Scorpio woman and Gemini man: Does she love him more?

Lucy Snowe writes,

My friend and I have a mutual attraction. I’m very much in love and interested in more but I don’t think it goes further than attraction in his case. When we met he was in a relationship and was reluctant to end it despite the fact that they were having serious issues. He contemplated a relationship with me but never pulled the trigger. I didn’t want to wait around as a Plan B so I moved away. A couple of months after that they broke up. He didn’t tell me this when it happened. So, now we’re both single but I’m quite far away. Besides which, I am not sure if his feelings will ever match mine. I just want to know if there is anything to indicate that this would work.

Lucy Snowe,

You’re a Scorpio, he’s a Gemini. This is not the best Sun sign combination, as — all other chart factors notwithstanding — Gemini cannot possibly match Scorpio’s emotional depth and resolute focus. However, thanks the gods that we are more than our Sun signs!

A key component of chart comparison (synastry) is Sun-Moon combinations. These “lights” (for they’re not really planets) are the cosmic husband and wife, and when they get together harmoniously, their partnership is more of a Sacred Marriage. Your Moon is in his Sun sign, so although they are not conjunct, you can certainly connect on the level of communication and ideas (Gemini), and you are both interested in pursuing stimulating experiences. Your Venus — planet of love and relationship — is harmoniously connected by a trine to his Gemini Sun, so once again there is an affection expressed through socializing and conversing. (See biwheel charts: Lucy Snowe in inner wheel, her friend in inner wheel.)

You two have a warm, emotional connection, with your Libra Venus conjunct his Libra Moon. These are the “feminine” planets, concerned with affection/sensuality and nurturing/security, respectively. Both of you have strong natal conjunctions to Pluto: You have Venus-Pluto, which relates to intensity and compulsivity in love and relationships. As Venus in a woman’s chart relates to her feminine self-image, you may identify as somewhat of a femme fatale, exuding a mysterious, compelling sexuality, which only adds to your Scorpionic magnetism. He has a Moon-Pluto conjunction, which connotes intense emotions and relationships with powerful women. The Moon is the wife in a man’s chart, so he may be attracted to a Plutonic (Scorpionic) woman.

Sexually, you two have “fight and then make-up-in-bed” connections between your sex and love planets. Your Libra Venus opposes his Aries Mars by sign, and his Aries Venus squares your Cancer Mars by sign. Neither of these connections are “in orb,” meaning that they’re not close enough to 180-degrees (opposition) or 90-degrees (square) in their angles to each other to really connect. However, all of these planets are in “take-action” cardinal signs, meaning that there’s a lot of direct energetic — but conflicting — expressions, thus creating sufficient friction to result in turn-ons.

I’m in Love, but He’s Just Attracted

He has a sexy Venus-Mars conjunction in jump-feet-first-into-love Aries, which falls in your Eighth House of Sex, Mystery and Transformation — he probably holds a strong allure for you. You have Pisces on your Descendant (or the cusp of your Seventh House of Partnership), which means that you may be attracted to individuals who are imaginative, musical, mystically-inclined, or martyrish. Your friend has a Sun-Neptune opposition, which qualifies him as meeting these criteria, as Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. Even if you look at Jupiter as the traditional ruler of Pisces, you can consider him Jupiterian because he has a Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Although he’s a Gemini Sun, his self-expression is strongly tied to the qualities you look for in a husband.

Your friend has Leo on his Descendant, signifying an attraction to someone who’s glamorous, expressive, vivacious. However, he also has Saturn in his Seventh House. Saturn is the planet of restriction, tests and trials, and hardship. Relationships are difficult for him, yet he can be driven to “master” this area of his life by taking partnership very seriously. The ruler of his Seventh House (and dispositor of Saturn) is the Sun, which is near his Fifth House of Romance and Play (which is naturally associated with Leo). He probably needs a partner who’s fun and carefree, yet at the same time stable. As a Scorpio, you are not fiery and glamorous in the typical Leo fashion. You are a combination of reliable and consistent (Virgo Rising, Saturn trine Sun) and intense (Scorpio Sun, Venus-Pluto conjunction).

Perhaps your feeling that you love him but that he’s not more than attracted to you is mirrored by the above observations. Overall, you two have many positive compatibility factors: mostly some strong Air connections that help you connect socially and intellectually, and some stressful but hot sexual connections. It could be that he’s looking for a “fiery” woman, and that you don’t meet that criteria. Definitely get a second opinion — perhaps an horary reading — but I wouldn’t advise moving closer to him just to see if a relationship would work out.

~ Jeffrey

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