Aries man Gemini woman compatibility

AriesgeminiThis fire and air combo is sure to ignite sparks, flickers and flames, as their chemistry quickly lights up the space between them, inspiring both parties to move forward, and fast. The Aries man loves the fluttery movements, quick mind and curious nature of the Gemini woman. To the delight of Aries, the chase never seems to end, as this Gemini lady loves to keep things busy, darting from one exciting arena to the next.

Aries remains hot on her trail, keeping pace with appreciation and a lusty regard for Gemini’s flirty nature. Gemini is dazzled by the Aries man’s courageous and bold approach, and entertained by this fire sign’s efforts to gain her attention and approval. These two have an effortless synergy that encourages an easy flow of love and lust. Though Aries and Gemini may have a hard time being still and quiet together, neither really cares, since from their perspective, action and experimentation are what life is all about.

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  1. geminilady says:

    I’m a gemini woman seeing an aries man. We have awesome chemistry, I drive him crazy but he likes it. Says I’m an noying and cute, and a good lover. He won’t admit he loves me but he offered to help pay for a phone bill I am behind on. We separated for a year but he came back. I cannot get over him, I am attached and he says he is attached to me in a weird way. I know he cares I just hope someday he can express it. I do not want to live in this world without him in it. I don’t think I was alive til I met him 5 years ago. I’m soooo in love!!!

  2. geminilady says:

    My aries man and I are nuts together. Lol

  3. same here im a gemini and hubby an aries we never get bored with each other never run out of words for each other ,time flies by so fast through out the day when were together,were always cracking jokes when with each other…..ive been with him 22 years ,to tell you the truth it doesnt seem that long,he is my best friend.

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