying.

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