How to keep a Scorpio man interested

Scorpio manScorpio: Mysterious, deep, intense, sexy and brooding. Intimidating? A little. Intriguing? A lot. So how do you keep this particular astrological specimen from getting bored, complacent and blah about you and your relationship? More to the point, how can you contribute to the health, vitality and sustainability of your relationship with a Scorpio man?

Relationship games may entertain a Scorpio man for a little while, but they aren’t the core of what keeps a Scorpio man “on the hunt” with you. So while you may find that making him jealous and trying new sexual positions seems to elicit some kind of response from him, the response you are likely to get is probably not what you you’re going to want over the long term.

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Fern Feto Spring is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she incorporates a variety of tools into her consultations. Besides her private practice, Fern teaches classes and workshops nationwide. She also works as an intuitive consultant for businesses and organizations, providing counsel and facilitating organizational development workshops. More info at:


  1. Thanks!

  2. Phenix/scorpio says:

    what about two scorps. im a scorp with venus in scorp and my gf is a scorp with virgo in venus

  3. i would like to thank the person who replied to my question ….. but i still am feeling a bit insecure about the scorpio man he is older then me like 9 years and from the minute i saw him i knew something was gonna happen with him all along he was thrown hints but i diddnt take it seriously because we work together now he dont say anything no more hints nothing and i cant get him back to that place and i diff cant make a pass at him due to the fact that i dont know if he is interested or and by the way i am a virgo i am 9-7 and he is 11-7

  4. hi,
    I am a girl or 23 and have fallen for a man of 35, though he looks pretty young and charming even at this age, we cant ignore the age gap. He is a scorpio(4th nov) and I am an aquarian(14th feb). We work for same company but in different nations. He is a britain born Indian, brought up in that culture whereas I m a typical Indian and admirer of Indian culture So we are also facing culture gap…at times.
    We both love each other very much and we are willing to carry this relationship beyond just an affair and wanna marry sooner or later. As he is a scorpio,he is very confident about his choice and his ability to tackle with this complex situation but at times I get very negative about the success of this relationship which actually pisses him off. I cant even declare our love due to its unuasualness among my family and friends. I am sure of facing social barriers for this relationship which he think doesnot exist due to the culture he brought up into and I am scared of this a lot. I dont wanna leave him at all and cant tackle society also. This fear is agitating me badly and it makes me talk shit to him at times, which he or anyone cant take in any case. adding on to it, I am very possesive also which makes situation worse.Kindly enlighten me how to tackle this situation and how compatible we can be in future when he is scorpio and I am aquarious.

  5. @vandy

    good luck.

    im 33 and my ex aqua was 25. its a lot of work. we had are best times when we was living out dreams. when we came to finally try to do a regular relationship it did not work.

    from my expo scorp-aqua is ment to be a ride not a calm stroll. so my advice to you is either ride out or get out.

  6. @trish

    again speaking from my expo. virgo-scorp is a confrontational relationship. how you to make the confrontations go down is up to you two but virgo and scorp naturally challenge each other. either find fun in the confliction or you will feel the pain in it.

  7. I had a huge crush on an Aquarian male. (I’m a Scorpio). If we were to live out a romance, I felt it would be based on ideals and humanitarian efforts. I had a sense, one on one, he would have wound up being insufferable to me…Lol. I’m a woman of action and I felt he was more talk. Great, grandiose and sometimes inspiring talk- but talk nonetheless…

    But, I like to believe that with the best intentions on both parts- you can often transcend astrological differences.

  8. Phenix/scorpio says:

    good luck if your going after an aqua but the nagian the scorpio wemon are different i think i dont get along with awua wemon and i only have one aqua male friend tht im cool with but my scorpio womas best friend is an awua to see scorpios and awuas make great freinds try to go past that well youll find out

  9. @hgirl

    hmmm lol

  10. Hmmmm…why? Lol.

  11. @hgirl

    if your loling i believe you know why.

    i would like to know what the h stands for. i had a few ideas but i would love for you to put me on.


    thats all i came up with. lol im like what is that freaking H for 🙂

  12. @Scorp

    Ha! Had no clue. So funny b/c I changed my handle once I signed up as a member.
    Wish I could give a creative reply, but it was just the initial of my first name. 😉

  13. seduce my spirit. OK. i like that. thats some real sh**. excuse my lango. im a bit hood as well as intelectual. i see you all good wit the words lol

    man you just popped my bubble. i just knew it had to be something intresting and now you tell me its just your name. … sheesh….. well can i know your name? pretty please wit chocolate on top.

  14. @Scorp

    Scorpion intellect is hot!

    Hmmm…..Only fair to give out my Real name when I get some Real chocolate! LOL!

  15. OMG! ROFL 🙂

  16. @scorp about Hgirl——As soon as I saw Hgirl instinctively I pondered what the H was….still wondering…..

    Anyways More on this topic!
    I read this article and damn I can see exactly what i must do and I am a sag and I feel so happy that I fit the description of what a Scorpio man wants and what keeps him interested. BUT still I want some advice, when it comes to Sag and Scorpio what are the chances of it working out, how far will it go before we bump heads? Or will it be a great match!? I’m optimistic but am looking for some outsiders opinion.!

  17. @Sociably Sag87

    One of my most significant relationships was with a Sag…Loved his good nature and his intellect.
    I was younger, so I don’t think I was as emotionally evolved at the time to handle his flirtations and need for freedom. I have many Sag women in my life and as a Scorp, I am really attracted to their optimism and
    ‘what you see is what you get’ feel. Maybe that is what is so attractive about you Sags. However, Scorpion nature is quite the opposite…what you see, is only the tip of the iceberg. If I were ever to encounter a Sag again, I’d have the ability to give him more freedom…but what still remains (and what most Scorps need, male or female) is consistent reassurance that while you wander about on your adventures, you carry your wandering centaur butt back to them. lol

  18. @Sociably Sag87

    what ever the outcome it wont take to long to find out. from my expo sag-scorp both tend to put a lot of cards on the table early and upfront. sag-scorp both like experiences, so we tend to be braver then most are in the early stages of a relationship.

    like hgirl im not full hearted in astrology compatability. in any relation its always gonna fall down to, are both parties putting up the required positive energy.

  19. @seducemyspirit

    but what still remains (and what most Scorps need, male or female) is consistent reassurance that while you wander about on your adventures, you carry your wandering centaur butt back to them. lol

    i love this…simply love this

  20. @Sag24/7

    Glad you do 🙂
    Would like to hear how things turn out.

  21. Phenix/scorpio says:

    tried to join your blog seduce my spirit but im not with the ocmputers i guess 😛

  22. I don’t have a blog listed here. But, how can we be friends here? 🙂

  23. Phenix/scorpio says:

    ?? i thought there was one about a scorpio scorpio relationship maybe i got it wrong and i do not know

  24. @H

    Thank you 🙂

  25. henrieta……lol hmmm holly…. hope…… um harry lmao 🙂 oh oh oh helga 🙂

  26. In a messy&torturous state. Scorpio man involved!! We broke up. He came back. We got along. He broke up again. He wanted to come back again. I took him back again! He broke up again. This time leavin me broken. 🙁
    Present state..we are friends. But all’s not well. I still love him. Very much. I know he also has big weakness for me but he toys with me a lot. Knows me very well. His behaviour just leaves me all confused. One moment he is all lovey-dovey, apologising for all old mistakes 9 which I know are genuine), next day…silent treatment again.
    If I retreat being hurt, it will always be him calling me again. I know very well he needs me. But it just hurts. His behaviour.
    Last night he calld me at 1.30…spoke his heart out for long, suddenly hung up. When i called back, I found his phone busy!!
    Tried for sumtym, then messaged him saying I was mad at him. He shud not have done what he did. he has no manners..blah blah. Called again. Still busy. Messaged again sayin I ws really hurt. HJe could have just told me that he wanted to hang up.
    No reply at all.
    Just hurts soooo much.
    How could he not reply?!
    Does he not care at all.
    I just dont understand. We cherish our friendship but he isnt honouring even that.
    This time his silence is longer than usual. Scares me. 🙁

    May I add….I am a Piscean. Does that explain anything?! 🙁

  27. SeduceMySpirit says:


    Its so interesting how this post is so popular. I find Scorpio men so very intriguing…and they are. However, in the quest to understand them, to understand men for that matter…we must not forget ourselves. No matter a man’s sign (and I would say EVEN MORE for a Scorpio Man), we must not get caught up in the games, tests, and manipulations. If a man is rude to you, that is unacceptable. If a man cuts you off, that is unacceptable. If a man treats you in any way undeserving of your beauty and love, then you let him go.

    Its difficult. Especially, if you have a history and a friendship. But, remember this- if your best girlfriend did half the things that he is doing- how long would you put up with it before setting her straight? In fact, think of your best girlfriend- if she was receiving this kind of treatment from some guy- how would you counsel her? I bet you would lovingly tell her she deserves better- AS DO YOU.

    Scorpio man or any man- when they are throwing their temper tantrums and retreating into their deep dark caves to brood- DO NOT FOLLOW. Let their asses stay there. Keep your eyes to the horizon.

    Good Luck!

  28. @ SeduceMySpirit

    Thank you so much! 🙂 Any sort of encouragement always helps. My best friends have been tellin me the same thing. Even for a few hours..atleast it lightens my spirit. I know what is the right thing to do. Just that it is so difficult to follow. I have been trying to be normal with him for almost the past 1 year. He has just lingered on & on. Other guys have come, poked & prodded me to get along with them & get out of him, but somehow…I have clung to him. The fact that he keeps coming back to me with his erratic behaviour makes things worse.

    But this time I am scared. Really scared that what if he wont contact me ever again. Somehow that is a very scary thought. I dont want that to happen. 🙁

  29. @shaz

    ha ha….. ha

    lets talk about water(emotions). where the horizon lies between light and dark.

    darkness is as essential as the light.

    stay in the light to long and you will sun burn in your ignorance.

    trial and era exsist in the dark. how are we to learn without the night. why do you think we are given the moon. we are not meant to be in total darkness. thus the light still reachess into the darkness to help us. just as the shade exsist in the day. providing us all with learning time.

    @HENRIETA…….. step into the dark before your skin chaffles lol 🙂 kisses i will meet you there. ha 🙂

  30. all scorps like to be in control of there every will.

    all scorps like to make desicions without influences.

    we gather info, proccess it, then we walk off to apply it at our own descression.

    it is this proccess that seems to make others feel as though we are doing something to them when its never about them they drive themselves crazy trying to figure out something that was never meant for them to worry bout. peace to all

  31. @Xavier
    The sun feels good on my skin 😉
    I think any Scorpio (male and female) worth their salt has enough Darkness to last a lifetime(s).
    And, there are times when we must retreat into our caves to process many, many deep things.

    Needy personality types beware- this is not the time to ‘drain’ a Scorp. Let them have their space. And, true- it may not be about you.


    If you are involved intimately with a person, friend or more, and that person just drops off the face of the earth…that is inconsiderate- NO MATTER where you fall on the astrological wheel. We, as Scorps, need to learn how to communicate GRACEFULLY that we need space. Because if the situation were reversed, and someone we cared for (needed) just disappeared, we’d feel rejected, betrayed, and loathsome . We can’t expect loyalty, truth, and deepening intimacy if we are too weak to be fair to others.

    It is not wise to continue to give to ANY man who takes without consideration of your feelings. Don’t let your heart be a ‘revolving’ door. Scorps can smell weakness and a low-level one will use you. Close the door. You don’t have to bolt it. Tend to your own house. When you are immersed in your own ‘chores’, someone else will come knocking.

  32. @Seducemyspirit..
    Your words really inspire and touch.
    Thank you 🙂
    He called. Just rambled on. This and that.
    I am just relieved he hasn’t decided to not ever talk.

    So now, I am just gonna let him be.
    Gonna let go.
    Whatever has to happen, will happen.

    We don’t even stay in the same city. I am moving back to my college next. Kinda sad. God knows when will I be back in town again & see him. But its okay!! I will not sulk! hehe..:)

    Just gonna let things be. It’ll all come to me when it has to and what has to 🙂

  33. @seducemyspirit….WORD

  34. Can I just say how much I love my new scorpio man, I love love love him, sounds crazy, but I’m fascinated by him, I think he’s one of the good scorpios unlike my ex-scorp. I’m a taurus, so I’ll just be myself and see where it goes. But can a scorpio be this good?? Most of them are bad boys

  35. haha can a scorpio be this good?…..not all men are bad boys….have a good time 🙂

  36. @shaz
    Good Luck. I am sure you will be just fine.

    @ Sag24/7

  37. tasty

  38. one does not control the light or the dark we can only endure it.

    manners? manors? whats concepts ha ha respect theres a better concept. muwahahaha


    you will burn. you must own lots of spf 10. looking forward to your return. 🙂 he he

  39. Hi Everyone!Where to start….couple yrs ago i fell hard for a scorpio god he was beautiful and some how we clicked due to living hours away we never hooked up and all this drama came to be.I genuinly felt he was “somehow supposed to be in my life”he played mind games and I pretty much think ok if your playing mind games you dont like me/wanna be with me.Everything seemed like i wanted to be with him and he brushed me off.It hurt me I wont lie lol got a tattoo of how much he meant/hurt me something i wont forget.He had beautiful eyes that I could see he hurt inside(which i never found out).I was young he was too,but I knew I fell in love.he told me and I told him I did.But called him and told him i loved him he didnt answer back…..which was a low fkn blow how could he fk me over when @ this point i didnt hurt him at all.So when I was @ my wits end I showed him how it felt doesnt feel good.Im not a vengeful person but you hurt my emotions & I really care about you I’ll hurt you back.We stopped talking. I would say hi & how sorry I was to him once in a blue moon,but he was always in”relationship” never told me when we were speaking until I started to have feelings for him….he’d ignore me yet again.Met my future husband & said “im going to stop talking to you cuz I dont wanna ruin anything I have with my bf”And I just wanted him for once….just to say something like “I have feelings for you/or Im sorry I fuck*$ w your emotions” just to see if he cared all I got was “Its your decision”never talked to him again.So were both currently in relationships now.And well,well,well who do I run into that doesnt live anywhere close to me “mr scorp” drove past me we made eye contact.And he looked at me like Ive never been looked at literally took my breath away 🙁 I felt beautiful & I could feel connected/admired for once from him.Needless to say I dont know why hes here or why we keep running into each other but I wanna get closure & shut him outta my life completly I’ve

  40. @sag4.0

    dont be scared to live. why murder it.

    live, love, learn, grow be true and prosper with god


  41. absolutely..explains it for me a scorp-female..very accurate!!! (thumbs-up)

  42. @sag4.0
    I feel you….
    This Motherfucker plays with you and messes up your Life…
    Iam so sorry for you….
    That Bitch loved every moment of you’re calling and tryin……..
    He tested you.
    and you hadn’t the patience to wait for him and let him “win” you back.
    That sucker will never admire youre honesty, he laughs about it…
    Kill all your Memory and you will live a Happy life, I promise my dear.
    Everything is planned. He knows everything. THATS THE PROBLEM.

  43. @sag 4.0

    i also got 2 tattoos while in a ship with my scorp….im getting a third pretty soon.

    saggis have a certain affect on scorpios. especially sag females and scorpio males.

    if you are ready to move on, do just that. dont look back. he wont ever give you the ‘closure” that you desire because that would be like cutting the pervebial cord mama….

  44. yep me too….

    got a tattoo………

    his reaction when he saw it…. I DONT GIVE A FUCK! How sweet… I knew he was so shocked…. and happy 😀
    I know he is proud of it.
    Soon I will get a new tattoo….. the day we were officially a couple… first kiss….the moment my life changed forever 1 – 11 – 09 🙂

    yeah we sags like this romantic shit 😀

    and I will marry this bitch and love him forever.

  45. The bull stops here says:

    How to keep a Scorpio man interested.

    Show him your naked elbow.

  46. hmmmm.. so intresting

  47. Sept 2010 VANDY

    Aqua 23 scorpio 35.. I feel he has a planned marriage and you will be devistated from his family

  48. I’ve been in love with a Scorpio man for two years. It’s been a long-distance relationship-letters, phone calls and maybe a visit once in awhile. He told me how much he loved me and that he was planning to move here and that when he did, we would be spending all this quality time together. He said that he’s different from other guys who have hurt me, that he wouldn’t try to control me or use or abuse me. And he said that he would never abandon me.
    He made me so happy because it took eight months of me testing him and asking alot of questions before I would trust him but he finally convinced me that he really loved me and that I would never have to worry with him.
    Well, he moved here almost four weeks ago. He never called me until three days later. I saw him for only two hours that week. The next week, he called me every day and I saw him for one day for the whole day. The next week, I saw him again for only one day and his calls were getting less. Now, this past week, he hasn’t called me at all and I haven’t seen him at all. We had a nice time when we were together.
    I’ve been reading alot about Scorpio men and how they need to be independent and need their space. And how they have to lead and control everyone and everything in their life. Well, before he moved here, he kept telling me to let him take the lead. So now, I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s driving me crazy! I don’t know if he decided he really doesn’t love me like he thought, if he’s afraid of a relationship, or if he’s just trying to control me and play head games with me.
    I’ve been through this before with another guy I was involved with and I don’t want to go through it again. I hope he hasn’t been lying to me about his feelings. I love him so much.
    I won’t call him though. I only sent him one text message telling him that if he’s trying to break off our relationship, that he should have the decency to tell me to my face. I haven’t called since.
    It hurts me, too, because he doesn’t introduce me to his family or friends either. I feel like he’s embarrassed of me. I don’t know. He lives 30 minutes away from me so I can’t see what he’s doing. I just have to trust him.
    But please tell me. If you love someone so much, how can you go a week without even calling them. Wouldn’t you miss them or want to hear their voice or want to check and see if they’re okay? I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again. I’ve been reading so much about Scorpio men and how tough it is to have a relationship with them, but it’s hard to get away from them. They make you feel so loved but yet put you through such torture. Please help! Give me some advice.

  49. @Jeannette Parker :
    So, he moved closer to you but still 30 min away? That doesn’t make sense. How far away was he before? Does his family live in your area or back where he used to live? It would make sense that he didn’t introduce you to his family if they lived far away.
    I’d say just wait a little longer. I think sending a message saying your thinking good thoughts of him wouldn’t hurt either.
    They definately do things in a strange way. But it wouldn’t make sense for him to move closer to you and not move forward with his plans to be with you. I think he still feels the same. He is probably working through some stuff with the move and work most likely. Or tieing up loose ends from what he left behind.

  50. Scorpios are such visual creatures. They do easily get turned on by what they see. I better go the gym and by that sexy lingerie. haha

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