Aries man Taurus woman compatibility

AriesTaurusFeisty Aries is intrigued by the calm sensuality of the Taurus woman and finds her aura of peaceful contentment both soothing and stabilizing. The Taurus woman will likewise be attracted to the confidence and bold approach of the Aries man. His fiesty and passionate drive feels exciting and invigorating to Taurus, and she will be turned on and electrified by his advances.

The Aries man loves a challenge, and so will pursue the Taurus woman with gusto. She will respond only if her need for comfort and stability are met. Ultimately, though Aries may fight like a demon to win the Taurus woman, once he achieves his goal, he may grow bored and lose interest, looking elsewhere for excitement and thrills. Taurus can encourage Aries to stay rather than stray if she finds ways to present the Aries with healthy challenges that keep him busy.

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Comment below: Share your experience with the Aries man Taurus woman relationship.

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  1. Hi Stone
    Just as I was reading your comment my Son walked in and said Where’s my steak? I replied a Man of Meat hey? He said Yeah, I said that’s the way. He is an Aquarius but the similarities with the Aries Man are really uncany. Moody, Unaprochable, Self Absorbed, Bad temper and the list goes on.
    Anyway my point is people do not change, especially Aries Men The God of War. I hope Iam wrong but this time will be just like the first and the second and the third. Their primary concern is sex and that is all they want to talk about. The Aries, Taurus relationship leads straight toward the bedroom wheather you intend it or not. And yes he does think you are an easy catch but you can make him wait until you are ready. even if it is the second time around which should be very interesting since you already have a history. If you want to phone him go ahead but talk about what you want and ignore his advances. tell him you just want to take things slow and get to know each other again. If you had a very strong conection in the past then that’s a plus in your favour. No amount of advise can predict what the future holds.??? You have to follow your instincts and your heart and leave it up to fate if things are meant to go the way you want them to you can excercise control over your actions but you are dealing with a man whose inbred traits consit of a humungus ego a macho image and a sex drive which is insatiabale, just to mention a few. Oh don’t forget the mental combat he thrives on. but with an Aries you have to take the good with the bad and treat them like the toddler they really are, which can be so frustrating and amusing.
    I wish you the best of luck all the best Tavros.

  2. It is better if you have an aries man in his older age or someone who is spiritually mature. You gotta be ready to bounce out if things go wrong. My aries is 51 years old though. We’ve been together for almost 5 years now. I’ve been weighing it out, thinking of moving on. He doesn’t wanna break up. He takes care of me and my children. He has a bad temper but has grown out of it. He has become very gentle and calm now. Men in general is just different though. My aries is more like a pisces. Has a delicate side to him. I am stronger than him emotionally. He gets rattled easily. I’ve told him I wanna move on because are just so different and he replys, “Honey, we don’t have to be the same to be together.” He is weak in a certain way but I care about him. The one thing about an older aries man is his generosity and his capacity to take care of his woman. It is excellent. He gives me the very best and he is trying his best to mature and be more considerate. I am looking for depth that I find in this capricorn man. But the capricorn is not generous, not yet. With my aries man, I tell it to his face like it is and he stands to attention. I have plenty of aries in my natal chart so we lock horns and I am faster to bounce out of it than he does. Ladies, never be afraid to speak your mind. We have been together for nearly 5 years but I may end up growing old with a capricorn whose foundations I appreciate. Good luck my taurus sisters. Love-Ara

  3. Oh my god, I love the post and loved reading StubbornBull posts and some other comments. I am an aries guy myself, and deeply in love with a taurus girl (she is stubburn in a good way). We have been together for over a year now and we are getting married this May. I am 28 and shes 23. Let me tell you a bit about me. My first love was also a taurus girl, she was a year older than me and I met her in college. We dated for 2.5 years and let me tell you, it was a not so great relationship with its ups and downs and also I was only 19 then. She was very laid back and never turned in the assignments on time, and I used to get mad about that and I would shout at her and wake her up in the morning before the class and help her finish the assignment. She admired me for my assertiveness and how I push her to do things on time and such (keep in mind we are in an engineering major, and assignment take a freaking long time to understand/finish). I was at the top of my class (A’s in all the courses and graduated with a perfect 4.0/4.0 GPA at the end) and she was some where in the middle (graduated with a GPA of 3.3/4.0, which is pretty good for an engineering major) but she was a very smart girl. She used to be a bit laid back and a bit lazy (in my opinion at least), she had all the smarts she needed to compete with me, and yet she would always take it easy.

    After we started dating, I pushed her (which I regret now) hard to study everyday and finish assignments on time. In my mind I was helping her out, but she kind of took that as I was criticizing her. I loved her to bits and would do anything for her. There were numerous times I would pull an all-nighter for her teaching her/preparing her for the exam, and making sure she really gets it. (keep in mind I had exam as well, but I would spend all my time teaching her than preparing for my exam). During our senior year in college, she turned so cold towards me (maybe because I was pushing even harder that year, as we were graduating and I already found a full time job, and she did not even have her resume ready) and she would just not cooperate anymore. Even then I applier for jobs for her, and even drove her to the interviews and she finally got a job a month after we graduated. Right after than she came down hard on me and said that the relationship was over, but in my mind we worked hard through the tough times and that was the beginning of good times for us (as we have good jobs and we could have more quality times with each other without worrying about assignments and such). I never saw that coming, and to top it off she was sleeping with one of my friends at that time, which I did not know. He was the same guy that would knock on my door for help in assignments and such.

    I know I made a lot of mistakes in that relationship, but I truly did not deserve what I got at the end. Yes I was very pushy (For god sake I wanted the best for her) and yes I had a temper (I cannot stand people missing deadlines and not giving their best). But at 23 after that relationship I was scared of another relationship (remember aries might be brave on the outside, but they have a very tender heart), and I just used my charming ways to go from one good looking girl to another for a few years. I had great time with some girls until I started my graduate school in 2006, and graduated with my masters and started my PhD right after that. During that time I met a young girl (5 years younger than me) who was very calm and composed doing her masters in my department. She was working with me in my group and I was helping her with her research. I found some of my first love’s qualities in her (meaning she is smart but laid back, and god she has the best eyes I ever saw. I can just look at her eyes all day, and she has the best smile I ever saw. When she smiles her eyes get even bigger and that was something to look at) and I spent quite a bit of time helping her out, and we just ended up going to lot of events (conferences/seminars/classes) together. I asked her out one day and the rest is past. I think this one is a keeper (even though she is born on the same exact day and month as my first love). This wonderful girl drives me nuts with her slowness, but then I remind myself what happened with my first love, so I dont push her that hard. I also tell her to remind me to take it easy if I am being too harsh on her. I LOVE THIS GIRL, and would die for her, and told her everything I dont like about her and she openly tells me what she doesnt like about me. I am looking forward to haveing a great future with her.

    My advice to taurean girls is that aries men are volatile, thats because of their nature. Keep in mind we are very strong willed and will fight for our loved ones. we love taking care and protecting our loved ones and we expect nothing bust the best for out partner (and that is the reason we seem to push you guys hard). I know aries needs to slow down and taurus need to speed up. The best part about this relationship is that both signs put together actually makes for a great combination (all the required qualities for a successful relationship are present either in aries or taurus or both). I dont care what experts say, for me it will be THE ONLY TAURUS GIRL for rest of my life. I do not believe in divorce (no one in my family got divorced, all my uncles, aunts, cousins etc…..) and I would be happy to be with my sweet little thing for rest of my love.


  4. Hey March Aries here just ended a 6 moth relationship with a wonderful May Taurus. Miss her and adore her deeply. Mistake were made on both ends of the spectrum. You live and you learn, but don’t regret my reintroduction to dating. Even though she’ll never see this post. EVER I’ll let you ladies know I adored her with all my heart and haven’t felt this way since the mother of my child left me. I hope I see her in my future, because she’s a wonderful friend and would hate to see her turn her back on me. Anyways just needed to vent that out of my system….and a piece of advice to Aries Men and Taurus Woman…

    Aries Man:
    Keep that attitude in check patna, real talk! Attack the problem not the words. Measure the level of intensity and how much drastic attention it requires drama king, lol. (We all have drama in us, no matter the sign I’ve seen all from Capricorn-Aquarius) Do everything with a smile you know the hurdles we’ve been through, learn how to jump or walk around the obstacle instead of bull dozing through an inanimate object. TAKE YOUR TIME AND SLOW DOWN…slow the fuck down and be cool with all that homie…for real…

    *Think before you speak*
    *Think before you speak*
    *Did I mention…Think before you speak?*

    Don’t bottle things in, let them out nice and slow. And if met with opposition or words discomfort you. It won’t destroy you, we’re built for this and we’ve been through worst (most). So why get your hypersensitive panties in a bunch. How we can be warm, we can be cold. You know how to be in tune with your emotions, now learn how to CONTROL those and not a person. Just go for it, some things have to be said, and you’re not always right. Learn tact even if the other person doesn’t, don’t point out the bad just take care of business and worry about you.

    Keep sprinkling Taurus with love be consistent and moderate….don’t over do it nor deprive. Be yourself and don’t be afraid. If it doesn’t work out switch to another plan or move on.

    Everything isn’t a direct attack on you, but move diplomatically and diligently.

    Not only listen with your heart but with your brain and logic. Don’t ignore her, if you want to stay with her handle it how you would with business. (for the not lazy aries :/) Be open EARED and ready to move or be just as fast to stay put.

    When going through something and you distance her. Always check in with a smile even by phone and let her know it’s going to be ok. You adore her, and miss her and will be back around when you get better. Don’t neglect her, and if you have to see her put your best gameface on and enjoy a good time she COULD cheer you up. You put a front at work or with people even if your dying on the inside, so why not COMPROMISE with her? You do love/adore her after all right.

    Last but not least don’t point out the obvious, don’t throw things in her face, and don’t point out her faults even if she does. They don’t like that even if they do it to you. A famous saying for Taurus “Do as I say, not as I do” hahaha, for real. Don’t laugh at her, just do it for her with out speaking. Talk it out with her as your walking her through it. You don’t like being treated like a child, why would she? Reduce the sarcasm,wittiness, and jokes(in relationship) there’s a time and place for everything. Confess your love only if you mean it, don’t throw it around they take that stuff serious. (I didn’t confess, there wasn’t enough time built up). Remember there all in, when they’re in. So always check in with them to see how they’re doing and how they feel. Look for CLUES!. *whew*

    Taurus Ladies:
    Don’t assume everything is a direct attack and stop thinking about what was said days later. Address it then because your (REAL)sensitivity might add extra to it and we will be in trouble.

    Learn how to deliver a message, not like a captain but a lover. Check your tone of voice, you hate our attitude we dislike your tone.

    Stroke his ego in a positive way, don’t applaud his macho chauvinism or strength. Steer him in the right path.

    When drinking with him, rub your hands on him, kiss him, nurture him and make him laugh. Remind him to pay attention to you, not the bar tender serving drinks or waiting on more alcohol. We can be really good party people and drinkers with the right situation.

    When he becomes stubborn don’t remind him, look for a solution. You don’t like people pointing out your mistakes or repeating something you already know. SO what makes you think we appreciate that anymore with our temper.

    Look to do things in the world together, yoga, martial arts, dance, read, exercise, a quite dinner. Spa. But know how to be individuals, you don’t have to ALWAYS be together like tree sap. There WAS a life before both of you.

    Don’t nag and repeat. Tell him when he’s calm. Just let him blow off steam, he’ll think about his actions and come back with a new plan. Sometimes we need space, check in with us from a distance. As people in general sometimes we just want to be left alone when facing a situation, but let him know you got his back. Compromise when possible, let him look silly or stop him. Dust him off and tactfully deliver a message when you guys are all alone. He’ll listen if he’s worth it 🙂 Be open to change even if you don’t want it. Learn to fly…he’ll teach you lol.

    Good Luck remember we all are only human and signs and demographics only go so far. We must change who we are on the inside before we expect change from anyone else. Much love to all Taurus Aries couple. I’ve seen a couple of happy married Aries Taurus couple, it’s all in your mind. peace and prosperity.

    Prince Dashing-Bluefox-March Aries out!
    1 Love

  5. @Al,

    Great post! I’m an Aries female with a Taurus male and much of what you say can be easily switched. You obviously learned a lot and expressed it so well.

    This made me LOL :

    *Think before you speak*
    *Think before you speak*
    *Did I mention…Think before you speak?*

    Aries are not typically self reflective or analytical like Tauruses which tends to be the major issue. Aries say & do things just to do it not realizing how a Taurus watches, remembers (eeck!) & takes things to heart. If we say we didn’t really mean what we did or say, they don’t get it because they mean everything they do or say. It takes Aries longer than most to mature. Meaningful relationships can be a catalyst to real self discovery for us. I’d like to think we get better with time & experience.

    Thanks for your post!
    I wish you the best in the future and hope you find love again soon.

  6. @ Bliss
    Thanks for reading and props on post. Also something I recommend is constant communication, don’t play mental warfare, and always clear up ANY miscommunication asap! Lol

    yeah, I’m a very reflective person. I’ve dealt with atleast three people of every sign,lol. I have al ou t patience

  7. We do get better with time. *warning* cocky and swag about to be delivered…. I’m only getting sexier, stronger, more successful, and wiser as time passes. Yet I can maintain my humble. The only thing now for me to permanently fix is my sometimes shitty attitude and convert it into a more docile, thoughtful mind…sort’ve like a peaceful warrior. Maybe I’m like this because my mom and dad are both libras??? Any how we have to stop trying to prove a point, not everything of a battle, and it’s essential that we learn how to give up at times. Good luck with relationship bliss and hope you unlock the change that’s already inbedded in you 🙂

    @ladies, I’m appalled and ashamed,i apologize on their behalf and mines for the hell. This aries is on his way to greatness. Also your male counterparts act just like aries men, I know because of my uncles and my ex (May Taurus) told me she can’t stand taurus men, cancer men and hates sagittarius…did I mention hate??? Lol anyways it’s sometimes based on the individual. we have to remember, there is our reality and reality. I just hope I set a new standard, bless me all you lovely bulls o admire and respect ya’ll. 🙂

  8. Bliss,
    I’m also an Aries women with a Taurus man, and I too have had to “Think before I speak” many times with him. I learned the hard way that my opinions about the way he handles things were a bit harsh. I find myself going against my Aries nature with him, or maybe I’m just being forced (in a good way) to tone it down a bit. It has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating relationships I’ve ever been involved in. There are days when I feel I need so much more from him, but then I look back and see all the subtle ways he’s been there for me. I have never had to demonstrate so much patience with anyone (including myself) like I have with him. Maybe this is the “Maturity” you were speaking of.
    Thanks for your insight!

  9. My taurus man has became distant. Its a long distance relationship and for the longest time its been me initiating the conversation. When he does speak to me he blow hot and cold in his responses. I havent had the confidence to ask to meet up again for a while because I dont want to pressure him. I also have not told him how I feel for the same reason. But i am sure he is aware that my feelings are strong because this has been going on for more than 9 months. I know he is doubting me and it hurts me so much because I cant even look at another guy. I want to reach out to him but on the same token dont want to bother him. Should I stop contanting him and see if he comes back to me? Aries gal.

  10. The problem with stubborn taurus is there actions speak louder then there words. For example, taurus will talk like there hotshots,then cry about some stupid sh*t. The taurus can be winey at times. I talked to one taurus chick and she told me she had sex with her ex-boyfriend one time a month. They were together for four years. Instantly I thought about how boring the taurus chick was. Thats probaly the reason why he left her, I dont blame him. When i think of the taurus women I imagine a two legged girraffe stranded in a desert. Poor giraffe.

    Aries are number one. I just read a zodiac page that said taurus need to shut up when aries talk. And this is true.It was written in a very tactful way. The problem is some of you taurus females are boring a** he**. Back in the old days when women were having problems, a doctor would come buy and stick a dildo in the womens vagina to relieve her stress. Take this information and use it your knowledge bulls. Rams are running the show!

  11. AriesKing your funny as fuk.. Just had to say it

  12. Is this Aries King for real.???

    He sounds as though he is wanking himself because Taurus Women are out of his league.!!!

    If anyone needs a DILDO it’s you Aries King because it sounds as though you are having
    problems in that department.!!!


    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  13. Oooooh fuk karissa, you have over taken the funny department..
    I sense a war coming.. And honestly I can’t wait.. I have a feeling it’s going to be a cracker : P

  14. Holly fuk, I just re-read that from the Aries king
    My stomach is hurting from laughing..
    Mad ab work out. holly shit that is freaking hilarious

  15. Interesting. The Mars ruled Aries must be fired up because he’s trying to pick a fight with a bull. Why would you jab at patient bulls? Throw your fiery spears at a sign with less patience, and you’ll throw farther. Calling people boring is definitely a way to let out personal frustrations, but it is not an insult either. Telling women to shove a dildo in their vagina to relieve stress tells me more about you than it does about ancient medicinal practices. Hate and love are energies. Love tends to travel faster and farther than the aforementioned. Try throwing out complements instead, they feel good to let leave your mouth and tend to come right back! I like your visualization for Taurus women. Though a giraffe is never truly stranded in their desert environments, somehow your mind lets them be. Try to picture the giraffe happy and content in their home and you may just change the way you think. I know that if I were to generalize people under their sun sign as boring or take pity on them based off of my own feelings about how I assumed they were, I’d be unhappy enough to spit out my negativity as well.

  16. Aries Men are full of HOT AIR and bullshit MALAKI.!!!

    But then again what do you expect from an Aries DICK HEAD whom is so underdeveloped
    in the “HEAD”.!!!

    It sounds as though he is under alot of stress so he is blowing off some pent up steam
    which was the direct result by a Taurus Woman no doubt because she could see that
    his HOT HEAD is directly linked to his GENITALS.!!!

    Those heavy duty HORNS must be causing alot of pressure on the wrong “HEAD” is it
    any wonder he needs to relieve himself from so much STRESS.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  17. Good to see you working out Miss Charming.!!!

    Trust an Aries to give you a FUNNY work out and Aries King is doing an excellent job.!!!

    He is very original and unique with his sense of humor so we must give credit where
    credit is due therefore Aries King this one is for you so keep up the GOOD HUMOR
    because you are a NATURAL BORN COMEDIAN.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  18. A Docktor shoving a DILDO in a Womans vagina to relieve her from STRESS.???

    Very Interesting indeed.!!!

    What ever happened to a Man shoving his Penis in a Womans Vagina so he can
    give her an “ORGASM”.???

    Now that is the “PIECE DE RESISTANCE” and a REAL ACHIEVEMENT on the
    Mans part and his “CAPABILITIES”.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  19. Haha ms k, you funny woman, love it! Lol

  20. Taurus female…sensitive,plastic,they have no imagination “All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.”
    Orison Swett Marden
    (homebodies)-everything has to be real (so they say).You have to speak to a Taurus without using big words.Taurus women like to lay around all day.Possessive….Aries Men, go for Cancer or Libra and show a little diplomacy (try not to get excited all the time over her beauty and graceful way) you maybe a little stubborn;but,you sure don’t need someone whose bull-headed.You can be an hard-working Aries man and Taurus will complain if you want to splurge a little (as if you will take the money to the grave,as if they earned it).Taurus woman are good at lying around ,observe, then criticize your efforts.Efforts to them ,that don’t seem practical.I had an Taurus female say to me “You Aries would rather have fame instead of fortune” ;My reply, “With fame comes fortune-you genius.” Most Taurus women I know and have dated were in abused relationships-finally got the picture and left the guy and became escorts because they expect the male to do everything.Taurus women take their time to find the guy that will allow them to lounge around all day.I am Aries,my mother was a Taurus-father was a Leo.Father raped her and she married him?Imagine the look on my face when she told me that (and you were dumb enough to marry him)?Mother would also say,there was an handsome Aries man that had an interest in her,blah.

  21. syed nayab says:

    i love someone he also love me soon he coming for marriage can u tell me ARIES MAN AND TARAUS WOMEN best b/c i daont want to lose him i want we have happy and best love life.

  22. i am late to this site, but i want to comment. astrology is entertaining but its not an exact science and definitely shouldn’t be taken very seriously. i am a 48 year old woman who would be considered a taurus. i have read comments that we are boring and passive. i can assure you that i am a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. i am feisty, bold, determined, exciting and the list can go on. i am not lazy. i am a very loyal, patient,passionate and kind. i love to go on adventures, but i have my times when i like to be by myself. i love the home life but i enjoy watching sports and being active. i believe in balance and harmony. people consider me intelligent and articulate. i dated an aries guy and it was awesome. he was a bit controlling and very organized ( a military man), but a very sweet, passionate, humble and exciting man.. he did run hot and cold. but i knew it was due to fear. i felt a[art of his very being. i could feel his feelings .. it was as if i could read his heart. i knew he loved me before he ever told me ..i just felt it. but i am an empath so to speak so our connection was very real and deep. we are very similar in our values and shared a lot in common. he speaks his mind and so do i. he speaks from the heart and so do i. he is not a player. we had great chemistry. we had an off and on situation for a number of years. i wanted it to lead to something permanent but he said he didn’t see marrying again. it was awesome i don’t think i have ever felt so alive like i did when i was around him. it was him but it was me too. we sparked well together. of course, we clashed a time or too. we both have lively personalities. he is older than i am but i am more emotionally mature than he is.but i think that’s just a male and female difference. he is successful and a awesome person.. he can be insensitive at times however, he is a great listener and i, a talker.. i would like to address another issue. my daughter is an aries and she fits some of the qualities that a commenter said about taurus women. she is lazy, passive and she is not a deep thinker for the most part. but she has wonderful strengths and is an awesome person. i guess my final thoughts are is all aries men aren’t the same and all taurus women aren’t the same.some things are common to age, gender, nature, nurture culture …and so on.

  23. I’ve recently began dating an Aries man, I am a Taurus woman. So far, he’s such an amazing boyfriend! He shows me that he cares for me in what ever ways he can and it’s always so sweet. I feel so comfortable around him, I could definitely see myself being with him for a long time =)

  24. Unknown says:

    My situation is almost the same as Sam Paul. But I dint push her (Taurus) much. We have long distance relation, she was so outgoing. Everyday back at middle of night. I can barely talk or msg her. Usually I called her at 3am plus. It was tough for me to have such relation, she dint give me secure, everyday went out with guys and I know one of them likes her. I have long distance relation and I can’t do anything. Feel useless, end up I scolded her. Often argue about the guy who likes her as she still went out with him even though she knew I’m jealous. If I would have to manage my studies well, I can’t continue pampered her every mid of nite. I gt no concentration on my studies, so I decide to break up. I asked her to wait for me but I can’t promise when. I wanted to have secure stable life like my career or wait I finish my studies only then we continue. The time I broke with her was to see how much she loves me, but it was disappointing as she tgt with that guy she owez went out with after a week we break up. I was so sad but it’s my decision, I have to continue my life, without good studies/career, I can’t even handle her future needs. After 2 years I looked for her, she wanted me to accompany her to go travel. I was so happy, so I take unpaid leave cos that time I still under probation period. My family was strongly disagree(quarrel) cos I travel alone and take unpaid leave just to accompany a “friend”. I insist to go with her and 2 of her friends. We have fun but feel awkward cos she knew I still have feeling towards her. At the same time I can feel that among one of her friend do treat her not like normal friend but over caring too. I gt feeling that they might be tgt. So it’s true. They were tgt after a month if not mistaken. Another 2 years passed I still feel so strong towards her. I hate her to start relationship with others but end up I will still looking for her fb profile, see her status, what had happen. Now she married, I thought I can wish her all the best. But I still miss her and can feel my heart broke. Is there any chances for me to get her back to me?

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