Do Opposites Attract? A Look at Zodiac Sign Polarities

opposites attractOpposites attract, or do they? Are the opposing signs in the zodiac a recipe for lasting love … or just lasting irritation? Though the potential for conflict and tension exists with relationships between opposing signs, the magnetism and excitement of your “mirrored self” also offers a powerful lure. The partnered signs listed below can give you clues as to how these astrological opposites operate in relationship. Look at the sign pairings to see what gifts and challenges your zodiac mirror might offer:


Aries wants to find themselves, first and foremost, and love is yet another adventure on this lifelong journey. Libra wants to connect and share life in a balanced and harmonious way.

Gifts: Aries helps Libra move from indecision to action, and provides an example of what it means to “know thyself.” Libra helps Aries learn to integrate peacefulness and balance into the Ram’s action packed life.

Challenges: Aries’ need for motion and movement can feel challenging to Libra’s desire for peace and harmony, and Libra’s love of beauty and relaxation can make Aries feel impatient and restless.


Taurus likes tradition, routine and comfort. The more things stay the same, the better this bull likes it. Scorpio thrives on passion, intensity and depth, wanting to live life to the fullest.

Gifts: Taurus can provide a safe and stable foundation for Scorpio to express her emotional depths and passion. Scorpio helps Taurus to move beyond stagnation and experience life with more passion and power.

Challenges: Taurus may put on the brakes and refuse to budge in the face of Scorpio’s need to change and transform. Scorpio’s desire for drama and intensity could be more than Taurus can handle, creating chaos in this earth sign’s careful routines.


Gemini’s mission is to communicate, connect and learn. Like a buzzing bee, constant motion is preferred. Sagittarius needs to know, understand and explore, with adventure and expansion motivating the archer.

Gifts: Gemini’s quick moving wit can stimulate new awareness and understanding in Sagittarius’ approach to life, lightening up the archer’s sometimes dogmatic bent. Sagittarius helps Gemini to make meaning and develop philosophies out of facts and bits of information, leading to a deeper approach to life and living.

Challenges: Gemini may appear shallow to Sagittarius, gathering facts without purpose or meaning, and staying in constant motion without thought or reason. Sagittarius can seem arrogant and pompous to Gemini, rigid in her beliefs and philosophies.



Cancer wants to facilitate growth, and thrives on nurturing people and projects into being. Emotions and imagination are the crab’s tools of choice. Capricorn is the mountain goat, putting one foot in front of the other to reach her goal. This earthy sign thrives on achievement and success.

Gifts: Cancer brings Capricorn a soothing retreat from the harshness of the world, and a safe place to rest and rejuvenate. Capricorn provides Cancer with structure and form for her imagination and dreams, offering practical support in fulfilling goals and ambitions.

Challenges: Cancer can seem clingy and over-sensitive to Capricorn, as the crab’s pincers may grow smothering and oppressive. Capricorn can appear harsh and unemotional to Cancer, offering nothing in the way of emotional sustenance or support.


Leo needs to play, entertain and express herself in the moment, and an audience makes it even better for this lion of the stars. Aquarius always has the group, collective or community in mind, with the desire to express her own uniqueness in the circle of the whole, and for the good of all.

Gifts: Leo helps Aquarius live in the moment, teaching the water bearer to express her differences with both verve and style. Aquarius teaches Leo to grow beyond the narrow confines of the self, and to develop a vision for the future that embraces others.

Challenges: Leo’s narcissism and elitist focus can repel Aquarius’ love for the communal mindset. Aquarius’ detachment and emotional distance can foil Leo’s need for attention and approval.


Virgo’s mission is to provide a needed and important service to others, and to do it as perfectly as possible. Pisces wants to be in the moment and move and act from a place of intuition rather than logic.

Gifts: Virgo helps Pisces function in the world on a practical level, providing a grounded platform for Pisces’ compassionate nature to shine. Pisces teaches Virgo how to trust, relax and have faith, allowing Virgo to serve from a higher place.

Challenges: Virgo’s anxiety and perfectionism can irritate and constrict Pisces’ free-flowing nature. Pisces’ lack of form and impractical nature can stress Virgo out even more.

About the Author
Fern Feto Spring, M.A., has been practicing astrology since 1990. She is a graduate of Steven Forrest’s astrological apprenticeship program, and has a Master’s Degree from Sonoma State University. Fern is the co-author (with Jen Zurick) of “Simply Sacred: Everyday Relationship Magic,” a just released book from Clean Sisters Press. Contact her for readings and astrology classes (on-line and in person) at

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About Fern Feto Spring

Fern Feto Spring is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she incorporates a variety of tools into her consultations. Besides her private practice, Fern teaches classes and workshops nationwide. She also works as an intuitive consultant for businesses and organizations, providing counsel and facilitating organizational development workshops. More info at:


  1. I am Capricorn and these predictions are so right.

  2. Matthew Currie says:

    My first response to the was to nod in complete agreement. The second response was to send a copy to my Gemini. 🙂

  3. I notice the Aries/Libra issues a lot between me and my boyfriend when we are communicating. I have Mercury in Aries and he has Mercury in Libra (he’s a Virgo Sun, I’m an Aries Sun). He often dissects the way that I say things, instead of listening to what I am saying. In real life, I have a tendency to talk like Deb, on Dexter. I’m learning to bathe my language is sugary syrup 😀

  4. Deb has quite the potty mouth…

  5. As a pisces, I could never date a virgo, yet I have had several virgo friends through the years, and that description fits our friendships perfectly. I cannot live with a virgo, my brother was one, I lived with friends who were a double virgo couple, and all of it was all bad. They’d try to tell me what to do and how to do it, and I would tell them where they could shove their advice which made them angry at me, which makes me want to go away – or punch them depending on how well I was challenging my mars in aries. Any relationship I have with a virgo would turn out exactly that way. We’d butt heads, a fight would ensue, and the relationship would be over – probably spectacularly over.

  6. PiscesGoneBad says:

    Pisces guy here. Dated a few Virgos. Never again. Virgo / Pisces are great in bed. That’s about it. Unless it’s that stereotypical musician drug addict Pisces guy, then the Virgo woman will move him in mother and nuture him.
    However if the Pisces guy has his head on straight, money right, and doesn’t need a homemaker, the Virgo woman doesn’t (in my experience) doesn’t know what to do in the relationship.

  7. I’ve never dated a Virgo (to my knowledge), but I have a love/hate relationship with the sign (which is on my Ascendant). I think the librarian-chic glasses are sexy, but the harpish, critical vibe really bugs me.

  8. As a Virgo, I would be lying if I said I was never critical, but harpish? Jeez…that’s harsh (see we can dish it out, but we can’t take it, we’re actually very sensitive you know…..)

    I think the love/hate thing is just a part of the opposing signs relationship though-
    While I often appreciate the sweet sort of “fey” quality of Pisces, I am still driven nuts by their sheer ambiguity, elusiveness and sort of “drifty” nature….

  9. As a Pisces, I would be lying if I said I was never ambiguous, elusive and drifty, but fey? Jeez…

  10. Capraquarius says:

    Well, I’m Capricorn sun/aquarius venus and the man im playing cat and mouse with (switching roles on occasion)is Cancer sun/Leo venus, and you best believe this is THE most TRYING time of my life. I want him bad enough, and you know we mountain goats are persistant and “get what we want” lol but the polarities in BOTH our sun and venus signs is really throwing a blow torch in our tent… The chemistry is RIDICULOUS and we catch flames (argue) from time to time and for NO reason lol, but i LOVE it, sooo, any advice on how to make things run a little more smooth would really help in controlling the fireworks… p.s sorry for all the bad puns…

  11. Hi Capraquarius,
    I would look at the other planets and your ascendent/rising signs in your charts that are in a same sign or harmonious element and use these planetary connections as the bridge planets or energies to help find places of connection and understanding between the two of you.
    These planets can help the chemistry and fireworks last, and allow you to survive any conflict or tensions that arise from your opposing sign planets.
    You may also check out the Mars sign article I wrote to see how your Mars signs get along…

  12. I have recently written an article about whether opposites attract, and if so, how does this relate to the fact that people also are attracted to those who are like themselves? ->

  13. Im a Virgo women I don’t like Leos, Pisces or Geminis at all. As friends maybe but never be with anyone of those signs. I Love my Aries man!!!!!!!

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