Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

LibraRomance and sex: natural partners or contentious enemies? For many of us, the best kind of sex is based on deep feelings of love and affection, forged out of an ongoing connection and a sense of true intimacy with our significant other. But though sex can be deeply romantic and heartbreakingly loving, it can also be funny, messy, athletic, passionate, animalistic and just plain real.

The interaction between Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio often raises the question, “What exactly is the relationship between romantic love and lusty passion?” Though the two qualities can seem to naturally go hand in hand, there is sometimes a nub of questioning, or a subtle space between the two that can arise in the most challenging of ways.

Venus placed in the sign of Libra thrives on romance, loving love itself, and reveling in all the elements that go along with romance and relationship: the hearts, the flowers, the give and take between two willing partners. Yet Libra is still an air sign, and so when there is the possibility of anger and conflict in a relationship, there can be a cringing need to try and smooth things over, or to “make nice,” causing Venus in Libra to sacrifice needs and individuality for the sake of the partnership.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio, on the other hand, has a driving need to experience sex in a passionate, all-consuming, intensely emotional and somewhat controlling way. This Mars lusts with depth and has a great deal of animal magnetism to attract any number of willing partners. Mars in Scorpio has a strong impulse towards sex, sex, and more sex. This placement simply vibrates along the sex wavelength, whether it’s actually having it, thinking about it, or looking for it. But Mars in this sign may be so consumed with the passion for some action that it can leave out the “niceties,” or delicate rituals of courtship that can engage the heart in more gentle and compassionate ways.

Put these two sign placements together, and you have a great deal of interest and potential for relating, but there may also be some missteps, as this combo figures out what most pleases the other. In the case of Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio, a little leather and a little lace may be what it takes to keep the love alive and the sex electric.

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  1. x Kate x says:

    What happens when it’s the other way around ? Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra.

  2. Hi Kate,
    Good question! I’m doing these compatibility post by request, and the last post gave me a list of about 3 more requests, so I’ll add your’s to it, and should be up in about a month.
    In the meantime-if you think of Venus as the “yes” principle, receiving, loving, attracting and combine that with Scorpio principles, and then think of Mars as the “no” principle, how we set boundaries, take action, express our lust and desire and combine that with Libra, well, you’ll have some since of what it might look like….
    To me, astrology is kind of like cooking, in that you can take the same ingredients and apply them in multiple ways to get different dishes.
    Hope that helps until I can do a longer response on this!

  3. x Kate x says:

    So, does that mean that people with that placement want to experience ultimate love and surrender, merge into the depths of another person’s soul through love…

    but afraid to because it would throw things off balance, or be somewhat too heavy on the emotional level for those people to deal with ?

  4. Hi Kate,
    I realize we here at sasstrology, hadn’t made it very clear on this series that these posts are looking at the relationship between one person’s Venus and another person’s Mars to see the compatibility between the two people.

    Of course it can also be read as how one person with these placements deals with the placements, but keep in mind that the original intent that I was writing with was more compatibility between two different people.

    Having said that-I think the read that you gave on it above sounds very good for how that dynamic would work out in a person:)

  5. x Kate x says:

    Thanks !

    And yeah, I didn’t know.
    But astrology can be used for whatever you want to use it, that’s what I love about it.

    Hmm… maybe I’ll read the other posts again 😉

  6. hi fern,

    could u tell me how would it be if there is both opposition and conjunction with Mars and Venus between two charts…my Venus is in Taurus is opposite (by sign only) his Mars is in Scorpio and his Venus closely conjuncts my Mars in cancer…thnx 🙂

  7. Hi Nisha,
    Thanks for writing-don’t know if you saw the posts above, but I’m doing the posts by request (unfortunately, until we get a big advertising sponsor or some funding, we can only afford to do one a week, and I’ve got to pay my bills, so time I take to write about astrology takes me away from that, I’m sure you can understand…)

    Anyhow, I’ll add your requests to the list, at this point you’re at number 5 or 6, so should be about a month or so. In the meantime, you can try googling the above combinations. I would guess there’s some basic interpretations on the web.

    I also offer 15 minute audio readings for $25 so I could address this combo for you through one of these readings and you can check out my for more info.


  8. JW Cappy Lover says:

    im so glad I came accross this blog, that spells out my cappy and I for real!!! 🙂

  9. Hi, I have a Venus in libra and the guy that I like has Mars in scorpio, in my situation, I love the fact that he desires and wants me in every sense of the word. Libra’s personify beauty and love to flirt, I think its teasing that we love to do, we have the pleasentaries FIRST, then after we GET DOWN to it.

    I wanted to know why you haven’t done any Venus in virgo, or Mars in virgo combinations. I’m a Mars in virgo and on many interpretations I’ve seen of the sign, I feel entirely misunderstood. This whole virginal and cleanliness thing, is not true, well not with me. I like thinkging about sex everday, in most dirtiest most possible way, we can make people blush.

  10. I suppose everybody can agree with you.

  11. Venus in Libra will have a run for her money over Mars in Scorpio. As she is willing to serve, he in turn wants to be served – in bed.

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