He’s just not that into you … by Sun sign

He's just not that into youYou’ve read the book, maybe even seen the movie. Still confused? Take a look at the astrology behind each Sun sign to figure out what signals he’s sending:

Aries: The Ram loves a challenge, but doesn’t like to lose. He may initiate a chase, but he’s no stalker. There’s no guesswork with Aries — he’ll tell you straight out if he’s not interested.

Taurus: The Bull may take a while to step outside his comfort zone and make a move. Patience is a virtue when dating a Taurean male. If he’s not in your garden, kitchen or all over you, you’re not his cup of tea.

Gemini: You couldn’t shut him up on the first date, now nothing — no email, no SMS, no twitter? Well honey, if he ain’t chewing your ear off, you’re not the Twin he’s been looking for.

Cancer: Despite being a cardinal sign, this man is shy. After sharing his hopes for love and marriage, you’re confused when he isn’t making any advances. Forget the gender roles — bust a move, and if he doesn’t respond, he’s not bringing you home to Mother.

Leo: The Lion loves attention and admiration. He likes to buddy up with a bright star, but doesn’t like to be outshined. If you’ve showered him with your undivided attention, made him feel as bright as the Sun himself, and he still hasn’t made you his Queen, maybe he’s just into himself.

Virgo: The annoying trait of nitpicking is how a Virgo shows he cares. If he’s not correcting your speech, letting you know there’s spinach between your teeth, or criticizing you in any other way, he’s just not that into … fixing you.

Libra: He’s charming, romantic, and conversational, but certainly not confrontational. He’ll need a few signals that indicate you’re giving a green light. If he still has the proverbial hand brake on, he’s not bringing you to the ball.

Scorpio: Despite his mysterious rep, it’s all or nothing for the Scorpio man. He likes to find out what makes you tick before he gets in your pants — and if he isn’t in your pants by then, it’s never gonna happen.

Sagittarius: If your first dates with a Sagittarian male don’t match the textbook description of fun, adventure and excitement, chances are it won’t blossom into romance. You’re just not the horse he’ll ride on into the sunset…

Capricorn: Any self-respecting Capricorn man won’t gush over you, even if he is into you! He’ll date you a few times to see if you measure up to his high standards. If you’re not First Lady potential, he’s not taking you to the White House.

Aquarius: Freedom-loving and distant, the Aquarius man is interested in exploring your mind, not your feelings. If his naturally cool demeanor doesn’t get any warmer, you’re not accompanying him on the Space Shuttle.

Pisces: If the Fish seems miles away, then he probably is. If you’re not feeling his compassionate and emotional side, you’re getting his “I’m slipping into fantasyland because it’s more interesting here” side. Then for sure, you know he’s just not that into you!

About the Author

Cassandra TyndallCassandra Tyndall is an avid professional astrologer based in Sydney, who offers readings to clients locally, interstate and all over the globe. Known for her passion, skill and honesty, Cassandra combines traditional and modern techniques to enhance specific predictions for individuals, couples and businesses. She has been a regular contributor to the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide, and is the resident astrologer for Australia’s Women’s Health & Fitness magazine.


  1. I second that fantasyland or dream world motion, off to study or enter a reality relationship, Is it more difficult than castles in the sky and the notion of making a dream a reality which can happen?

    Some of the ladies out there need to belief a little more in the impossible, impobable approaches to complete such a desirable gifted task.

    peace out, love, and prayer
    David shout to the gorgeous women of Sasstrology

  2. Shes Just NOT that into YOU (my version)*Enjoy:))

    Aries: if she’s not arguing and/or starting a fight.

    Taurus: if she’s not acting possessive or calling you every 10 minutes when you’re with anyone but her!

    Gemini: Queen of glibness isn’t flirting or playing mind games with you, shes losing interest…fast!

    Cancer: If she never invites you into her home to cook for you or cuddle – shed rather cuddle up with her pet lizard, sorry.

    Leo: If she wears sweats instead of glitz gowns why the two of you hit the town- she doesnt want you to accompany her to parties where you can mix & mingle with her friends…

    Virgo- if she refuses to help you clean or tidy up & she stops criticizing you, be wary….

  3. PART II

    Libra: If she kindly asks you to stop sending flowers or delivering boxes of her favorite imported chocolates, shes being romanced by another suitor (libras like to UP grade)

    Scorpio- “sex” is their FAVORITE past time- the more intimate & passionate, the better! However, if its quick & she doesnt care what you do afterwards – you’re just her “boy toy”- move on!

    Saggie: No more middle of the night romps outdoors then she promptly cancels your 6-month Spiritual retreat to Mongolia & dissappears soon after – let her go!
    Capricorn- Suddenly her Blackberry is TOO FULL to schedule you in for dinner & a movie – she has probably ALREADY deleted you from her contacts.

    Aquarius ~Generally UNEMOTIONAL, suddenly the climate b/t you turns from chilly to the frozen tundra…she changes her #, moves to Australia where she has dozens of acquaintances- the female HOUDINI!

    Pisces – She stops sharing her dreams then goes off to another planet & doesn’t invite you. Get lost!

  4. Thank you, Crystal 🙂

  5. Facebook User says:

    Crystal, I loved it! I’m sure there are men that would like to know what the signs are when a woman just isn’t that into them…

    I really liked Scorpio probably cuz my Mars is in Scorp and that is how I may react, but looking at Sag:

    Saggie: No more middle of the night romps outdoors then she promptly cancels your 6-month Spiritual retreat to Mongolia & dissappears soon after – let her go!

    I don’t actually disappear. I’m pretty direct if there are no further sparks for I don’t like to string anyone along, but other than that, Sags do change their minds in a heartbeat and what was…is just no longer…

    Thanks again!

  6. …so how exactly will we know when the cap really is into us? EVER?? do they respond well to jelousY?? i just want a little reassurance… running out of ideas

  7. Capricorn men I know tend to withdraw if they have a cold or a problem worrying them…they simply cannot understand why it would bother YOU that they disappeared temporarily!! If a capricorn man is spending money on you he is into you…he is the grand patriarch!! Jealousy no, money yes!! The problem is that if a Cap has money problems he really can’t be present in the relationship bkz he is in mourning! To a Cap money always comes before love.

  8. now I have a question about a Cancer man…he begged and pleaded me to meet him out at a bar, paid for all my drinks but pretty much ignored me other than that. I decided to leave (Leo moon can’t be ignored) but he wanted me to stay and then asked if he could sleep over…the night ended with him asleep at the bar and me taking car service home alone…I haven’t heard from him since. ) :

  9. Capraquarius says:

    Oh my, Caps aren’t that bad! lol yea yea yea, we like financial stability and good surroundings, and status lol, but we also love to be in love and loved… we passionate too dammit!! lol

  10. I remember my Capricorn (ex)boyfriend gave me some money and a week later I tried to pay him back and his lips began to quiver amd twitch and he got this pained look on his face and he REFUSED to take the money!! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!
    Of course Caps are passionate and need love…just that money is way high on the list of expressing that passion and love ( :

  11. Agreed about Pisces! BUT, one caveat – I find that sometimes they honestly just don’t pick up on the signals and can be totally baffled to find out that you have romantic feelings for them. These are such dreamy people – you can’t necessarily take that as a sign of disinterest!!!

  12. What happened to sasstrology.net?

  13. Cap, somehow the “take offline” button was checked behind the scenes. I’m not sure how it happened, because I didn’t do it, and no one else has that level of access. It’s now back online.

  14. aries rose says:

    haha good post. ‘if shes not arguing or starting a fight’ sooo true.

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