Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

AriesThis planet/sign combo plays out as a sort of “glamour girl and jungle mike” adventure story no matter what gender combination is involved. Venus in Libra is the graceful, charming, diplomatic hostess extraordinaire, a lover of all things beautiful, romantic and pleasurable. Spas? Dinner parties? Art? Culture? Yep. All of those things and more, for Venus in Libra thrives on a “cultivated” life, one where the flowers are perfect, the champagne is chilled, the conversation is flowing, and romance is in the air. This Venus attracts by looking good, smelling good and saying just the right thing at just the right time.

SagittariusMars in Sagittarius? Well, let’s just say they like it a little more rough. Camping is good, camping in the Australian outback on a two month long, bug-filled, Indiana Jones like quest for meaning (or treasure) is even better. Mars in the sign of the archer thrives on adventure, diversity and exploration. Make them laugh, or even better, laugh at their jokes and you’ve made a friend for life. This Mars pursues and woos using humor, storytelling and death-defying stunts designed to impress and delight.

So what happens when you put these two together? Disaster or delight? Strangely, this combo is actually one where opposites do attract. Mars in Sagitarius loves to amuse, excite and stimulate Venus in Libra, dragging them through the mud and feeding them strange cuisines just to see their reaction. Venus in Libra, rather than being shocked and horrified, is strangely intrigued by Mars in Sagitarius’ sexy ruggedness, appreciating their differences and warmed by Mars’ easy humor. Venus in Libra provides Mars in Sagittarius with an appreciative audience, a sweet-smelling body and a beautiful environment — all things that are nice to return home to after a fun but arduous romp through the jungle.

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Fern Feto Spring is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she incorporates a variety of tools into her consultations. Besides her private practice, Fern teaches classes and workshops nationwide. She also works as an intuitive consultant for businesses and organizations, providing counsel and facilitating organizational development workshops. More info at:


  1. Sunniskye says:

    Can you please do Venus in Libra with Mars in Scorpio????

  2. The plan is to cover every possible combination (which, granted, will take a long time at once per week) but perhaps Fern will honor your request…

  3. Facebook User says:

    Please write about Venus in Taurus & Mars in Sag!!

  4. Hi Folks,
    So what I’ve decided to do is take requests on a “first come, first served” basis.
    So next up will be Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio and the week after I’ll do Venus in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius.
    The following week is up to whoever makes the first request….

    thanks for reading!

  5. sunchild says:

    Love reading these! I’d like to see Venus in Libra, Mars in Cancer, please 😎

  6. And I’d like to read about Venus in Libra – Mars in Leo/ Mars in Taurus pls! 🙂

  7. Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aries!!!

  8. Alright, I’ve got those down-it’s funny to see all the requests from Venus in Libra’s-as I wrote-these Venus’ love love!

  9. Can you please do Venus in Gemini, Mars in Sagittarius?

  10. Oh, also Venus in Libra, Mars in Gemini.

  11. Hi Darling,
    Those will be up in about a month-thanks for reading:)Fern

  12. What an exciting combo. Its about time Venus in Libra get to be pampered. Nice stuff. I’ll keep this in mind.

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