Do Cancer men forgive?

angry Cancer manDue to his fiercely protective nature, be careful what you ask for from a Cancer man, or you’ll see him go into mental accounting mode. You know when you ask someone for a favor and you can see him mulling it over in his head, thinking of something you can do for him in return? Yep, that’s Cancer for you! The Crab feels safe and secure inside his shell once he knows has the upper hand on favors — it ensures his survival. That warm, sensitive, codependent demeanor is really just a front for getting his needs met. Being the fourth sign of the zodiac, it is still a “self” sign.* Cancers are concerned with preservation and protection, not only of themselves but also of those they love — at least while they love you, because it becomes a different story once the romance ends.

This water sign is associated with emotions and orientation to the past. Cancers remember everything to do with anyone they have given their heart to. Tending not to be the optimistic types, they tend to focus on the less desirable aspects of relationships — the arguments, fights and the hurtful words slung at each other in anger. As long as these thoughts permeate their perception of the past, your Cancer probably won’t forgive you.

Each time he falls in love, it’s like a crab taking a life-threatening risk by darting out from under seaside rocks, exposing itself to swooping seagulls or crashing waves. For a Cancer, taking the leap of faith and risking his heart for love is as life-threatening as the seagull’s beak. So for all that risk, the Cancer expects a return on his investment. If you prove to be a bad debt, he will never forgive you.

* Aries-Cancer are personal; Leo-Scorpio are social; Sagittarius-Pisces are transpersonal. [Editor]

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